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Larian Bersama Bomba Is Back, With A Difference

Larian Bersama Bomba will be back for the 17th year this year but with a difference.
I joined the previous editions that were held at Dataran Merdeka before, and one of the factor that made me join was the limited medal available for each categories. 
You can read my recaps of the previous editions here: 2012 2014 2017
and hopefully I'll be back to join it again this year in 2019! 
Anyway, LARIAN BOMBA 2019 will be held at PERSIARAN FLORA, CYBERJAYA this year and it will be a NIGHT RUN for a change. Several categories are available not only for firefighters but the run is also open to members of public. Categories and registration fees. Entitlements for participants in the 10K and 7K categories.
A special entitlement for the top 100 finishers in each category - runners who finished in the top 100 of their category will also receive a limited edition top 100 medal, apart from their finisher medal.
So they can get two medals in one run! And also absolute bragging rights for being so l…

Fun Run For Good, Run For Great Heart 2019

Can't believe I didn't blog anything for a week!
Been really bogged down at work so unfortunately, I wasn't really in a mood to write anything much. Anyhoo, last Sunday we joined the Run For Good; Run With Great Heart which is a charity run organised by Tour Rite in support of Great Heart Charity Association's mission in serving the underprivileged groups.
We decided to join the 3K Fun Run instead of the 10K category so that we could easily take photos of the runners after finishing our 3K.

The 3K route was interesting enough because the organiser even made us go up a pedestrian bridge around KM2!

It was fun to see many families running in the 3K category with parents gently cajoling and motivating their children. There were a few running pushing strollers (not that many as I would have expected) and teens too.

We took it easy, with me stopping several times along the route to take photos and crossed the finish line after 20min+ later.
We immediately joined the queue …

Happy Father's Day!

We started our Father's Day weekend early, by joining the Run For Good, Run With Good Heart Run in PJ. I alternated between running alongside Hubby and stopping to snap some photos along the route before catching up with him again.
It was pretty fun. Then, he wanted to have dim sum at Bangi Resort Hotel so that's where we headed to.
Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there!

Trip Down Memory Lane With Boyzone "Thank you and Goodnight Farewell" Tour in MALAYSIA

It was such a fun outing, going for Boyzone's "Thank you and Goodnight Farewell" Tour on Friday night at Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam and indeed such a nostalgic one when hearing the band belting out songs that we used to hear waaay back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
The night started with Brian McFadden (former band member of Westlife)  who did the opening act and sang for about half an hour.
Boyzone concert proper started around 9.15pm and mid-way, there was a tribute segment to Stephen Gately who passed away in 2009.
The concert lasted until after 11pm  and it was indeed a fun evening and all the "aunties and uncles too" who were there were happily singing along and shouting out the band members' name.

Felt like we were back as teenagers again. Hahaha

Lending A Helping Hand, In Any Way We Can

“Sedekah itu menghapuskan kesalahan seperti air memadamkan api (At Tarmizi 614)"
“Sesungguhnya Rahmat Allah amat dekat kepada orang orang yang berbuat baik (Al Araf 56)”
One of the many things that I love about running is meeting people from all walks of life, with different experience and views and they had somewhat helped broaden my views and outlook about life.
Runners and running groups not only talk about running or meet only when there are training runs or during events; our relationship go beyond running and we form a special bond and friendship over the years.
A number of running groups are also active in charity effort and many won’t hesitate to lend a helping hand for the needy.

Gaited Community is one such running group and since early last year has set up  a fund for members to “bersedekah” systematically and consistently. Collaborating with Lembaga Zakat Selangor, the group is making a continuous effort in giving back to the community.
Some members of the group will a…

Tram Ride In Kyushu

When we were visiting Kumamoto and Nagasaki, apart from the local train (the JR Line was covered by our JR Kyushu Northern Area Rail Pass), we also used the tram quite extensively to get around both cities. The one-day tram pass we bought to use in Kumamoto.
The trams is used by local and tourists alike but of course, there were more tourists on the tram at Nagasaki compared to Kumamoto.
For 500-yen per tram pass, it is a good value as a tram ride cost 130 yen -  170 yen per ride. 
Trams arrived at regular intervals so we never needed to wait long for one and it was indeed great fun to get around town in the!
We used the time travelling in the tram as a time to chill and take a breather before getting to our next destination.

Riding The JR Kyushu A-Train

One of the many highlights during our Kyushu trip last month was riding the JR Kyushu Limited Express A-Train. The train is named after a famous jazz tune, the theme behind this train was "the Southern European culture prevalent in Amakusa in 16th century. " 
The interior is constructed using dark tone woods and stained glass and giving a feeling as if we are in a movie scene.
The train ride is covered by JR Pass, JR Kyushu Rail Pass, JR Kyushu Northern Area Pass and JR Kyushu Southern Area Pass.
For our trip, we bought the 5-days JR Kyushu Northern Area Pass for 10,000 yen each and certainly had fun riding on JR Kyushu shinkansen (bullet trains) and also novelty trains like the A-Train.
Here's a video about the ride.
There are more videos of our previous trips and marathons at our YouTube account Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura.

Heisei to Reiwa; Two New Eras

In March, when we were still in the Heisei era; we visited Japan for Nagoya Women's Marathon. And we visited Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture just two weeks before the Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emerita Michiko visited the sacred shrine. How cool was that?
And we also managed to visit the Imperial Palace during the Heisei era.
And now, we're back to Japan to experience their new era in Reiwa.

Reiwa is interpreted as beautiful harmony.

FMM MAFMAG ActivRun For MyKasih Foundation’s ‘Love My Neighbourhood’ Food Aid Programme

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Malaysian Food Manufacturing Group (FMM MAFMAG) will be organising its first charity fun run – FMM MAFMAG ActivRun, in collaboration with MyKasih Foundation. Open to all avid runners as well as families, the FMM MAFMAG ActivRun will have activities such as Zumba, clowns and fun games with a Giant Bubble. Participants also stand a chance to win exciting prizes at the lucky draw. Free health screenings will be available during the event.
Proceeds from the run will be channeled to MyKasih Foundation’s ‘Love My Neighbourhood’ food aid programme to help provide families from the Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) communities with essential food items.
FMM MAFMAG is an industry group that was first established in 1984, under FMM. Today, it represents over 78 food and beverage manufacturing companies in Malaysia.
MyKasih Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides food aid, health awareness and financial literacy programmes, children's educa…

Rail Passes We Used In Japan

We visited Kyushu during the school holiday, taking advantage of Air Asia X's cheap promotional fare to the island. Taking in mind of the school holiday season, the RM700 fare (return) was very reasonable for us. For this trip, we decided to purchase the 5-days Northern Kyushu Rail Pass at 10,000 yen and visited Kumamoto, Yufuin, Oita, Beppu, Aso, Nagasaki, Kurume and Fukuoka (yup, in that order). To travel around the city area of Kumamoto and Nagasaki, we also bought the 1-day tram pass in each city which enabled us to ride the excellent tram service around the two cities.
Depending on our needs during our travel, we'd purchase rail or tram passes or just the normal 1-day train passes for our use. We bought this Nankai All Line 2-day pass (2,000 yen) when we visited Osaka in 2017 which we used to travel from Kansai Airport to Wakayama and then to Koyasan the next day. When we visited Japan in March this year for my Nagoya Women's Marathon, we bought the 5-days Kintetsu R…