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Fruit Of The Day

Ciplaking/copycating SK's post this time. He talked about eating watermelons to cool down in the hot weather we are experiencing right now.
For me, I've been craving for a different fruit. SK ate half a watermelon (@.@!) and I ate half of a pineapple after lunch. What's left of the pineapple. Sliced nicely and sprinkle asam boi on top. Heavenly! Maybe I'll have some guava tomorrow? ^^
But of course, I'll still eat my banana. One banana each day makes toilet visits smooth and easy! Bwahaha... Oh! It's great energy food too.
Maybe I'll buy a big watermelon to share with son and hubby this weekend.

I Walked This Run

Today’s Standard Chartered Fun Run was held in conjunction of the “Himpunan Sejuta Belia” or Millions of Youth Gathering event. The best part of this run was it’s FREE! Instead of joining my age group and do 5K Women Senior, decided to go for 8K Women Open. This is part of my “training” for SCKLM in June konon-kononnya. I know I have this resolution of not doing anything less than 10K this year, but again – this is a FREE run! We love free stuff! Also, the month of May saw me doing two runs (the other one was the Larian Bomba on May 6th) instead of one; because 1. it’s free 2. it’s in Putrajaya.
Weeks after registering for the run, I seriously had doubts running it. For one, it starts at 8.00am and I was very much ready to DNS it. Do you know how hot it is at 8.00am now? Secondly, the route was in the shadeless Putrajaya. Again, it’s hot and without shades. OK, so I’m used to running at that time in Putrajaya on weekends but those were slow runs. Plus I usually start at 7.00am and f…

Is That All?

That's what the lady at my favourite Nasi Campur (mixed rice) stall would ask when she saw what I'd get for my lunch. Here's the thing. I like my red meat. But generally I don't take it when I'm buying mix rice. Either I cook the meat myself or it's prepared a certain way (think yakiniku, steak, the likes). Fish - I love, but then again, for mix rice choice, I only eat catfish.
Chicken, meh. So choosy kan? Haha
My usual choice would be tempeh, ikan bilis and lots and lots of vege. Sometimes, because I got a bit "malu" at the stall lady since my tapau'ed lunch is so cheap (think RM3.50-RM4.50), I'd add more vege so it won't be too cheap. heh heh
And I always, always put kuah masak lemak on my rice. How lah to lose weight like that? All that santan for 5 days a week! @.@
p.s. Rurousha - if you must know, that's sambal ikan bilis (anchovies cooked in chilli paste & belacan) and nangka masak lemak (jackfruit cooked in yellow coconut g…

Like Father, Like Son

Need I say more?

At least they are doing this sitting down and not while walking around. Mommy? As always, Mommy when out and about, likes to kay-poh-chee and people watch. Then, she blogged about it. heh heh


It's the mid-year exam week for Raimie this week!
Anyway, he asked us to get him a few more bottles of colours for his art&craft home projects. We got them, but put a condition to it. We bought more revision books for him to do and he got a set of Buncho poster colours. He wants acrylic paint, but we'll splurge on those once he shows that he can do well in his exams.
Drawing, colouring and arts&crafts after studies, OK Son?
And oh yeah, about that handphone - we'll talk about it later. Say, when you are 18? kekeke

Can't Be Bothered

You arrived at the cashier counter. Look at the screen for the items that the cashier scanned. You saw an item with a price higher that what was shown on the store aisle. Have you ever experienced this? What reaction did you usually get from the cashier?

It irked me when some of them just brush it off with "ala kak, itu barang lain tu kak" trans : that must have been for a different item. No effort on checking the price or even apologise afterwards when we insisted on her checking on the price. Usually, all that was aked was " so, do you want the item or not"?

Plus I hate how some hypermarts now only show the deduction of promotional items at the end of the receipt. So when the item was scanned it showed the full price and the deduction was made afterwards. You really have to have good mental arithmetic skill or go over the receipt after paying for it, and if there's a dispute; bring it over to Customer Service. So mah fan!

And oh! By the way, I do make a poin…

Nasi Kandar Time

Lately, the highlight of Friday is eating Nasi Kandar. I don't have any run/jog scheduled for Fridays so this is the day (or rather night) to enjoy a leisurely and rather sinful dinner. If it's not Nasi Kandar then we might head to a nearby restaurant for a spot of banana leaf rice. A healthy, slimming food they certaintly are NOT! kakaka  What to choose, what to choose? Squid? Crab? Prawn? One of the few times I'll eat chicken. Raimie & his Mommy loves the Ayam Masak Kicap. Plus, kuah campur please! ^^
Raimie's Mommy is such a glutton, she usually requests for a bigger rice serving because it's simply finger licking good. And yes, since we eat using our fingers, we do lick them. hohoho Occasionally, Daddy would order Sup Kambing (mutton soup). Pergh!
Will we eat them tonight? Maybe not because Mommy had an early "craving" and insisted on eating Nasi Kandar on Wednesday night. So a day off from running on Wednesday night due to this! Totally worth it…

It's Been A While

Since we had a Japanese meal. If I'm not mistaken the last one we had was in December 2011. In Kawasaki. Ahaks!
For Mother's Day last weekend, we had lunch at one of our favourite Japanese outlet in Bandar Baru Bangi. It's a bit far for most people I guess and it doesn't have friendly hours. The place only opens from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and 5.30pm to 9.30pm for dinner. But if you are in the area and you like Japanese food, I highly recommend this place.
Be prepared for many angles shot here! Hahaha
All excited to be eating Japanese food again. Just ocha for us. One of the few places left that serves it FOC. Cold for the boys and hot for Mommy. Always. You know you got good service when your glass of tea got filled up without you realising it. Plus a staff came quickly to me when I was staring at the day's special board to take my order without me so much as glancing at anyone.
Raimie's nigiri sushi & udon set. All this for just RM30.00.  Udon cl…

For Mommy Dearest

It's my day and the boys really were awesome this Mother's Day weekend. Love them. Muaks! 
Though I'd settle for a kiss on  Mother's Day, the boys (that's the adult and the kiddo, if you must know) surprised me with a great weekend.
I wasn't expecting anything so did my usual routine on Saturday morning i.e. go out for a late morning run. Did just 11K instead of 13K because it was too darn hot (and I wimped out) to brave the 9.00am morning sun. Went back, had peanut butter sandwich with the boys for breakfast and did a thorough house cleaning. I think everything was finished by 11.00am. After showering, Zaini told me to get ready because we need to go check-in somewhere. Ooooo a surprise staycation. Wasn't that nice? ^^ Before checking-in at our "usual" in town, hotel-of-choice; we stopped by Restoran Miyagi in Bandar Baru Bangi for lunch. A highly recommended place for a good, affordable and feels-like-eating-in-Japan meal. You know it's goo…

Why Should I?

A continuation of the Why Don't Yous earlier. Nope, I'm not in a bad mood today. And this is not a rant. Just a Saturday morning rambling. Ahaks!
This weekend Qs of why should I?
Why should I buy an expensive handbag?
Some say it's so fulfilling to own one of the designer's handbag. And they say that once you own one, you'd never go back to normal handbags again. Plus, you want more. You'll acquire more.
Well, I find my fulfillment elsewhere.
But if it makes someone happy (and provided they can well afford these overpriced item), by all means indulge. Judging by the hordes at Coach, LV, Burberry, etc here at the Gardens Mall, Malaysian women are sure indulging! And well-heeled enough to afford them. Bravo I say!
For me, a 70% off, RM200.00 Elle bag or rather a Bonia or Sembonia bag do just fine for me.
No need to take pity on me sporting a no class bag. I rather spend two weeks in Japan than splurge it on a bag anyway. But that's just me.
Though sometim…

All Tired Out

How can spending just a few hours at the CRW (cardiology rehabilitation ward) be so tiring? Really.
Father-in-law got admitted yesterday at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Nothing serious (I think), but he needs monitoring. If all goes well, he should be back home on Monday.
Evening visits tomorrow, I guess. Plus on Saturday and Sunday too.
Get well soon, Abah!

The Why Don't Yous

I don't know why some of us never think twice telling others what they should or shouldn't do, despite not knowing each other well and quick to ask the "Why Don't You" questions when someone doesn't do things like you do.
Don't get offended if your "Why Don't You"s to me gets you a cold shoulder or a stinging answer. I don't suffer fools gladly.
Why Don't You Get  A Better Car? Why? You plan to pay for it? What's wrong with our 7-year old car anyway? What's the need for better/flashier car? To show off when we go "balik kampung"?
Can I ask you "Why don't you buy a car fitting to your financial status" instead? Especially when you whine about not being able to make ends meet and bitching about the company because the company pays you a "measly" salary?
Why Don't You Buy A Landed House? Apartments aren't comfortable You go on live in your terraced house (barricaded, if I might add) and …

It's A Drill

Just two weeks after the ENR 2012 that was a dismal affair for me, it's time to the Larian Bomba; a run in conjunction of the World/International Firefighter's Day which falls on May 4th.
Instead of going for the Women Veteran category (which unfortunately I already am. hu~) and run 7k, I decided to use this run as a training run. Drill run. Training run means 10K and 10K at the Bomba Run falls under the Women Open category. I'm up against younger girls for the limited 120 medals on offer!
But I decided early on, I'm not going to go all-out, all serious, all technical with this run. Nope. Just going for a happy, happy fun run and made sure I made it early enough to at least get the 120th position. kakaka
Woke up late despite setting the alarm early. I didn't even remember waking up to switch off the alarm! @.@ So got up at 5.40am, and only headed out at 6.20am. We parked nearby the Muzium Kesenian Islam and walked to Dataran Merdeka. As usual, the walk was my warm…