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Close Ups

Zaini and I have a different approach towards how we take photos. He's the patient one and I'm the impulsive ones. All the candid photos and spur-of-the-moment snaps were mine and most of the nicer macro shots are his. He takes his time to focus and get a good shot. Some of his photos that I love: And he is generally that patient in life too, liking to take time to make decisions and thinking over things. Me? I'm the "emotionally volatile" one. I can flare up easily and can be hasty in making decision. I guess we complement each other in life. Don't you think so? *^-^*

Weekend Trips To Alamanda

Lately, we've been making a point to visit Alamanda Mall in Putrajaya during the weekends. Not so much for the shopping but we kinda like having dinner there and enjoying the free wi-fi access available at various restaurants there. Also, the crowd at Alamanda is not as bad compared to other malls, especially those in KL. (MidValley mall comes to mind for overly crowded mall)
So, when we finished our dinner, out come various gadgets, according to our own preferences: Mommy with her netbook. (Sad to say her notebook is currently recuperating indefinitely). Daddy with his Nintendo DS LL (the bigger size DS that he purchased on our recent visit to Japan) Son with his Nintendo DSi Pretty busily occupied family, eh? LOL

Baby Girl X 2

We welcomed two baby girls in September. A joyful addition to the family, both mine and Zaini's.  My sis' little girl, who shares the same birthday as mine. She was born on Sep 21st. Niece and aunty can celebrate our birthdays together next year. :-)
 Zaini's only sister's baby girl.
The girls are such a cutie, aren't they. Now, I'm an aunt to a nephew and three nieces. Gosh, I feel old. LOL

By The Window III

What's the nice part of a journey? For me, one of it is the view outside. White clouds against the big blue sky, yellow rice fields ready to be harvested, streams, villages, train stations, the blue sea as far as your eyes can see.... fleeting view we saw while zooming by and comfortably seated in our seats. What a great way to travel. *^_^* If you want to read more about our adventures in Japan, hop over to Urutora No Hi.

By The Window II

A second instalment of my "By the window" series. This time instead of Raimie's, some photos of the parents. XD If you want to read more about our adventures in Japan, hop over to Urutora No Hi.

By The Window I

We spent a lot of time in the trains while vacationing in Japan and we enjoyed every minute of our train travel. Sometimes, a period of inactivity is nice too. I'll be putting up the posts with similar themes in the next few days. Less gibberish, just photos for a few days. :p
If you want to read more about our adventures in Japan, hop over to Urutora No Hi.

Water, Water, Water... Shots

When the day is hot, isn't it just lovely and relaxing to be near water and feel cool just by looking them flowing?
It was  a hot day when I was at Lake Garden last weekend, so I decided to chill out by taking photos of the "mini waterfalls" there, practising  using the manual mode of my Sony NEX-5 camera. Hmmm... Looking at these photos made me wish I can go away and spend a few hours at a real waterfall. Maybe I should head back to my hometown for that, soon. ;-)

Children's Day Celebration At School

Raimie's school celebrated children's day on Friday and had requested for parents to chip in bringing "party" food to school that day. 
Raimie insisted in bringing two food items, so I woke up a tad earlier on Friday morning to cook some BBQ flavoured nuggets and some cheese cocktail sausages for him to bring to school. Easy, quick food because you won't see me cook anything heavier than that so early in the morning, especially on a working day! ^-^!
It was after I put all the cooked nuggets and sausages in a tub did Raimie realised that there were too much food to bring! Instead of putting the food in tupperwares,  I put them into plastic KFC buckets that we kept because I don't trust my son will remember to bring my precious tupperwares back. LOL
It was a fun day for all students. Students were allowed to wear their respective traditional dress/costumes to school that day instead of the usual school uniforms and there were even presents for best costume handed…

It's Meat, Meat, Meat For Me, Now

After returning from our two-weeks' vacation, my appetite leans more towards meat then seafood. Why? Because meat - be it red or white meat; is not something I take when I go overseas.
Last week, I had yakiniku at Hokkaido Ichiba (a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Gardens Mall), enjoyed a humungous teriyaki burger at Carl's Jr, ate curry at a Mamak joint, a good chicken meal at Nando's and even enjoyed a plate of fried rice with beef.

And between the two of us, Zaini and I managed to wipe clean a plate of 11 rack ribs during dinner at Tony Roma's!

It was supposed to be a 10 rack ribs plate, but we got an extra rib  on the plate maybe either because 1. we are such  regular customers, 2. my "sunny" personality 3. they made a mistake. What do you think? XD
I guess we'll return to our normal diet soon, but at the moment - I still crave for more meat! LOL

p.s. Have you visited Urutora No Hi to  read on posts of my vacation in Japan? Visits and comments there…

New Hair For The Vacation

On the eve of Hari Raya, I spent a few hours getting my hair done. I cut it shorter and although it is still straight, it look much softer than my previous hairstyle.
Do you change hairstyle shortly before your vacation?
Doing it so soon before a vacation can be risky. Imagine your hairstyle turning out not exactly like you wanted it and you are stuck with a bad hair in all your vacation photos!
Lucky for me, I love my new hair. :)