Dinner At Mr Tuk Tuk

We decided to try the newly opened Mr Tuk Tuk at Mid Valley last Friday and it was really a great timing too because the lady boss (I presumed) was there to oversee the outlet.
So that meant, service became top-notch. 
I remembered just a few days earlier, I went there to scout a place to have lunch for a big group, the staff just let me browse the menu by myself and didn't even bother to check or chat with me. So I decided to book a place at Madam Kwan's instead. 
Anyway, since service was great last Friday (the lady boss even held my chair for me to sit down) and the other staff became really attentive, we decided to give it a try. I ordered Beef Basil with Rice. The beef was really nice and tender and the basil fragrant and sweet. But it doesn't have a kick as it's not hot, there weren't any of cili padi in it.
If you've tried the ones at Streat Thai, you know that one has crazy loads of cili padi in it!
Portion was good and priced at RM11.80, it was a pret…

Burger Cravings So We Went To Croutons

Remember we visited Croutons by Gourmet Seduction for Hubby's birthday in September?
We went for another visit two weeks after we returned from our vacation in Hokkaido. You see, I was watching some food program on NatGeo channel and developed a craving for a burger. Not the burger Ramly type which will be slathered unnecessarily with heaps of chilli sos and mayonnaise but a proper one.
So we decided to head to Croutons (it's nearby our house anyway) and enjoy some. Son didn't jump on the burger for dinner bandwagon as he ordered pasta. His choice of pasta - Pink. Pasta with smoked salmon, cooked with a pink sauce.  I ordered the Mushroom Cheese burger. It was yummy and so tender and moist.  Hubby ordered the Beef Bacon burger.
The burgers came with a huge serving of french fries and salad.
Mine was priced at RM27 and Hubby's RM22. Not too bad lah.
And no, we do not need extra sauces - no chilli sos or ketchup for us for our burgers!
As always, we enjoyed our dinner. …

Run For National Unity 2018

Run for National Unity was back this year but unlike previous years where it was held on Malaysia Day, this year's run was held on Saturday, Oct 20 2018 in Taman Botani, Kuala Lumpur.
Organized by HELP University and Redberry Sdn Bhd, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, the run was flagged off by YB Senator P. Waythamoorthy, the Minister of National Unity and Social Well-Being and the main sponsors for the Run for National Unity 2018 are RHB Insurance and OCBC Bank (Malaysia).

The theme for the Run is not only to promote national unity and harmony but also to raise funds to provide scholarships for deserving students.

Due to my ankle injury, I wasn't able to join the run although I had registered to run in the 10K category but Hubby and I decided to still turn up to show our support by taking fellow participants' photos.
There were 13 categories in this year’s Run - the 10km Men/Women Open International, the 10km Malaysian Open Men/Women, including a 10km Men/Women Veteran …

Temporary Down Time

I sprained my ankle during a trail run about two weeks ago. Of course not surprisingly, the ankle was swollen and it got rather painful. How it looked on Sunday, the day it got sprained. Even the kiddos got concerned as I iced and rested my foot.

Although it's still has black & blue bruises, it's getting much better now after 12 days.

I can already walk normal but have to be careful not to over-exert. I probably won't start running that soon and will concentrate on other types of workout.

Birthday Dinner For Hubby At Croutons By Gourmer Seductions

Last month, we celebrated both my birthday and Hubby's too. My birthday present was me being able to run in 2XU Compression Half Marathon on Sunday, Sep 23 2018. For Hubby, it was dinner at Croutons by Gourmet Seductions.
If you remember, I posted about the place before, it's a hidden gem located just a few hundred metres across KTM Serdang Station. The birthday boy. But this is my coffee. Hehe Hubby and his Butter Milk Squid Pasta. Son Beef Bolognese Pasta. And I ordered the Chicken Pesto Pasta. And we shared this absolutely yummy and refreshing Apple Feta Salad.
It was a delightful dinner, as always and we could still enjoy the 10% discount off our total bill by using our Standard Chartered Bank credit card.

Trail Running In Bangi, At Bangi Wonderland Nature Run

We were back to Bangi Wonderland Theme Park last Sunday and thanks to CentriSoh MY who was the event organizer; the whole family ran in the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2.0.
This year, Bangi Wonderland Nature Run was held conjunction with its 2-years anniversary, on  Oct 7 2018. It was a nature run held inside the nature forest reserve for 10km (20% flat road & 80% off road inside forest reserve) / 3.5km Fun Run.

For our entry, all registered participants also received one Complimentary entry ticket to Bangi Wonderland Theme Park. The theme park entry ticket expires on 7 December 2018 so we have some time to utilise it.

Some had used their entry tickets during REPC day at Bangi Wonderland on Saturday (the day before race day), some used it after running in the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run and some will use it later, I suppose.
Race day morning started promising enough. There was a slight drizzle before flag-off but nothing for us runners to really worry about.

I started at the bac…

100% Trusted Goodness From New Zealand With Fernleaf UHT Milk

Thanks to Fernleaf Malaysia, I received an awesome bag of Fernleaf UHT milk goodness to enjoy.
Even the furkids got super interested in them. Hehehe
Apart from enjoying the bag of Fernleaf UHT milk goodness, I also learned some facts about Fernleaf and their milk which is made from 100% milk from New Zealand.

At Fernleaf, their cows are at the heart of their dairy farming business and farmers take their welfare very seriously.

Due to climate, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where dairy cows can graze outdoors almost all year round on high quality fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce nutritious milk. Their well-cared-for cows fed with natural grass are healthy cows; and healthy cows produce high quality nutritious milk.

New Zealand is a country with fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine, making it one of the best places in the world to produce milk.

With high quality grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, Fernleaf's happ…