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Another Report Card To Collect And Grieving For A Friend's Son

Report Card Day
Got to set aside a few minutes from my working hours and dash to Raimie's religious school tomorrow to collect his report card. It feels like when you have schoolgoing kids, dashing to schools is part of your routine.
We'll see how Raimie did for his religious school exams. The exam look difficult, in my opinion for a 7 year old but I guess kids nowadays are way smarter than us when we were kids!
Grieving For A Friend's Son
While the world grieves for Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, we are grieving for a friend. Her son, just born 6 days ago passed away yesterday and was cremated on the same day. The baby had to go through two operations in his very young age. It is a sad day for all of us, especially for the parents who had waited for their firstborn eagerly.
I just want to let her know, that we are here if she needs anything and will support her. Hope she and her husband will stay strong.

School Report Card

We woke up early this morning. We need to go to Raimie's school for his mid-year assessment result and see his class teacher. Raimie has to attend a replacement class today too so he needs to be at school from 7.45am to 12.15pm.

No major issues about Raimie with his class teacher except that he is still rather timid in class. For his exams, he got an A for all his subject except the Arts which he got a B. But the percentages were way down compared to his earlier exam. We were not too worried, because all the papers were quite hard and anyway, he is just in Standard One. He got third placing for his class and for the whole Standard One too. So, congrats Raimie. Do your very best again next time, OK?

We told him that for his final exam before the end-of-year school holiday, he needs to do his best and aim for first placing. If he can manage that (with our support, studying together with him of course), we'll treat him for a 2-days trip to Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea. If he …

A Super City Vacation For Us In September?

I know we just came back from our vacation to Cameron Highlands barely two weeks ago, but I'm already planning for our next weekend break. Do you like to plan your vacation or weekend-break way ahead or do you wait till last minute? I always like to plan ahead, especially for an important date like our coming 10th wedding anniversary on Sept 4th.

I am now already comparing hotel prices of a few hotels in Kuala Lumpur for our coming 10th wedding anniversary celebration. It would be nice not only to have a nice dinner that night but also spend the night in a relaxing and quiet environment; which a hotel fits the bill (and maybe instead of dinner out, we can order room service instead).

We are not planning to go anywhere far, somewhere in Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya; which is quite near to our home is good enough especially considering that Raimie needs to go to school on Monday. Lucky for us, the Accor Hotels City Super Sale is on now for stays between July 10 - September 30, 2009. We …

Stopping And Smelling The Roses

Apart from the fruits and fresh vegetables available in abundance in Cameron Highlands, one can appreciate the beauty of flowers there too. For me, I always enjoyed looking at flowers blooming outdoors instead of cut flowers in vases. All these photos were taken at Equatorial Hotel garden. While walking around, we saw a chef picking up some plants, maybe for decoration for the night's dinner. Bees and butterflies fluttered around the flowers, but we didn't managed to capture any photos of the bees (not anything decent, anyway).

Mountain Strawberry Farm Visit

After our visit to Sungei Palas Tea Plantation, we went to Mountain Strawberry Farm nearby. The farm was a little out of the beaten path, so there wasn't too much crowd at the farm. In fact, apart from us there were only two other families there. The lovely thing here was the fact that we were free to roam the place unsupervised and unlike some farms that allow strawberries picking, this farm didn't require a deposit. Just take your scissors and bucket, and you are set to go.
We also took the opportunity to pick some vegetables too. It can't get any fresher than this. Choosing and picking your vegetables right at the vegetable patch! We were assisted by a farm hand, a very nice obliging Bangladeshi guy who had worked in Malaysia for 5 years already. He even let us taste some fresh carrots plucked right out from the soil and some strawberries too.

We didn't buy much, just the strawberries, some cabbages, cherry tomatoes and zucchinis.We totally forgot to pick up some C…

A Day For Fathers Out There

We didn't plan anything special for Father's Day. Zaini did not want anything. Well, I told him earlier that our Cameron Highlands trip was an early Father's Day gift for him. He's been declining my offers to treat him for dinner so it'll be just eating home-cooked food for us later today.

To all fathers out there - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Sungei Palas Tea Plantation And Boh Tea Centre

After breakfast on Tuesday morning, we made our way to Sungei Palas Tea Plantation which came highly recommended by the friendly F&B Manager at the Hotel. What better way to experience Cameron Highlands than following the advice of the people who knew the place best, right?

The plantation was quite near to our Hotel but getting there might be a challenge to some. Not only that the road is winding, it is quite narrow and could only allow a vehicle at one time at some stretch. Plenty of maneuvering may be required before you reach the Boh Tea Centre. Along the way, we got to see workers going about their business, picking (or plucking) tea leaves, sorting them and transporting them to a collection area where more sorting were done. We hit the refreshment area first after doing our farm walk. We were parched! Nice view from the verandah too, overlooking the tea plantation. Acres and acres of it. The turquoise building in the photo below were the workers home. At the estate, a school,…

Breakfast, Dinner And Snacks In-Between

On our first night in Cameron Highlands, we decided to try Equatorial's steamboat buffet dinner at Golden Phoenix Restaurant. The buffet was priced RM38.90++ for adults and RM25.00++ for children.

The buffet spread was decent enough. Apart from fersh seafood and vegetables, there were dim sums, fried items and roast items available. What I like the most was the roast duck. I made a couple of return visits to get the roast duck. Unfortunately, the roast items (roast duck, chicken and the BBQ chicken drumstick) took quite a while to be replenished as did the plates.

Overall, a good evening for us. The staff were accommodating and able to handle even the most demanding guest well. We were made to feel like we were in a posh restaurant with their treatment especially by the maitre 'd whom I didn't manage to catch his name. We got a perfect table, not too far and not too near the buffet area. But being served with some water before we started eating would be nicer. It took thr…