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An Early Wedding Anniversary Celebration...

and spending the night at Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday. Actually, our wedding anniversary falls on Friday, Sept 4th but the last weekend being a long weekend and all, I decided to celebrate it early with Zaini and Raimie.
We headed off to Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya again, and this time we were pleasantly surprised with our room and service (if not all) there. If you remember, we chose a Deluxe room during our previous visit. This time, we got an Executive Deluxe room and boy, was it nice!
A good room have to come with a good view, and we got a great view indeed. While sitting at the balcony, we can relax watching the fishes swimming along in the pond below and also looking at the blue waters of the pool. No view of girls sunbathing from our room though. Hahaha
Our bed. See that big flower arrangement by the side table? I love the flowers. Pity I can't take them back home. Hihihi
A two-seater sofa beside the bed, a perfect s…

A Weekend Break

A long weekend ahead, what with Monday being Malaysia's Merdeka Day (Independence Day). We are going for a short break. Just a quiet weekend break, with nothing planned but just wanted to chill out a bit.

Last year, we went for a break to Zaini's hometown during the Ramadhan month. We spent nearly a week in Marang, Terengganu. A change of pace was really great. The night were spent visiting and breaking fast with relatives, cooking and eating as a big family. Visits to the nearby mosque and late night chit chatting with others. Playing with fireworks. Visits to Zaini's late Mom's grave. Accompanying Raimie to the beach. It was nice.

This year, apart from a break today, we will also experience fasting while in Tokyo in about two weeks' time. That'll be an interesting experience.

In two days' time, Malaysia will celebrate her 52nd independence day. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Of 250 Flight Of Stairs

This past few days, I've been crazy enough to agree with Raimie to use the stairs, both going up and down to his grandpa's house on the 15th floor. That means, 250 stairs going up and 250 stairs going down when I came to pick him up after work. Today, I went up using the lift, then went down with Raimie by the stairs to buy some food, went up the stairs with my two hands laden with plastic bags and an hour later went down using the stairs again to our car.

I do envy my energetic boy. Remember when we were younger and we can play the whole day and not get tired? I wish I have the same energy level now.

One thing good from this madness, I get to have a little bit of workout. Don't laugh, I know you probably can do better but I'm happy just not getting dizzy climbing all that stairs! LOL

That and a little bit mucking around with dumbbells at home are all that I managed to do nowadays. I've yet the time to be re-acquainted with my poor neglected treadmill stashed away in …

Of Keeping Fit And Staying Healthy During The Ramadhan Month

Yesterday was my last day at the gym as I had suspended my membership for the whole Ramadhan month (Aug 22 - Sep 21). I had actually toyed with the idea of continuing visiting the gym (albeit for some lighter workout) even though I'm fasting but that'll mean my training would have to continue too. Always a hassle when your training sessions have an expiry date. :(

Mulling over whether to suspend my membership for a month, I know that I may be able to do some light workout after office hours because I get to go off earlier at 4.30pm during the Ramadhan month, but I don't think I can cope a one hour intensive training twice weekly! I'll be so de-hydrated! @_@ So no gym visits for me for a month!

The whole idea of Ramadhan month, the month of fasting; is not only abstaining one self from food and drink (or binging on food when it is time to break fast). It is about self control and self reflection and not succumbing to temptations (to put it simply).

So, there won't be…

School Fund Drive

Zaini went to a PIBG (or PTA) meeting; him being a committee member and all; yesterday to discuss on a school fund drive.

Students have been given a fund collection book (for lack of better term). The fund drive will be on-going until Oct 24, 2009. The students will not be allowed to canvass for any donation (it's the law. Students under the age of 16 are not allowed to collect donations) so it will up to us parents and guardians to find kind souls to donate towards the school coffers. Any volunteer? :) You might notice a Donate button put up on the sidebar I put up for this purpose.

I think my "victims" would be my siblings first then my parents and father-in-law for some donation. LOL And I'm going to top-up whatever the amount we get afterwards.

Raimie's school really need to up their funds. The donations received from this Bacaton will go towards PTA funds (60%), student welfare funds (20%) and resource centre (20%). Being a small school with less than 300 stu…

Lunch With Gal Pals At Tony Roma's

After a buffet lunch on Friday, a curry fish head for lunch on Sunday, I had another big lunch on Monday (not to mention the lunch I had at Yuzu with Foong). And I complain about not losing weight as fast as Zaini. Duh...

Me and three of my gal pals went for lunch at Tony Roma's on Monday, as a treat (belanja makan) for one of them. Three of us decided to opt for the set lunch and one of us opted for the ala-carte.

Service was fast, be it for taking our orders and serving our food but not so for the staff manning the front area. We were asked to wait and had to stand for a few minutes outside before being seated; and the place wasn't even half full yet!
My soup of the day that came with my set lunch. I got extra flavouring. A piece of the soup or soup stock packaging, I think; in my soup (You see the blue piece of triangle on that biscuit, that's my soup "special" ingredient for the day). Then, I had to ask for another fork because the one that I got was dirty. T…

Lunch At Wild Rice Restaurant, Boulevard Hotel

Hitting a buffet spread is always more fun when the crowd I'm with are the "havoc" type. You know, the noisy type who will try and eat everything and anything on offer on the buffet counter; and the crowd that chatters away and laughing all through the meal. It was like that during the lunch at The Spread, The Gardens Hotel. I ate way more than I should that time even though I spent half the time visiting other tables and talking to the restaurant manager.

Last Friday, I went for lunch at Wild Rice, The Boulevard Hotel with a much quieter crowd and I just ate these:

I went straight for the seafood, the Nestum prawns (a must try at Wild Rice), curry squid, crab claw, etc... Then I had tomyam gung (okay but not that great) and then it was dessert time. One thing that they have here but The Spread doesn't is coffee.

Overall, for the price that we paid (we got 50% discount with our privilege card) it was worth it. The food wasn't that bad but it wasn't that great …

A New Addition To The Family

My sis gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Thursday. Now, isn't she just adorable?

What's Your Pair Of Comfortable Shoes?

So I abused my feet for a pair of heels a few days ago. I bet you ladies out there did the same thing at least once.

Photo credit : Wikipedia

Reading Mei Teng's post titled Young and Old reminded me the type of shoes I used to wear when I was in my 20s. And Zaini's choice of footwear too. We used to wear boots - Zaini wore Dr. Martens to work and for casual wear and for me, I wore mine during the weekends.

Actually, when I was a college student, I wore boots with my baju kurung uniform. Shida, remember? The boots were highly suitable for cramming into the crowded pink mini buses. People can step on my feet and it won't hurt so much! Haha

Zaini stopped wearing one when Dr Martens shoes were no longer available in Malaysia during the economic crisis way back in 1997. I stopped because somebody stole my boots and I couldn't find a nice (cheap) pair after that.

Nowadays, the older us just wear sandals when we go out. Or sneakers if we don't want to look like we are going t…

Vanity Over Pain

I'm being gross today. :D

There's this one shoe that I absolutely love the way it look on my feet, but it was murder wearing them. Hence, the result :
Will this stop me from wearing the shoes? Nope. I'll wear them again next week and hope that it won't hurt so bad next time.

Madness, I tell you.

California Fitness To Be Celebrity Fitness

So California Fitness is bought by Celebrity Fitness, and changes will be made come Sep 1. So brace for some renovation at our gym, members! I sure hope they'll do it during the Ramadhan month as I won't be visiting the gym that time.

Anyway, I've been hitting the gym earlier than before. So early that the gym didn't open yet when I arrived. Not that I'm alone. There are usually a number of us early birds waiting outside for the shutters to be up.

The downside of being early - getting towels are pretty much self-service because the towel attendant sometimes wasn't even around and at times even the lights at the female locker room wasn't even on yet!

Do Visit This Site

My Sis put up a blog to sell some brooches, so if anyone (in Semenanjung / Sabah & Sarawak) is interested, do visit her site : Welcome to Kedai Brooch Terkini.

And also, if you are looking for some kerepek or even Kek Sarawak for the coming Hari Raya, you can order from her. I guess the kerepek is limited for orders in Klang Valley but for the Kek Sarawak, the cakes will be sent to your home address via Pos Malaysia. Do visit her blog if you are interested.

A Wedding Last Weekend

We attended a wedding last weekend. Zaini doesn't really like to attend weddings but he did cave-in this time. No photo of the bride and groom here. I'll ask them later if they minded.

Nasi minyak (lit. means oily rice). A must for a Malay wedding feast, served with chicken or meat dishes and some acar. Absolutely delicious but oh the calories count! Zaini, eve vigilant of his weight, just ate a piece of chicken and some of those lovely beef dish without any rice.
What Malay wedding would be complete without the bunga telur? A nice miniature handbag filled with an egg for the ladies and a box of wajik (sweetened sticky rice) for the men and children got a pack of candies.
Me and Raimie after the kenduri.