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Seeking Musang King

We went back to my hometown in Raub for my Sis' engagement and our side activity was looking for DURIANs! Hahaha We made a stop our way back to KL at the rows of durian stall next to BHP Petrol station and chose two durians.
Musang King at RM35/kilo D24 at RM20/kilo.
The seller, upon realising that I wanted to take photos of the durian, adjusted it so the Musang King  durian "ulas" sat nicely like the photo above.
Pretty darn nice looking durian, right? And of course, so sedap too.  As per the seller's advise, we start eating the D24 first.
This is very creamy and quite sweet. And then followed by the Musang King.  Creamy with a slight bitter note.
And Son said he definitely prefer the Musang King better. Hehehe So me happy lor finally get to eat durians.
I could've enjoyed them earlier but earlier this year, the price was so high, right?


PETALING JAYA, 17 NOVEMBER – The 2017 IRONMAN® Malaysia ended on a high note as close to 2,000 athletes raced across the island on 11 November to earn their title as a finisher. IRONMAN® Malaysia has operated the race since its return to the island in 2014. 
This year’s event in Langkawi saw more than 70% of registered athletes coming from over 60different countries. The Top 5 international countries were Japan, Singapore, China, Australia and Philippines. Thirty-five athletes from 19 countries in the professional category competed for qualifying points and personal best times, as well as the pot of USD 25,000 prize money. 
The high volume of local and international athletes that thronged Langkawi over the course of the 5-day race week certainly brought the island to life, at the same time boosting the tourism income and the livelihood of the island dwellers. 
“On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, I would like to congratulate the triumphant champions and the part…

Pre-Departure Night At Hotel Sri Langit

I ran in KUL Marathon two Sundays ago, and since it was held at KLIA, we decided to put ourselves up in a hotel nearby instead of traveling back and forth for the race kit collection on Saturday then back again on Sunday.
Hotels near and around KLIA area (Sepang, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Nilai) is not exactly budget hotel priced cheap but one still can get a room for under RM200 per night. In comparison, Sama Sama Hotel which is just a stone throw away from the Main Terminal Building of KLIA has rooms at around RM500 - RM600 upwards. Gasps.
We selected Hotel Sri Langit because of its aviation themed rooms which is certainly something that set it apart from other budget hotel. At the lobby.
Nice touch of using airline style chairs. The corridor leading to the rooms.
In, it mentioned that some rooms have access to Hotel Sri Langit's Executive Lounge. Do not book a premium room if you want to use that facility. The Executive Lounge at 1st Floor has now been turned into …

Running In Malaysia's Own Airport Marathon

So yeah, I ran in KUL Marathon last weekend. Not the whole 42.195km (or 42.915km as printed on the bib. Heh) but a “mere” 25K.
The marathon was part of Malaysia Airport’s 25th Anniversary celebration so I figured it’s just nice to run in the 25K category and avoid needless suffering of doing 42K. Wakaka There were 4 categories offered in KUL Marathon: Full Marathon which was flagged-off at 3.00am (die, my tummy would have protested royally if I join this) 25K which was flagged off at 4.30am (slightly better but still die. Tummy wasn’t happy also) 10K which was flagged off at 6.30am (should’ve done 10K instead. Mana tau can podium. wakaka) 3K which was flagged off at 7.00am
I was told earlier that the numbers of participants were kept low (it had 3,000 participants this time) because it was their inaugural marathon and the organiser wasn’t looking for huge numbers of participants. I have to say, despite the “low” numbers, it felt just nice for me to run with the 25K category crowd. I was …

Weekend Makan For MKH 12-Hour Walk

This was last weekend's story. ^^
Trying to avoid gastric problem like I experienced when I was about to do UM24, I tried to avoid similar experience the weekend that I was doing the MKH Kajang International 12-Hour Walk by being rather careful of my food intake. That meant, something unadventurous and tummy friendly like this plate of Nasi Ayam. Hehehe

This is what I had for lunch on Saturday and later for dinner, just filet-of-fish at McDonald's.

This despite us, being in Kajang where there are plenty of food abound and of course satay too!

Satay Kajang just had to wait for later.
The family and I checked-in to Prescott Hotel in Kajang so I can have a relaxing day and take my time before  heading to race site later at night. It was just across the street from the race venue and we could see the  venue from our hotel room!
Room wise - OK lah. Nothing to shout about. But it's good that I booked the hotel room because during the race, I didn't feel sheepish at having t…


Malaysia’s Premier Running Event Bags Two Gold SPIA Asia Awards Bangkok, November 2017: The Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) cemented its pre-eminent position as the premier running event in the country by clinching Gold in two categories at the annual SPIA Asia event (Asia’s Sports Industry Awards and Conference) held here recently. Dirigo Events, the owner and organiser of SCKLM, won for the Best Mass Participation Event and SCKLM technology partner MYLAPS earned the Gold in the Best Sports Digital Platform category for the SCKLM App.
“There were some big names vying for the same awards and equally notable personalities within the judging committee, so to be crowned winners is indeed an incredible honour. This industry recognition validates all our efforts thus far and will serve to spur us on to continue to deliver the best event experience for all our SCKLM stakeholders,” said Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events and Project Director of SCKLM. “We would like to thank al…

Race Walking For 12-Hours in MKH Kajang International 12-Hours

First, an intro to MKH Kajang International 12-Hours Walk 2017: It’s a RACEWALKING event organised by Persatuan Lumba Jalan Kaki Malaysia and is supported by Ministry of Youth and Sports and Majlis Perbandaran Kajang.
Just like UM24 that I did 3 weeks ago, the format of the race is time-based, loop route. We had to walk around a 1km loop, as far (or as little, up to us) as we could within the 12-hour time limit. Apart from “competing” in the individual category, participants could form teams too, for a chance to compete in the team category; and at no extra charge. So for fast competitors, that meant that they have a chance at winning prize money in both the individual and team category.
However, to be entitled for a finisher medal, individual participants has to complete a minimum of 40 loops for men and 30 loops for women. And for the team ranking, mileage from all members in the team is calculated and the team with accumulated highest mileage wins.
For me, I had no intention of st…

Friday Night Carbo-Loading

It was Friday and I have a race event on Saturday night and it's 12-hours!
So the family decided to do a "carbo-loading" session for dinner and eat spaghetti. Well, we actually carb-load everyday with rice anyway but it's a good excuse for a "makan". Hehehe
Nothing fancy, just food court pasta and it's quite decent. I had my usual, spaghetti with salmon. The salmon that was served was really nice and the portion is good.  Hubby had seafood marinara.
And Son had the meatball spaghetti.
We then went to see, see, look, look in the Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo which was held in the exhibition centre just next to the food court. Sample a number of things also but end up not buying anything. Haha Then it's ice cream time.
The staff at BR in Gardens Mall was friendly and so earnest in promoting the current promo so we ended up buying something on offer. A double scoop with waffle for RM15.50. Finally, we "lepaked" at Borders Gardens Mall …

Why They Run The Twincity

A few days ago, we asked Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura followers who had joined the Twincity Marathon edition since its debut in 2014 some questions on why they return to Twincity Marathon and why they will be running in it again in 2018.
And how nice it is to have a couple who's been running together, especially with their trademark tutu if they join a full marathon to spend time answering my questions. Let's read on what they have to say.
How long have you been running and how long have you been actively participating in races (in and out of Malaysia)?
I've been actively participating in races for 4 years by now (since 2014).
12km in 2014 (one of my furthest distance during that time), 21km in 2016 and finally the Full Marathon 42km plunge this year 2017, with a sweet PB finish.

7 years

You have been a loyal participant in the Twincity Marathon (TCM) since its debut in 2014. What are the categories you’ve entered in 2014, 2016 and 2017?
It used to be a target of…

Discounted Meal At Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulevard Hotel

I've been a holder of this particular hotel privilege card for ages which entitles me for discounted meal and room stay at certain hotels but dunno why, even with some of the hotels only at a walking distance from my office; I've never used them.
Until last week lah.
My colleagues and I went for lunch at Wild Rice Restaurant at St Giles Hotel - Boulevard. 
And these are lunch for two. We decided to share everything we ordered so we got to taste each of the dishes prepared. And best of all, all of it was at 50% discount!  First we ordered the Nasi Goreng Kampung with the nasi goreng wrapped in banana rice.  The Nasi Goreng Kampung after the "unveiling". Hahaha  Popcorn chicken was served next and with wasabi sabayon. Our sirloin steak came a bit later and although it was a tad salty for my taste, the meat was really tender so it was good.   With a cup of cappuccino. Bliss. For desserts, we had tiramisu.  An impressive display of assorted fruits. We had hoped that it …

Getting To Know A Powerman - Azril Isha

This is the second part interview with two Powerman 2018 contenders who will be competing in Powerman Malaysia Asian Duathlon Championship which will be held on March 2 - 4, 2018 in  Putrajaya.
Tell us about yourself. My name is Azril Isha Abdul Malek, usually known as Azril Or Rel. A lifetime husband and dad.
Have you participated in previous edition of Powerman before? I participated in 2 Powerman: 2016 - Classic Distance 2017 - Relay Challenge (Team Lemak Manis) I know you are a runner too but which came first? Running or cycling? Why do you make the decision to do multi-sports races? My journey started in mid 2012 with running, triggered by my determination to lose weight. It didn't stop there and to my surprise, the distance grew alongside my love towards running. From 10km to HM and eventually FM.
In late 2013, peer pressure put my legs on pedals and I started to love this new hobby of mine. I became a multi-sportsman when I first joined PD Duathlon in 2014.
How do you juggle …