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Langkawi Trip For BDB Climb & Run Langkawi 2016

The race route preview here
Courtesy of Bina Darulaman Berhad, a company incorporated on 7 February 1995 and is an investment holding company responsible for the development of township, construction, road works, quarry, golf, and leisure via its subsidiaries in Kedah and mind@works Communications Sdn Bhd; a group of runners and bloggers were invited to do a route preview of BDB Climb & Run Langkawi 2016.

A friend had, on behalf of the organiser asked me to help provide the names of bloggers to attend the preview and I immediately got busy contacting friends who might be interested to attend the preview. Truthfully, quite a number turned down the offer as they were racing elsewhere but a few notable runners and bloggers agreed to join. *phew*

It's hard work contacting people and creating a list that has a mix of different type of runners in it, hoccay? I took it upon me to have a good mix in the list that I later sent to the friend. HAHAHA (the things I do for friends... ke…

Fundraising Screening Of Langtang

Summits of my life

April 25 2016
Something amazing happened all over the world! More than 30 worldwide screenings. With one goal.

To rebuild Langtang.
From Team Running Project which hosted the screening in Putrajaya, Malaysia, thanks all for helping Nepal!


Langtang : Summits of My Life 3 By Kilian Jornet Charity Screening

Yesterday, on Apr 25th 2016, a special charity screening was held all around the world to mark the anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Nepal in 2015. Excerpt from Summits of My Life blog: Kilian Jornet presents ‘Langtang‘, the third film in the Summits of My Life project. Directed by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, the film is the story of a journey to the heart of Nepal. In April 2015, ultra runner Kilian Jornet is preparing for an expedition to Everest as part of his project, `Summits of My Life’, together with alpinist Jordi Tosas and filmmaker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset.
Two days before departure, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal with devastating effect and Jordi’s beloved Langtang Valley is all but eradicated. Putting their original objective to one side, the team travel to Nepal with the hope of offering help in the place that they hold in their hearts.
"Langtang"‘ is very different from the previous films in the Summits of My Life project.

Athletic objectives are put…


Standard Chartered KL Marathon receives positive support and uptake from runners 
KUALA LUMPUR, 27 th April 2016: Race owner and organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 (SCKLM), Dirigo Events announced that all 35,000 slots for the 2016 edition of Standard Chartered KL Marathon has been taken up. This will be SCKLM’s eighth edition and is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 7 th August at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

There was also an initiative that gave participants of the 2015 race priority to register for the race. The move was warmly received as approximately 40% of the participants took up the opportunity to sign on for the race.

Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events Sdn. Bhd., Event Owner and Organiser of Standard Chartered KL Marathon, said, “The positive uptake shown by the runners deeply humbled us and we look forward to delivering a great race experience all the way to race day. We are encouraged by Standard Chartered Bank’s commitment to the Marathon and …

BDB Climb And Run Langkawi 2016 Route Preview

About two weeks ago, a rep (and a friend) of the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 asked me whether I'd be free on Apr 23rd-24th to do a preview route run of a race in Langkawi.
I didn't even hesitate to say YES!
BDB Triple Challenge 2016 is a series 3 separate events in scenic Langkawi and Jitra for the running and climbing enthusiasts.
Langkawi Climb and Run ( 4.06.2016)Extreme Jitra - obstacle run (10.09.2016)Jitra Marathon (26.11.2016) Info on the 3 series can be found at their FB page or Hooha registration page.

Hubby, myself and a few other bloggers flew in to Langkawi by Firefly on Saturday evening and did the preview run on Sunday morning, after breakfast at a mamak place near GeoPark Inn where we were staying during the trip. More on that experience later...

First, let's talk about the climb and run experience. We got to Hutan Lipur Lubuk Semilang, Langkawi at 8.00am for the start of the climb and run route preview.

The forest reserve is located on the western side of Gun…


No. 1 isotonic drink in the United Kingdom hosts running clinic and introduces four Malaysians as ‘Fuel Your Performance’ Advocates
The Lucozade Sport™ ‘Fuel Your Performance’ Campaign got off to an energetic start recently at its first running clinic with Pacesetters Athletic Club, SMART Athletics Club and Tadonamo Triathletes. The exclusive event was the latest in a series of campaign activities designed to engage with Malaysian runners and an ongoing effort to bring its scientifically-proven formula to more than 1 million Malaysians through ground-level events and sponsorship of popular events such as the recent Reebok Spartan Race. Participants had the opportunity to learn from seasoned runner Edan Syah and exercise & sports nutritionist Dr Mahenderan Appukutty, Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation from Universiti Teknologi MARA who shared their experience on training and nutrition for sports enthusiasts.
“Helping dedicated athletes to achieve their performance goals is a…

A Carnival At Mid Valley Charity Run 2016

It's the Mid Valley Charity Run #MVCCR2016 this weekend!
First off... For those planning to shop at Mid Valley & participants of MVCCR on Sunday, do take note of the road closure and traffic interruption from 11pm on April 23 to 11am Apr 24, 2016. For those who has yet collected their race kits...
 You get blue tee for individual participants.
And green tee for those registered under family.

Plus a whole lot of vouchers.
Make sure you receive your race guide, one booklet of MVCCR vouchers and also a stapled set of vouchers with Starbucks, New Balance and GSC movie vouchers in your pack, apart from your tee and bib.

A few of my friends had the vouchers missing from their pack but got it replaced afterwards.

If you don't want the vouchers, you can always pass them to me. Esp Starbucks one. Hihihi

Simple Pleasures, Absolute Indulgence

Simple : going to a neighbourhood mamak joint.

Indulgence : calorific teh ais with this yummy fried bihun.

Total dent to wallet : RM6.50


Free wifi doesn't hurt either.

Korean Delights In The Weekend

Last weekend was one of those few rare weekends when both Hubby and I aren't gamboling somewhere from Saturday mornings (sometimes since Friday nights) and into Sundays. So we kinda thought about cooking for the weekend as it's already something we've been doing less at home now.

And I thought about eating Korean.

What I usually cook is simple though.

Kimchi Stir-Fry which I usually put on top on a cold tofu for contrast.
Lettuce for wraps.

But then again, eating out is also nice and as we were in Mid Valley, we stopped at Ko Hyang for dinner. Instead of my usual soon du bu jigae, I opted for bibimbap this time. Son opted for the bulgogi bokem set. Hubby chose ttuk bulgogi. A very strong beef taste soup, which I can say may not be to everyone's liking. But delicious for beef lovers.  (of course, one can choose chicken instead of beef).
Three set meals that set us back for RM60++.
Satisfying, I have to say.

Descendants Of The Sun

So this popular Korean drama has finished its run recently with the final Episode 16 aired on Thursday. For these past few days, I did reruns and watched Descendants of the Sun  from Episode 1 -16 in three days!
Truth be told, I don't care much about the storyline but I stayed glued watching it.  Because
1. I love men in uniform
(and men in suits too, which I get to drool over in this drama. Korean drama mah, sure got men wear suits one)
2. I love Song Joong Ki (love him ever since Sungkyungkwan Scandal) And Ji Goo (as Sergeant Major Seo Dae Yong is so cool!)
But so far, my all-time favourite Korean dramas are these three : Coffee Prince  I think I did reruns marathons of this drama more than 20 times, losing sleep in the process! LOL
Hubby knew I love it so much, instead of watching it from downloads, he bought the box set CD for me.  Sungkyunkwan Scandal lost sleep watching it over and over again too
Darn, I lost count how many times I watched Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Reply 1997