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Zoo Negara Fun Run

On the last Sunday of 2018, both Hubby and I joined the Zoo Negara Fun Run which was held in conjunction of Zoo Negara's 55th anniversary.
It was indeed a novelty race because when else could we enter the zoo early in the morning and beating the weekend crowd, get to run around the zoo, see the animals and also get a medal for our effort? Hehehe The Zoo Negara Fun Run saw a tremendous response with about 1,400 participants joining. The registration was only open less than a month before the event day and it surpassed its initial target of 1,000 participants easily! For our RM60 run registration fee, apart from our usual race kits items and medal, the fee also included the entrance ticket to the zoo and the Giant Panda Conservation Centre.
We did two loops around the zoo, got our medal and refreshments then Hubby and I decided to walk around the zoo and visit all the animals and really took our time to enjoy ourselves. Even during the first loop, many participants had taken time b…

VRace The City And Rediscover Kuala Lumpur

KL folks... (or those visiting KL these few months)

Do you love running and enjoy being competitive but have problem joining races that's available around KL?

Or do you want to run at any time you like but still want the support of a community (or online community)?
There's a new virtual race coming to you and it sure looks FUN! It's the VRace KL!
For those already in the city or visiting KL, I think this is the perfect excuse to include running in our travel plans and join the VRace KL and win some goodies through its challenges!
REDISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF KUALA LUMPUR VRace, Malaysia's first multi-location Virtual Run will kick-start on Dec 21 2018 with the rediscovery of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - a vibrant city built of skyscrapers with a variety of hidden gems.

Kuala Lumpur is a world class city in Malaysia built for people from all walks of life. With an estimated population of 1.73 million (as of 2016), it covers an area of 243 km2 with an abundance of beautiful lo…

Xmas Thai Food Treat At ParaThai MyTown

We visited MyTown Mall or rather, we actually went to IKEA as we wanted to check out a new sofa to replace our 16-year old IKEA sofa.
We arrived at 2pm and first order of business was to look for a place for lunch. The day being a public holiday, of course almost all food outlets were full.
We finally decided to try ParaThai and we just had to wait for a few minutes before a table was available.  After we made our order, we were served this appetizer of guava mixed with asam boi and lime (I think).
It's quite nice and refreshing but do note that just because you didn't order it, it doesn't come free. It's RM3.50 per bowl. So decline if you don't want to be charged for something you don't plan on eating.
Same like the wet towel which were already placed on your table. It's 80 sen per wet towel. We didn't use any and informed the cashier to take it out from the bill upon payment. We ordered papaya salad with crispy dried shrimps.

This one is a winner. It…

Dim Sum In Bangi

I wanted to eat dim sum but didn't want to travel far from our home. We had two choices - Dolly Dim Sum at IOI City Mall or Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya (which will be renamed Bangi Resorts Hotel from 01.01.19). 
Hubby asked me to check whether there's a good dim sum outlet at Mytown, and if there is, we can also make a stop at IKEA to check out on a new sofa. Didn't really fancy Mohd Chan Dim Sum so we finally decided to head to Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya. We had enjoyed pretty nice dim sums there so it's a really safe bet.
We arrived at 12pm and Restoran Harmoni was full. We didn't make any reservation prior, so the staff asked if we wanted to wait. We agreed and waited at the lobby as suggested. After an hour's wait, we noticed a few diners had walked out from the restaurant but no one called us even as we waited.
Hubby finally went to check and it seems the staff who had asked us to wait had forgotten to inform the other staff about us and nobody else knew we were wai…

The Birthday Lunch At Croutons

Remember we celebrated Son's birthday at Croutons, earlier this month?

Anyways, these were what we ordered for ourselves for our Sunday brunch there.
Beef bacon burger for the birthday boy.
Mommy had Eggs Benedict. Just look at that yummy Hollandaise sauce!
And Daddy had Chicken Cordon Blue.

Everything was yummy of course.

Prolific December

It was nice to see two of my write-ups been published this month, and both in the same week!
I blogged about a friend's quest to run in every state in Malaysia last month and I submitted an article to NST. I sent it to the editor a few weeks after we returned from Langkawi, where Hubby and I had both crewed for Ironman Langkawi for a week in November.
It was finally published on Tuesday, Dec 18 2018. 
Full transcript of the interview I did with MJ can be found here.
I also attended and blogged about Presint 18 parkrun, Putrajaya in November (blog post here).
After much delay, I finally submitted its write-up to Running Malaysia Magazine last week and it got published in their website today!  The full article can be read at Running Malaysia Website.
For me, writing about runners and races is  my very small contribution for the running community and spread the joy of keeping healthy.
Hope you guys read it and enjoy them!

A Merry Xmas Lunch

My department had an early Xmas lunch this year because most of us applied leave for the second half of December.
We arranged for a hotel to cater for us and it was sure nice to see how nice they prepared it. Pretty Xmas decoration and food presentation.
Although I wasn't sure what jeruk buah have to do with a Western Xmas menu. Hahaha Of course we had turkey too! I was just happy they served a decent cheese platter. Yummy!


VRACE KUALA LUMPUR – MALAYSIA’S FIRST COMPETITIVE GEOLOCATION VIRTUAL RUN OPENS FOR REGISTRATION Over RM60,000 in Finisher Entitlements Sponsored by Vivo Malaysia and Love Earth Rediscover Kuala Lumpur by running in at least 2 location checkpoints with a minimum distance of 10KM to earn entitlements.All participants are automatically entitled to two rankings. Top 10 fastest average runners and longest distance completed in each checkpoint wins a special gift by Love Earth.Vivo Malaysia, Official Smartphone Partner, and Love Earth, Official Organic Partner, will provide vouchers and products worth over RM125 to every finisher.Registration opens until Thursday, 28 February 2019 at RM38, and run to be completed by Sunday, 31 March 2019.Register at

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 DECEMBER 2019 – VRace Kuala Lumpur, the first competitive geolocation virtual run in Malaysia debuts with Vivo Malaysia, Love Earth, World Asia Logistics and ToughAsia supporting the race. With vir…

Trying Out N8's Re:Fuel High Performance Engery Gel

I don't depend on energy gels for ALL my runs, but I do take them during LSD (long slow distance) training or long distance races.
Although I do still prefer fruits over gels, realistically that's not always or readily available during my long runs or races. So energy gels are still something I look for during these kind of runs for sustenance and a quick boost of energy. Plus they're much easier to swallow not to mention stow. (wah, got rhyme summore). Thanks to N8 Sports Nutrition, Malaysia's #1 Sports Nutrition Brand that is sending shock waves throughout the country; I had the opportunity to try their N8 Re:Fuel High Performance Energy Gel.

Their products are used by numerous top Malaysian athletes such as our top Ironman 2018 Mohd Amran and Alison Phuise, and top cycling team team SITRA and LOKKA. That's indeed a testament of confidence for their brand.
Before this, I was a loyal user of their N8 Endurance which I had even brought during my ultra-marathon in …

Expiring Food/Hotel Vouchers!

We're almost reaching the year-end, and one of the more important things for me to do is to check the expiry of the vouchers I kept that hadn't been used yet! Especially important are those expiring on or before 31.12.18! Hubby had a day off on Tuesday because of Sultan Selangor's birthday but I had to work.
Both Hubby and Son visited the Big Bad Wolf Sale after sending me to the office and then came to see me for lunch.
We redeemed some hotel vouchers and had a really nice buffet lunch together!
We're planning to redeem some this Friday for a BBQ buffet and I can't wait! Hehehe

Johnny's Steambot On A Rainy Day

What's better than enjoying a hot pot during a rainy day?
That's why we went to Johnny's Steamboat for dinner on Saturday at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. We chose the set for 4 pax. The best part about Johnny's steamboat for me is their dipping sauce. Our ingredients bubbling away and almost ready to be eaten.
We occasionally visited the branch at AEON Cheras Selatan Mall and this was the first time we tried the IOI City Mall.
Service was fast and efficient and friendly too.

Giving Animals Their Dignity

It's always sad to see how many strays there are, not only around my neighborhood but everywhere. And not only cats and dogs but other animals too. We see new animals out on loose  every now and then, some looking very lost.
And yesterday, it's sad to see how a stray kitten was accidentally ran over by a neighbour's car and its remains was just left lying on the road, without the effort to at least move the body. I saw the dead kitten when I went out for my run at 8.00am. 
Son came down and brought some newspaper to move the dead kitten and its body was already rigid. That meant, it had been left there for hours with no one caring, although its body was right in front of cars parked in the car park area!
Sure, I guess nobody was at fault or obliged to clear its body but it's quite sad to see it being ignored for hours.
The cleaners who had just reported to duty that morning came later, and I guess someone had reported it to them to clear and clean. But by that time, w…