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PRESS RELEASE : Men’s Health & Women’s Health Night Run 2015

(Kuala Lumpur, 28 November 2014) The wait is finally over!

The much anticipated Men’s Health Night Run is returning—with a twist. Kicking off on 21 March 2015 (Saturday) at Presint 3, Dataran Putrajaya, we’ll be celebrating the launch issue of our sister magazine Women’s Health Malaysia on thesame night. Limited to 7,000 entries registration begins online on www.hooha.asiaon1 December2014 and closes on 21 February 2015 at midnight.
The very first Men’s Health & Women’s Health Night Run lets you work up a sweat while taking in the fantastic lights and sights of Putrajaya amidst friendly camaraderie. Here’s also your chance to take part in fun activities and walk away with awesome prizes.
The participation fee is RM55 for Non-Competitive Category—Fun Run 5km (18 years and above), and RM65 for all Competitive Categories—Men’s Open 12km (18 years and above), Men’s Veteran 12km (40 years and above), Women’s Open 12km (18 years and above) and Women’s Veteran (40 years and above).
An exciting…

One For The Family Album

Thanks to our friend with awesome photography skill... ^^ Taken at Heirinji Zen Temple in Niiza City which we visited yesterday before we went to Todai (University of Tokyo). Lovely lovely autumn colours. 
We had fun. :)

Especially fun because this is not where foreign tourists get to go with their tour groups! Muahaha...

Train Station Stamps

We won't have a lot to collect this time around since we won't be travelling to many cities like we used to, when we vacationed in Japan.
But still, there are new stamps to collect this time from Asakusa-sen, Mita-sen, Shinjuku-sen and Oedo-sen. ^^
And we got some from JR stations that we have yet gotten previously. So all good. :-)

A Bit Of Shopping In Japan

Well, I do need to update my wardrobe. I always do my clothes shopping in Japan. That is, before we stopped going to Japan after our 2011 trip.
Just a  little bit this time. I am not a fashion conscious person but I just like the stuff sold in Japan and what I bought are mostly cheap. Hahaha  We went to Kanda first so that we can shop for running stuff.

I bought a CWX compression pants and a windbreaker. Both for around 10,000 yen and best thing, it's tax free if we shop more than 10,000 yen!
Then, later that night we went to ROX in Asakusa. This is a place I love buying my stuff.
Four blouses (I admit they look like almost the same design but how could I resist when they cost me only 980yen apiece), two skirts and a legging. 
I've just bought two more skirt at Marui. Both for just around 5,000yen.
Looking forward to shop a little bit more tomorrow, if time permits.
Ureshikatta! ^^

A Japanese Intimate Feast

We had a nice feast for dinner, thanks to Minoru-san and his wife on Tuesday.
Both of them were so generous in inviting us to join them for dinner. We had sashimi, plenty of pickles and some delicious home made food.
Raimie was so spoilt that night. Everything that were served was his favourite and he even had a plateful of sashimi all to himself!
We were served the best of everything and we were so overwhelmed by both Minoru and his wife's generosity.
Minoru-san even took us to the famous park near his home, the Rikugien Garden where we enjoyed the sight of autumn sight being illuminated after dark. The park remains open till 9.00pm during the fall season while it'll closes at 5.00pm on other dates.
That was fun albeit a wet outing.
Thank you Minoru and wife for such a lovely evening.

We're Here

Well, actually we're already here for the third day. ^^
Arrived in Nagoya on Monday evening without too much trouble. Flight departed on time and arrived a bit early.
We didn't reserve the airport limo to get to KLIA2 since didn't managed to call through their call centre.
However, Zaini used MyTaxi service and that was actually much better. Good car and very careful driver. It cost us less RM50.00 for the trip and the driver even reminded us about the discount of RM5.00 for being first time user of MyTaxi. I like.
Anyway, we're already in Tokyo, travelling using the Willer Express Midnight bus from Nagoya to Tokyo. That was another awesome experience.
More updates soon. Heading out again soon.
Matta ne!

Putrajaya 100 Miles - The Inaugural Edition

When the announcement of Putrajaya 100 Miles came out months earlier, I was quite excited to join it. Of course not doing the 100 Miles la, that would be crazy but I was seriously considering to do the 100K. My first 100K. Later, despite the fact that I had registered for Fujisan Marathon and it'd be unwise to do any serious long distance running a week before the marathon, I still was "secretly" having hopes in doing it.
So to avoid "accidental" signing up, I registered myself and roped in hubby too, to become a volunteer for the event.
So, yeah... we didn't run in the Putrajaya 100 Miles but we still were involved somewhat in it and got to share the experience with those hardcore but fun loving runners who did this event.
Got home late night/early morning Saturday, as I attended my company's annual dinner on Friday. 5am was the reporting time and when we got there, a number of runners were already there. They will only flag-off at 7am! Flag-off was i…

Japanese Food, At My Home

I used to cook Japanese fare at home. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too grand. I am no gourmand and certainly not a great cook. When I said Japanese food, I don't mean sushi and sashimi though. Japanese food is that, and more. Anyways, I'm not a Japanese culinary expert so what I cook are usually simple and quick fares. And most times, it's a fusion of Japanese ingredients and local ingredients too. Whatever works and the tummy agree. Hahaha Ika bata-yaki served with hot rice. It's simply squid grilled with butter (the word "bata" is butter) and soy sauce. It's yummy and simple to make. Making onigiri which is rice ball. Either with fillings or sometimes I just use pre-packaged some ready-made dry seasoning or furikake. My simple and favourite onigiri happens to be with sardine fillings. Sautée onions, put sardine in. Add mayo and salt to taste then put some in the middle of the rice ball. Slap a nori.

To make my life simpler, I always use an onigiri mold…

Teppanyaki, For Two

Another makan post!!!

I posted beforehand that I usually order pan mee when we eat at Oasis Food Court, which is located on the 2nd floor in Mid Valley Megamall.
One evening, me & son decided to try something different (I wanted to eat some lightly cooked veges truthfully) but didn't want to spend a lot of money so we decided to try and headed to the teppanyai stall there.  Beef teppanyaki for Mommy.

The beef cut was nice and tender. The crunchy garlic slices eaten with the beef was a joy.

Nice portion of the bean sprouts, which was what I wanted. Vege!
 Son had chicken teppanyaki.
Though I must say, the RM1.30 for a small bowl of miso soup that didn't really taste like miso soup was a bit of letdown.
All in all, a passable meal. Nicea and for RM18.00 for the two teppanyaki plus a miso soup; OK lah...

More On Plan B - Enjoying Family Moments

You know I have a soft spot for Plan b. especially for brunch and in particular, their outlet in Bangsar Village. ^^

I don't really like to post about the same place over and over but this time OK la... I don't do Plan b. posts all that much, right? Hihihi
They're not too expensive and the portion is good. Of course, can't afford to visit it every weekend (you think I'm rich kah? Hahaha) but we'd go there when/if Mommy wants to give a treat for her boys.
Just like when hubby and son spent their Saturday night accompanying me during MAKNA Night Run and then another run the morning after, at SJMC Run.
 A hearty brunch with the family, spending the morning together.  What Mommy and Daddy usually order.  Nothing different this time. ^^
I always like to order their Big Breakfast as it comes not only with that scrumptious plate filled with two eggs cooked according to my favourite style, there are toasted ciabatta, turkey bacon, turkey ham, bratwurst, baked beans, s…

4 Hours Around Putrajaya, On Foot

I needed to do a long run. I wanted to run for four hours and had thought of doing it around my apartment but lucky me, hubby wanted to do some walking too so on Sunday, both of us went to Putrajaya.
It's been a loooong time since I last trained in Putrajaya.  Truth be told, I kinda miss running there by myself too. Yeah, for me, Putrajaya is one of those places where female runners can actually run alone without too much fear about safety. There are routes along housing area and parks where we can run without much worry. Well, at least for me lah.
Hubby and I didn't run together. I needed to do a final long run before my marathon which will be held on Nov 30th. Hubby on the other hand, has no races until next year. So, we decided to split up. 8.40am start time on a sunny Sunday. Normal. ^^ I started my run from Taman Seri Empangan at Presint 5 in Putrajaya, at the foot of the hill of where PICC is located. From here I ran along the lakeside towards Pullman Hotel and the Mari…