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Lunch At The Spread, The Gardens Hotel

It's been quite some time since I last hit a buffet spread anywhere, but finally got a chance today. I completely forgotten to bring my camera, so I just have to make do with my handphone camera, so the photos are a bit blurry. (My hands are shaking because of my excitement to eat, I guess. LOL). I skipped the salad area and went straight to the Japanese section. First round was for some oysters (yumm!), prawns (not so fresh), chuka wakame (delicious!) and edamame. My friend ate 25 of those oysters during our lunch! The second round was for sashimi and sushi. The salmon and tuna slices were smaller than they used to be. I like their ginger pickle though. then for some grilled items (fish, lamb and chicken) which I ate accompanied with some cencaluk (!!!), veges and scallops. The cencaluk was heavenly! Pity no budu available here. Wahaha and a little taste of spaghetti,
then it was time for some fruits. There were a nice mix of local and imported fruits available. Rambutans, mata kucing…

More Fruits To Enjoy At Jom Makan Buah Promo

We went to Taman Warisan Pertanian again on Saturday to take advantage of their Jom Makan Buah (Let's eat fruits) promotion there. If you remember, we were there last week for their Local Fruits Promotion.

Zaini's siblings tag along this time for a merrier time buying and eating fruits.

Plenty of local fruits for sale and we had fun sampling them.

Tasting a salak fruit. It was good. We bought some salak fruits, pulasan (a fruit similar to rambutans), rock melons and... then zeroed on the durians. Others were jostling for the durians too. The King of fruit seems to be in high demand/short supply at the promotion that there were no more durians for sale when we got there. Those durians were a last minute addition to the stall and most visitors hurried over to get their hands on some. Eating the durians there.

There were tables and chairs set up with tents and sinks for washing hands at the place. We bought 3 big durians and 1 small ones for just RM15.00. But these durians sure can…

A New Pair Of Shoes

Both Zaini and I got ourselves a new pair of shoes! Yeay! (And that makes Zaini's workout shoes total to be 4 pairs now).

He got his for a mere RM199.00 and I got mine for RM219.00. Would've been better if I managed to get a hold of a pair of shoes at 70% discount at Jusco during the J-Card Member's Sale, but I can't find a decent pair with my size there. Anyway, I tend to gravitate towards Nike than any other brands (whilst Zaini usually prefers Adidas).

I know I look like a walking advertisement for Nike. I wear Nike stuff from top to toe when I go to the gym or working out (except for my underwear lah). LOL

Siemens Run For Charity

Siemens Run 2009 - What are you running for? was held on 19th July 2009 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur to bring people together for charity. No, I didn't enter the run but Zaini did.

Starting line
Plenty of encouragement for runners along the way - rebana ubi, Indian drums, "cheerleaders" with pom poms
And brass bands too

Drinks station from the sponsor
What were you running for?

Local Fruit Promotion At Taman Warisan Pertanian

We went to Taman Warisan Pertanian (Agriculture Heritage Park) in Putrajaya to check the local fruit promotion there. Despite the huge banner and buntings scattered around promoting the fruit promotion, the fruits stalls participating were too few to be much fun for visitors.
We had dinner there, eating the Haji Samuri satay. Bought both chicken and beef satay.

We just bought some mangosteen and tasted some sweet cempedak there.

We will come again next week as there will be more activities next week. Agrobazaar Putrajaya (selling agriculture based things) from Jul 24 - Jul 28, Malam Seni Rakyat (Folk Art Night) on Jul 25 from 8.30pm - 10.30pm and the Jom Makan Buah (Let's Eat Fruits) from Jul 25 - Jul 26. We'll definitely go for the fruits promotion next week. Looking forward to buying lots of buah salak (our favourite) and maybe durians. Can't wait.

Hitting The Subway

Do you love Subway sandwiches? Zaini usually ate them for breakfast before work as they are much cheaper than having one with no promotion for dinner. What's your favourite?

Fruits For Lunch

Got some lovely cherries from my Boss who just came back from Australia. A BIG box of cherries. Yummy! So, lucky me had this for lunch today, tomorrow and maybe next week too. Raimie snootily said that he only likes Japan's cherries so he won't touch this. I tried to put some cherries in his lunch box when I got some earlier this year (during Chinese New Year) but he wasn't too keen in eating them. Well, more for me.

Maybe I should take them for breakfast too. Eat fruits for breakfast, just like Foongpc.

View From Our Backyard

Well, actually this view is from my father-in-law's house which we are staying during the weekdays due to Raimie's schooling. I haven't been using the camera much recently, so I thought I just capture what is available for me to see daily.

The view at dusk.

Oh My Poor Aching Body

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No rest and not late morning for me, not even in the weekend. Waking up early (in 6 or 7 hours' time, actually) to send Raimie to his school for a weekend camp. Both Zaini and I will then head to Lake Garden to do a few hours(!) of jogging and light workout before picking up Raimie from school at noon.

I've been faithfully doing workout daily now (with rests on Sunday) and be at the gym from Monday - Friday at 7.00am before heading off to work.

At least I no longer need to wake up at 5.00am to do my morning run! Waking up early is HARD!

Why all the workout for? I need to be more fit before our trip to Japan (and hopefully go down a dress size or two). And this preparation is way better than my preparation last year. Last year was all about going off to see physiotherapists and ENT months before our holiday. @_@

I am actually enjoying my sessions with my trainer even though I'll be aching all over the day after.

To Ikea and The Curve

If we do go to Ikea / The Curve, there's two things we like to do there. One - Raimie loves going to Småland; the playland at Ikea and spend hours playing and making new friends there while both Zaini and I get some time to browse around.

No. 2 : we will not miss buying the cheap but delicious hot dogs and curry puffs there! All those relish you can put on your hot dog! Yummy!

Shopping at Ikea? Not so much now. Gotta save some $$$ for Japan! The Curve? The place was too quiet for me. But we did have fun browsing in Daiso at The Curve.

Hitting Carl's Jr For Dinner

We had dinner at Carl's Jr last Friday. We don't go to Carl's Jr often because the outlet at Mid Valley is way too small and if there are no table/seats available, we'll just head to another place. Also, the portion is huge and being small eaters, eating here can be daunting for me.
Raimie "posing" for the camera
Zaini had double western bacon cheeseburger (or something). It was awesome!
Raimie had the Famous Star. See how big the burger is in his hand?
I had the big fries that came with Raimie's combo and ate some of Zaini's burger. Did I mention they were HUGE?
And now, my rantings:
After you eat at a fast food outlet or at a foodcourt, do you leave your table in a mess like this? For info, we Malaysians don't bus our own tables and we let the staff clear away the table. But do you really have to be messy eating fast food? Think of the next person after you! Don't you just hate it when you go to a crowded fast food place and ended up clearing awa…

Hitting The Neighbourhood Funfair

There's a funfair nearby our home in Balakong so we decided to head there yesterday. Raimie loves going to the funfair, not so much for the rides but for the games and prizes.
What is a funfair without the ferris wheel? Raimie wanted to go to the Haunted House but it is yet to be put up. I'm not sure how long this funfair will stay put at our neighbourhood, maybe we'll check again next week.
Raimie got to play a few games and got some prizes. Stickers, key-chains and hand-held games. He's pretty happy with his bounty.