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On The Last Day Of Fasting...

We decided it'll be nice to eat pizza! I guess after the gastronomic selection of Malay food we ate and what was being sold at Pasar Ramadhan; it's nice to just eat fast food sometimes.
That and the fact that we had a pizza voucher that's expiring by end of August. ;) Pizza and spaghetti. Dunno why, I've been craving for some lately. Need my dose of carbs, I guess.

Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf zahir dan batin.

To all Malaysians, wherever you are, no matter what political ideologies and belief; wishing us  Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan! Happy 54th Merdeka Day to Malaysia!


I got nothing to yak about, so.... I thought I 'll just put up a few photos of my nephew and nieces here to make me smile. *^-^* I need to prepare a lot of "duit raya" this year, that's for sure!

Don't Cut In Front Of Me!

Gawd! I don't care if I'm supposed to be serene, forgiving or patient when I'm fasting; cut in front of me when I'm queuing and you'll get told off - loudly, if I might add. I don't care if you have 10 items or just 1 item, queue up properly or get risked getting sarcastic remark from me.
Good thing the Bangladeshi staff at the weighing counter didn't entertain that queue jumper yesterday while I was waiting to weigh my stock of bananas. And the person in front of me refused to let her cut queue. I can't resist telling her off because she stubbornly stood there with her stuff. Can you imagine she still had the cheek to scold the staff. I mean, the staff was just doing his job and doing it well, I have to say. Most staff just allow queue jumpers to avoid confrontation.
But if they do it with me in the line, I'll have a confrontation with them. I just can't fathom why some people will just meekly stand aside and let these selfish people have their w…

Balik Kampung Soon?

Half of the staff in my department will be on leave starting this Friday. Most of them are taking Monday and Friday off to, taking advantage of the three days public holiday starting on Tuesday - Thursday.
I bet there'll be massive jam as people start to "balik kampung" or return to their hometowns for the long holiday.
You guys going "balik kampung"? Or going a trip? Either way, have a safe journey! Don't forget to come back to work after the holiday! LOL
We'll be spending the first day of Raya in KL, celebrating it with Zaini's family first before heading off to my hometown in the afternoon. I sure hope Karak Highway will be clear and we'll have a smooth and jam-free journey.

Isn't It Better If We Eat Together?

So last Friday, the three of us head off to a nice hotel to enjoy a free  "Buka Puasa" buffet. As I mentioned before, I wouldn't dream of paying close to RM100 just to break fast! No. No. No.
Since this is Malaysia and we are multi-ethnic and multi-religion; there are Muslims as well as non-Muslims going to the "Buka Puasa" thingy, everywhere.
Nothing special about that, but I can't help but feel some people are quite insensitive towards their fellow table-mates who are fasting. And I find it totally insensitive when people order alcoholic beverages at these "Buka Puasa" buffets.
I mean, you go to a "Buka Puasa" thing. You know the majority going there are fasting and have to wait till break fast time to eat.  There are your fellow colleagues or friends sitting with you at your table who are fasting. Can't you wait just a little bit and enjoy your food together with the rest of us who are fasting instead of stuffing your face in full v…

I Didn't Slow Down This Month

I'm quite proud of myself. I was apprehensive about keeping up with my workout and my running/jogging this month of Ramadhan but I have to say, I managed to do it without much problem. I tried to limit my running to just 25 minutes a day, but after two weeks; I really wanted to cover more distance so that 25 minutes on weekdays somehow stretched to a 50 minutes workout. It is always so nice to be able to sweat it out after a long day. 
I wonder how I will fare once the fasting month is over?
I know I'm gonna miss the pre-dawn, pre-sahur runs like what I do now during the Ramadhan month!  A totally sweaty, smelly me; after an hour covering the neighborhood. An hour of sweat then it was time for a McD sahur at 5.00am this morning. *^-^* How much was the calorie of my cheeseburger, again? ;)

I'm Such A Hypocrite!

I always lamented over the over-priced Ramadhan/buka puasa buffets that restaurants and hotels offer come this fasting month. I don't know about you, but paying more than RM100 to eat? Simply outrageous!
Outrageous if I have to pay for them myself that is.
I guess I'm not above going to that buffet if somebody else is paying for me (and my family). ^^ Thank goodness for corporate sponsors.

Don't Tell Me I Lost Weight

I don't know about you, but when random people suddenly remarked about how I looked like I lost weight, they won't exactly get a warm reply from me or a smile. 
As a matter of fact, I do take offense when somebody/anybody mentioned it to me, especially when that somebody is particularly on the heavy side themselves.
Here I was minding my own business going to the apartment's gym when suddenly a guy that was doing some weights remarked that I lost a lot of weight. I was like, Hello! Was I that fat to begin with?
I told Zaini about it and he remarked "Were you fat?" Exactly!
Tell me I look fitter or I'm stronger or I run faster/longer but please, do not ever tell me I lost weight. I just don't appreciate it. So there!

More Blooms

More blooms to perk up the weekend. How's it going so far? Hope you are having a blast, since tomorrow is already Monday! It's been raining in the evening the past few days. I generally won't complain, but the jam we have to experience after work rushing home each day after/during a heavy rain.
And I do wish it would stop raining when I reach home so that I can do my daily runs. I can't run in the rain and I can't hit the treadmill either, now that my treadmill decided to croak on me. Huhuhu
p.s this time, all flowers photos were taken in Malaysia. *^-^*

Flowers, They Cheer Up The Day

When looking at lovely blooms, they perk you up and at the same time calm you down. Don't you think so? They can be wild and scraggly, but flowers are always nice to see. What's your favourite blooms?

Pressed For Time, But I'll Do It!

A mere 25 minutes. That’s all the time I have for jogging on weekdays during this fasting month.

I initially thought of running in the morning, after I finished cooking in the morning and before eating my “sahur”. I did wake up at 4.00am a couple of times to do just that. But then, it is much more eerily quiet at 4.45am than at 10.00pm. There are still cars coming in and out and people returning  home even at 11.00pm but not many are up and about at 4.00am!

My friends asked me why I still insist on running during the fasting month. Because... knowing me, if I stop for a month; it’ll be soooooo hard for me to start again once fasting month is over. Heck! There is a chance I won’t start again. I sure don’t want that to happen. o.O Also, I get antsy when I don’t put on my running shoes. All that excess energy. ^^!

I am such a slow poke when it comes to running so I am happy if by the end of this month I can do 4K in 25 minutes. Anyway, 25 minutes of running, 4 times a week is better than…

Craving For Thai Food

Reading about food while blog-hopping sure isn't good. I don't know whose blog I read but there was a post about his/her excursion for some Thai food and I had been craving for some mango salad ever since!
Zaini was nice enough to agree on treating us for some Thai food and I chose Flying Chillies for our "buka puasa" last Friday. Mango salad, here I come! Heh heh Just four dishes with rice, and we were totally stuffed! Not exactly cheap, with RM89 (after 15% discount) but not too expensive either. Service was good and fast but I was a tad annoyed that when paying, I had to remind the staff to refund back my RM50 deposit I made when reserving our table and was made to wait for it. Hello! Cannot lah customers have to remind you peeps about the money you took earlier, right? You should return the deposit without us asking for it. If customers forgot, then how? Easy RM50 profit, owh!
OK, now that I got Thai food out of my system, what food will crave next? ^^
I'm proud …

After 12 Long Years....

After 12 years of marriage, this purchase was the first I ever made for a rice cooker. You see, the old rice cooker I used all these years was a wedding gift. With the Ramadhan month here and I wasn't looking forward to waking up really, really early in the morning to cook; a rice cooker with a timer seems to be a much needed item. My old rice cooker was a simple on/off /keep warm type of rice cooker. *^^* If it's just me, I would have just eat a banana, some kurma (dates) and drink water for my sahur during this Ramadhan month and last till sundown for break fast but Raimie is starting to fast this year. He tried last year but didn't manage to complete it. He wants to try this year. He needs to, he is a big boy, after all!
This week, it's all porridge for us with the new rice cooker! It's nice to wake up at 5.00am and see my porridge all done. :)
My old rice cooker? Worry not. I'm not the type to forget faithful helper. It's still here in the kitchen. ^^

Local Fruit Fest

Last Sunday,the day before fasting month started, we went to Taman Warisan Pertanian in Putrajaya to check out local fruit on sale at the "Jom Makan Buah" fest held there annually. We would have missed the fest because there was virtually no promotion about it outside of Putrajaya if not for my Sis. Glad I read about her commenting it on FB on Friday. ^^ Before eating all those yummy local fruits, it was time for lunch! Sup Tulang (bone soup?) and Nasi Ayam (chicken rice) for us. Raimie was looking mighty grumpy because he was annoyed with me forever taking photos of everything! ^^! Mommy, once in a while, stop taking photos and eat like normal people lah! Wakaka Then, time to buy some fruits! Of course durians stall is a must! There was a buffet option for all you-can-eat durian klon at RM18 for adults and RM10 for children. We opted to buy a few of them instead of binging on durians that day. More local fruits on sale - cempedak, rambutan, mata kucing, langsat, manggis, jamb…

A Weekend Rendesvous

On a whim, Zaini and I decided to spend a night at a hotel  the weekend before the fasting month starts. (For the uninitiated, Ramadhan which is the fasting month for Muslims all around the world started on Aug 1 this year).
The Hotel wasn't able to accommodate our request for an early check-in at 12pm... oh well.... and my request to change room would have meant getting a normal room rather than the upgrade they provided us...Why did I ask for a change in room? Because I saw that initially we were provided with a room on the upper floor. I asked the reason for the change and was told it was because the room on the upper floor was a smoking floor. I don't mind a smoking room, actually. :( but all was well with this fruit basket. Yahaha!!!! I am such a sucker for fruit baskets. Sure was nice to get them instead of a few pieces of fruits on a plate. Right? And being recognised by sight at the reception counter is always such an ego booster. The view from the balcony wasn't that…