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From His Pocket Money

Somebody has been asking ever so nicely (with the occasional whine) for a phone upgrade.
Been asking Mommy to pass her phone to him if she plans to upgrade hers. Well, the thing is, Mommy's phone need an upgrade too as it's been throwing tantrums lately. Nothing too fancy.

Nothing too expensive.

He's content with a cheap Samsung smartphone. Mommy probably gonna change hers to a Samsung too. Nothing expensive. She just can't stomach paying 4 figures for a phone.

His first phone was bought by Mommy. This time, the phone will be paid from his savings. His own pocket money. Can't serve everything on a silver platter for the kid, you know?

A Heavenly Treat

Sometimes help comes just in time when you need it without too much trouble seeking for one.
I was searching high and low for a nice cake to buy for my big boss (I mean BIG BOSS) and the usual Secret Recipe & other cake shops selection are getting a tad boring. Just as I was cracking my head and looking up the usual contacts to make an order, Small Kucing's Mamarazzi came to the rescue. She tagged me to this Heaven Premium Ice Cream Cake page and I decided to check both their FB page and their website. Got intrigued enough to make some queries about ordering cake and intrigued enough to be "muka tembok" and ask to join their tasting/review session. Hohoho We went there after work yesterday. Located at 10 Boulevard, PJU 6A, it was rather easy to get there though the shop is kinda secluded if you aren't looking for it purposely.

pssstt... parking rate quite reasonable here. Kepoh-kepoh looking at the menu before entering the shop. Long list wor. Few pages some mor…

Something Gotta Give... For the Quest Of A Lot Of As

Son is sitting for his big exam this year; the UPSR.
Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah.
Primary School Evaluation Test.

THE exam before going into secondary school next year.

He was completely ambivalent about the prospect of going to boarding school before this, despite Mommy’s effort to “brainwash” him but I guess his teachers are more persuasive. Kids do listen to their teachers more than the parents once they enter school anyway. Like, really.

Now, he is all gungho about it and is motivated enough to do revisions himself without much persuasion to get good results. His parents on the other hand, still kinda had to be forced to sit with him and revise together. Hohoho

Anyway, his school has arranged for extra classes 4 times a week on weekdays after schooling session and Son opts-in.

We had hoped (well, I had hoped) for Son to continue with the SRA (religious school) and do his UPSRA (the "agama" version of UPSR) this year, but I guess it’ll be too hectic for Son to cope…

Water Cut. Water Rations.

Let the mayhem to buy containers begin!
A few friends living in Balakong had been experiencing water cuts for the past two weeks and looks like it ain't gonna end soon. We experienced the same problem last year and had no water for weeks during the dry spell. 
Better be over-prepared than unprepared, right? Time to take out the containers and store water, use them sparingly, not waste water and hope to survive water rationing or cuts!

A Mall's Charity Run

So there's this charity run organised by Mid Valley City Megamall today, the Mid Valley City Charity Run; and somehow I was registered to run in it. Wasn't too keen about doing it initially because well... at the risk of sounding snobbish; I really rather not wake up at 5am just to go out and drive into KL to run for 30minutes.
But I did and I had fun. With friends and colleagues.
That's what counts, right? Can't be all too serious about running, all the time. Seconds before the flag-off, at 7am sharp. 
I chose to linger, snap some photos and only made my way to cross the start line 3 minutes after flag off. The route was still pretty much packed so can't even run in the first loop and I alternated between walking and slow jog. Passed by familiar faces whom I greeted (or rather hollered).  Second loop soon after and to mark that you did the second loop, we were given a balloon to run with. (Actually, if you didn't have the ballon, you still get the medal if yo…

Same Interest, Different Taste

Daddy would love to read something like this.  Kids being kids, Son loves comics like this. But he read something like this too. Mommy noticed he's been reading similar kind of books lately. 
Mommy? She's not an adventurous reader and she sticks to what she likes. 
How's this for a short post? ;-)

Whose making trips to the Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale? Tomorrow is the last day and I know a couple of friends who are making several trips there!

Mommy wanted to buy the "Hansons Marathon Method" from but damn! The shipping cost cost more than the book itself! Huhuhu

Titi 100 : The Not Running A Race Edition

Both Zaini and I actually registered for Titi Ultra Marathon, but we decided not to be crazy hardcore like some of you runners out there (heh heh) and slinked out from it when we still had the chance. 
When the organiser was looking for volunteer and support crew, I immediately gave our name to be a part of the team. Not running, pass water and fruits to Ultra runners also can la. ;-) We were stationed at CP4 together with 6 awesomely helpful and chirpy Pengakap and two deadbeat medics. Turn left to CP4, runners!  Hard work zone!

What's the big deal about carrying heavy stuff, right? At least it didn't involve us running uphill this time. Driving through the route with hubby, I was like "WHOAH! When is this hill ending???" 
Salute those running it. Both 50K and 100K. More so those running starting their run under the blistering hot 4pm, ran in rain at one point and finishing like some 18 hours later. Both hubby and I were at CP4 and CP7. 100K runners need to see us…

Friday, The Fourteenth Of February

On one fine afternoon

Her : “Aren’t you shaving that?” looking critically at the guy sitting next to her
Him : “Why should I?”
Her : “Because I asked you to?”
Him : “Like I said, why should I?”
Her : “ Because I’m cute. I’m so cute that you married me.”
Him : “Hmph, I was suckered into marriage”

The son who was nearby, scowled at the two adults and grumbled : “The way
you two talk, I don’t think you two are meant for each other.”

Aaaahhh yes… After 18 Valentine’s Day together, that is. HAHAHA

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are celebrating it.

For those who don’t. chill. ^^

Happy Friday!

Appreciating Nature

Remember my previous post on our stroll in TamanWetland? Taman Wetlands is divided into two  components.  1. Taman Wetland Putrajaya  2. Lake Recreational Centre
Among the attractions in Taman Wetland are the look-out tower, flamingo pond and the Nature Intrepretive Centre. After almost an hour of walking under the hot sun last Sunday, we thought we could do with a bit of air-conditioning and upon asking, we were told that entrance to the centre was FREE!
Located in Taman Wetland, Putrajaya, this Nature Intrepretive Centre (NIC) is a mini showcase of what the wetland offers to us in our environment. 
In Taman Wetland's case, it is to show why the wetlands is important and how it functions and its benefits. Bla bla bla No entrance fee (I think there used to be but got waived now... maybe due to lack of visitors?) but must register first, yeah. We entered and was greeted with this. Three floors for us to explore and we started our "journey" from the Ground floor then to…

A Stroll In Taman Wetland

First of all, congrats to all who participated in the weekend's activities; be it XTerra Teaser Event, TNF Thai 50km/100km Ultra Marathon or even the Konvoi Berbasikal Hari Wilayah Persekutuan in Putrajaya. :-)
For us, we were not happening enough so we didn't participate in any events. Hah Hah
Saturday evening.
Hubby asked "what's your mileage planned for tomorrow?" Wifey : "No mileage. I'm reserving Sunday to walk with you, remember?"
And so we did. The family had a stroll and a picnic, sorta. ^^
This week, we chose an easier route to tackle. Just a stroll with no planned mileage somewhere in Putrajaya.
We parked our car at Taman Botani and walked to Taman Wetland. Taman Botani to the Boat House of Taman Wetland got us around 2K. Plenty of cyclists here. Adults and kids. So much different from a few years before when we would rarely see another visitor there. From Taman Wetland's Boat House, we could use the bridge nearby to get to the other …