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It's A Long Merdeka Weekend!

Yeay! Gonna enjoy this 3-day weekend a whole lot and I bet you do too! ^^ Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-57 to us all Malaysians! 
Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? Hahaha
What are your plans?

Getting On The Uber Ride

Isn't it ironic that just as SPAD annouces that the UBER, the mobile app that lets us request, ride and pay for our ride (with private vehicles other than cabs) via our mobile phone was announced to be illegal that I finally found the need to use their service. I needed a ride home on Thursday and was contemplating of just taking the Komuter and then walk home because it's a pain in the arse to get a cab to send me all the way to my apartment. Plus, cabs at KTM Komuter Serdang which is barely 3km away from my apartment charges an exorbitant flat rate AND occasionally they take in more than one passenger. Untung lah... Yeah, I actually find the idea of spending about two hours - waiting for komuter, boarding komuter and finally walking more attractive than getting a cab. Says a lot about our taxi service, right?
Anyways, saw on Facebook a friend mentioning about using her Uber code to get a free ride up to RM30.00 so I thought I might as well try the service. 
Since I'm ve…

A New Adventure For A New Year

I've signed up for a multi-day 100km ultra trail marathon in the remote part of Sabah next year. Hubby too. 2015 will be the 16th year the race is held and it is South East Asia's oldest established multi-day adventure race. Interesting, right?

I'm not exactly sure why but the race, named Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) kinda intrigue me since the first time I learnt about it, from Tri Stupe's blog (link here). He did it three times, in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Cool factor is that he did a couple of it with his wife. ^^

I further read on SAC's experience from Kam's blog (link here) and the clincher for me to finally start thinking about doing it was Jason's experience which he blogged about here. I actually PMed him after he finished his three-parter race report to ask him about the viability of me doing it. Trust a guy who encouraged me to join Craze Ultra (which unfortunately I won't) to encourage me to do this too. Hahaha

I broached the subject of ente…

Something Local, Something Fusion

Lunch with colleagues at Pasta Zanmai.
Current craving - anything salady (heh) and I chose salmon salad with goma dressing. Sinful, I might add.
 August special - prawn, squid & rocket salad tomato sauce pizza. Teriyaki chicken and onsen tamago pizza. I like the small size pizza. I ordered a regular this time and it went soggy really fast. HUrmmm...
Service was fast despite  our big crowd so thumbs up to Pasta Zanmai staff. ^^
Dinner with family at Putrajaya, Presint 17 Taman Warisan Pertanian foodcourt  Hot leng chee kang for mommy as she is still coughing and cold one for the boy. ^^  Roti John for the two boys.

Me, I've never been a fan. Must be because of the chilli sauce. I really don't like chilli sauce unless it's mixed with tomato sauce.
and the highlight, Haji Samuri Sate Kajang!

A Saturday Indulgence At Curvz, Silka Hotel Cheras

Saturday morning saw us driving over to Cheras Sentral Mall which is quite surprisingly near to our home! Our first time visiting the mall but actually our destination that day was The Curvz Cafe at The Silka Cheras Hotel, adjacent to the mall. Got there to check out their weekend hi-tea selection and enjoy a feast. Yum yum Silka Cheras Hotel Executive Chef, Chef Badrul Hisham with his signature dishes. An array of impressive culinary creations, with main dishes offered that included honey glazed lamb, chicken lasagna, spicy chicken wings and even rojak pasembur! What we enjoyed first were the lovely and absolutely creamy mushroom soup which arrived first, followed by another sinful dish - Caesar salad. Yup sinful it is! Creamy sinfully generous dressing! ^^
The sirloin steak followed and spaghetti bolognaise for the son. We continued our feast with the food from the buffet spread, from absolutely yummy and refreshing spicy red snapper fish head soup, to oxtail soup to rojak to bubur…

Krazirunners Gathering!

Always fun to get-together with like-minded people who shares the same interest and it was great to meet-up with this lovely ladies again.
Miss you ladies.
A few of them are on "off-season" from running so it's been a while since I last met the whole gang. Thanks to Betty who did a Raya open house on Saturday and got us all together. *muaks*
My Krazirunners kaki.
Powerman finishers. Sub5 marathoners. TMBT 50K finishers. Hassu Tasu 25K finishers. Gunung Kinabalu climbers. Marathoners. Runners. Mothers (and oh yeah, single ladies too ^^)
and there's me too! Heee...

The Fall 2014 Converse Jack Purcell Sneaker Collection

So hubby and I were invited to attend Jack Purcell Pop Up Store taking over Offday Bangsar located at Jalan Telawi 3 on 21st August 1, 2014 and got to see the introduction of the newest range of Converse Jack Purcell “Cross-Stitch”.
The Fall 2014 Converse Jack Purcell sneaker collection introduces the all-new Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch - a waxed cotton cross-stitch detail - outfitted in leather, a core texture for seasonal dressing.  The premium and quality leather materials and subtle stitching details in the sneaker collection are refined and built with all around comfort. Whilst everyone has heard of Converse, Jack Purcell has been around creating sneakers since 1935. The classic sneaker with its iconic “smile” toecap perfected the brand as a household favourite stylish sneaker. Converse Jack Purcell has been moving the brand into the vintage-classy direction and re-outfitted in sophisticated soft tumbled leather.
This pop-up store serves as a visual curation of Irman Hilm…

A Souvenir - Diary Of A Miniature Enthusiast

Hubby and I went to a Converse Jack Purcell Special, which I'll blog about later and one of the goodies we got that night was a handmade trinket by Diary of Miniature Enthusiast. 
Simple yet special. Love them both!
The ladies who were hard at work putting on the charms we selected to our chosen bracelet.
Thank you ladies!

And thank you to Converse too for the invite! ^^

No, I'm Not Dieting!

I had a take-away salad for lunch today, which I had while sitting at my desk in the office and somebody remarked that I am dieting. Seriously. No. I'm eating salad because I love them. Dieting my foot. I always like my salads and actually have been hankering to have some nice ones (with blue cheese in particular) for a week now. So instead of having mixed rice today, I decided to tapau an Asian grilled chicken salad from Tony Roma's. I am full until now and it's dinner time! Anyway, have you seen the portion of the salad served in American chain restaurants? Not exactly diet portion! Hahaha  Again, why we relegate salad into the "diet" food compartment? Eating them is healthy. Not so healthy though if we slather fattening dressing onto them. By the way, I absolutely abhor thousand island dressing. Hah!  I love eating raw veges. Salad as Mat Salleh/gwailo calls them. Or ulam as Orang Melayu calls them. Heh heh  Raw veges and some protein makes great salad combo! …

Back To Seremban Half-Marathon

A year plus ago, in Seremban; after finishing my run at Seremban Half Marathon 2013, I declared here that I will never run in Seremban Half Marathon again. 
Shows how you cannot trust a runner when it comes to running in any event because here I am in 2014, running in Seremban Half Marathon again! Hahaha
I actually registered very late for Seremban Half Marathon. After the closing date, as a matter of fact. But despite the weekend having a clash of races all around Malaysia, what with the inaugural Kuching Marathon (which many of my friends PBed... congrats yous!), GuocoLand Run, TMBT 50K & 100K, Hassu Tasu Trail Run 25K, Colour Run to name a few...none fitted the distance I wanted to do (and my budget too) so Seremban Half Marathon it is, finally.
I actually still had reservations running in it seeing that not only that I had not had any runs at all this week, I caught a bad flu on Friday morning. Spent much of Saturday trying to rest to get better but it got me a huge migraine …

The Current Craze - Loom Band?

Seems like a whole lot of people are loving these loom bands or rainbow loom or whatever else it's called.
Even Son caught the craze as kids at his school are getting their hands on some. He's doing a simple band at the moment. Maybe he'll upgrade soon?
Oh dear! Hahaha He said he was making one for a special someone.
Guess who was that special someone? ^^

Press Release : BOH & MNS Forge Partnership for Cameron Highlands

Kuala Lumpur, 11 August, 2014: BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) have formed a partnership to embark on a conservation project in Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands, home to BOH and its tea plantations, is known for its cool weather and scenic vistas among local and foreign tourists, and is also an important water catchment area for clean water supply.
“The natural beauty and delicate ecosystem of the highlands is currently under threat. However, I am glad that the Malaysian Government has shown that they are taking the issues affecting Cameron Highlands seriously with the recent announcement of setting up a command centre to combat illegal land clearing in the highlands,” said Balu Perumal, Head of Conservation, MNS. “However, the responsibility of protecting the environment should not fall in the hands of the government alone, but also the resident…

Diabetes Awareness Campaign - SJMC Run 2014

Helping a friend to get the word out, running for raising awareness for Diabetes campaign, in conjunction of World Diabetes Day in November. If you are neaby Subang Jaya Medical Centre on November 2, 2014, why not join this run?
Fees are low.
RM30 for 3K (Fun Run) which is open for all ages. RM35 for 7K. Participants will get goodie bags, t-shirt and medal too.
Registration form can be downloaded here. Or visit their website
I'm going, of course. ^^

7 Guys 1 Girl

went out for a trail run last Saturday morning.
The girl might be a bit slow but she tried her best to keep up and most important, she had fun! ^^ She's in the company of people who had already done 100K trail events, sub4 marathoner and other strong runners.
She was privileged to be allowed to be included.

Press Release : Healthy fuchsia fun with Avenue K’s Balloon Run!

Kuala Lumpur - A total of 765 runners, young and old of all creed and colour came bustling early this Sunday morning to take part inKuala Lumpur’s very first balloon run organized by Avenue K shopping mall. The 5 kilometre fun run took place in the vicinity of the trendy new shopping mall along a scenic route within the city centre mainly via Jalan Pinang, Jalan Binjai and Jalan Mayang. Participants were divided into the Men’s Open, Women’s Open and the adorable Family category where any two parents with two to four children were eligible to take part. Top winners in all categories received cash prizes and the top 50 finishers in the Men’s and Women’s Open also received a medal while everyone received a certificate. What made the run unique is that runners were required to tie four balloons to any part of their body to be carried with them throughout the 5 km route which strategically connects various city attractions such as the twin towers and the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex, startin…