A Hike From Lake Yunoko to Lake Chuzenji

Since I've uploaded some photos for our Kurume-Korasan trekking course last week, I thought might as well do one for our Nikko hike a year and a half ago in December.

We were staying at Yumoto Onsen (elevation 1,487m above sea level) and and decided it would be nice to hike from there to Lake Chuzenji.

Our return trip later was by bus which took us about 80 minutes and cost 1,700 yen per person which was covered by our Nikko All Area Pass.

For our hike, we took about 6 leisurely hours and hiked a total of 16km.

It was great fun, we bumped into local Japanese tourists who were hiking and bird watching.

Back To Running On The NPE, At IJM Allianz NPE Highway Challenge

So for three years in a row, I ran on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) which gets fully closed on one Sunday morning. This year, the NPE Highway Challenge was held on July 14, 2019.
There were two distances offered - 21K and 10K and this year, the run saw a crowd of more than 9,000 runners participating in both categories.
I've nothing much to say about my running experience itself, as the route was pretty much the same as previous years' but the novelty of running on a fully closed expressway is certainly still there.
And this is one of those day, when you get to pass by the toll booth and avoided having to pay toll! LOL

Plus, when can you get the opportunity to lie down right smack in the middle of an expressway and not get run-over by a vehicle?

For us, we get to pass by the toll booth twice!

And because the flag-off for 21K was before Subuh prayers and the 10K at 6.30am, you could hear the morning sermon loud and clear in the background.

It was rather nice, really.
On our …

Kurume-Korasan Trekking Course

One of the fun thing to do while visiting Japan is of course the many hiking course, trails and mountains one can visit.
When we visited Kyushu in May, we followed one of Kyushu Olle trekking course; trekking 8.6km on the Kurume-Korasan course.
It was a rather easy course so doing it while fasting (our trip was during the fasting month) wasn't an issue.
But instead of a long-winded post about it, I decided to make a video instead.

Woman of Steel - Ariati Bounces Back After Her Accident

Ariati Karina Khalid is an active person and also a familiar figure in the running circle.
A strong runner who is always cheerful, she aced her virgin ultra trail run at The Magnificent Merapoh Trail 2017. She ran in the 70K and finished 18th place. Ariati after finishing The Magnificent Merapoh Trail 2017.
She had raced in many races and achieved a number of notable successes too. Ariati winning the 12-hour Women Category at Malatra Endurance Run 2017. Ariati before the start of Tokyo Marathon 2018.
She was in high spirit after completing Tokyo Marathon in March 2018 with a new PB and a 4:50 timing when tragedy strikes.
On March 24, 2018 she met with a terrible accident in Putrajaya after her LSD session there. Captured from her Instagram post after her operation: "Alhamdulillah, but the fractures were too major and it was not as suspected prior to the procedure. My knee was completely damaged but the doctor has repaired it, and for the next few weeks/months, is for me to do rec…

TCRS Jom Sama-Sama Makan Promo

Last Wednesday, I received a message from a friend a few hours before lunch asking whether I wanted to meet-up for lunch.
Luckily I was free (the next day, I had my lunch in the CEO's office poring over some documents with her) and we agreed to have lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop. The Chicken Rice Shop was having this promo last week and by the time I reached the outlet, a long queue had already formed.
But fortunately, the queue was fast moving and by 1:00pm, we were already seated and ordered our food. We ordered the combo set and I upgraded my free soft drinks to Sarawak Three Layer Tea (top-up RM2.20) and ordered Mango Kerabu.
It was indeed a filling lunch and service was tip-top and fast (unlike their dinner service).
Everything cost us RM23.70 so still not bad lah.

A New Flavour Of N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel Tested At Hulu Langat Marathon

Thanks to EGO Sports, I had the chance to test their new N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel new flavour.
I've been a user of N8 Endurance since 2016 (the year that I had many PBs and even podium placings. Hahaha) and N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel since last year so I was pretty excited when I heard that they had come up with a new flavour. N8 Re:Fuel Energy Gel already has a Green Apple flavour in the market and now they came up with a delicious Thai Mango flavour.
For me, the timing is perfect because I had Hulu Langat Marathon on Sunday. Of course, it's not advisable to try anything new on race day so I had half a sachet during my shakeout run the day before my marathon.
Verdict: it tasted GREAT! And just like the Green Apple flavour, it does go down easily and doesn't leave any lingering after-taste like some other energy gels do.I also like the fact that I don't necessarily need to take it with water so it is pretty convenient to take some gel even before I reach a water station during…

Milo Breakfast Day Putrajaya

Just like in previous years, the family and hubby's siblings joined the Milo Breakfast Run in Putrajaya last Sunday.
It was held on both Saturday and Sunday on the last weekend of June and both days saw a staggering number of 16,000 registered participants (not including those who came for the Milo Breakfast Day but not running). 
I'm not on Milo's PR list (so I never received their press release), but I heard a record number of 50,000 people attended the event on the two days.
It was a perfect weather Saturday morning but Sunday started with a heavy rain. The 5K category was called off due to safety reason.
The 3K family run category continued as usual but the organiser had allowed runners to collect their "finisher" medals at 7:45am, if they didn't choose to run.
We went on with our run and I also snapped some photos of the participants afterwards.
Then it was time to not only collect our medal and goodies bag but also our breakfast pack and of course, dri…