Putrajaya Jaunt

With RMCO coming into effect and public parks open, we finally venture out for some exercise in Putrajaya in  June.
We decided to head back to the route that we used to do but haven't done so in ages, which is along the jogging/cycling track by the lakeside.
We've been visiting Putrajaya for a leisurely stroll 3 Sundays in a row now but won't be doing so next week because we'll be heading back to our hometown instead.
Anyhoo, for our stroll, we always start from the carpark area near Monumen Alaf Baru (the one that looks like a pencil but is actually a hibiscus flower and the pencil thingy is the stem of the flower).  I did 14K on the first Sunday in June while Hubby did 15K. 
We walked from Umai Cafe towards Taman Seri Empangan, then to Putrajaya Water Sports Complex in Presint 6, and continued towards Presint 7.
If anyone wants to try this route, do make sure you have ample fluid with you. We get to enjoy some jambu air along the route though. 
We continue on toward…

Coffee And Delicious Burgers From Harley's

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Harley's Burger & Roasters in Cyberjaya. This is one of our favourite burger joint and also the place we enjoyed the occasional latte made by Yunnan peaberry coffee. Our last visit before MCO was in December, to celebrate Son's completing his SPM.
Oh, by the way, he manages to get an offer to do matriculation in Arau, Perlis and will be registering there this August. *happy*
When MCO's SOP was relaxed in May, we decided to visit the burger outlet again because it had been ages since I last ate a burger. Yummy!
We were there in late May to enjoy our first dine-in meal at Harley's after being cooped-up at home for months.
While we were at the outlet, we were very fortunate to meet the co-owner of Harley's Burgers & Roasters and he was nice enough to let us interview him.
Apart from selling freshly roasted coffee by weight (they roast upon order to guarantee freshness), Harley's also offer K-Cup and Nespresso Compatible c…

Satisfying Our Chinese Food Cravings, At Golden Valley Melawati Mall

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby suddenly asked me to try and cook steamed fish just like the one we had at Golden Valley Restaurant in Melawati Mall (we visited the restaurant last year - blog post here). We had their steamed fish in superior sauce that time. Golden Valley is finally opened for business after the Raya holidays and fans of the restaurant have many options to enjoy the food offered by this Chinese restaurant. We can either dine-in, do take-out or opt for delivery. For a limited time, they are offering roast duck in their menu.
With the three day Agong's birthday weekend, we decided to splurge and try out Golden Valley's take-out menu.

After all, with the MCO, EMCO and RMCO, we are so used to ordering food using delivery or take-out instead of dining in. The set menu option. We choose Set for 2 (RM80 nett).
A choice 1 soup, 1 seafood, 1 tofu or egg and 1 vege. A-la carte or single serving options are also available. Our take-out.
Our set for 2 consisted of Salted V…

My Collection of Running Sandals

Years ago, I met with a few barefoot runners in Malaysia such as Uncle Tan (you can check his FB profile here) and also reading the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall which was released in 2009.

Apart from learning about those who run barefoot, I also learn about minimalist running sandals and yup, there are people out there who run clad in sandals. One of the more famous sandals is the Luna sandals.

I'm not a barefoot runner or sandal runner, I still love my adidas Boost shoes a lot but I do wear sandals occasionally during my run. I'd usually change and wear sandals in the later stage of a looping ultramarathons because my feet will swell after such a long run and it's more comfortable to wear a pair of sandal instead to finish my race.
I'm not a hardcore sandal runner, nowadays I mostly used it to run in shorter races & fun runs such as 5K and 10Ks (and yeah, I do occasionally run with my camera).

Here are my three sandals that I used daily and had used …

Food Delivery In Ramadan During MCO

I used food delivery service quite a number of time during MCO phase 1 - 3, before Ramadan, ranging from ordering through delivery app such as Grabfood or Foodpanda or direct from seller advertising on social media.
I like to think of it as a way to help out local economy. I am still lucky to be enjoying full salary and am able to work from home (I spent just two days during MCO going to office) so why not help out both our delivery service and F&B sector? 
Oh ya, I've been cooking a storm during MCO too. I take turn with Hubby. He prepared breakfast, we may cook or order lunch and I cook dinner.
Anyhoo, ordering food had been pretty much restricted to sellers nearby our housing area but with during this phase 5 of MCO, movement restriction is relaxed and we have more options to choose from now.
One of it is Afzal's Kitchen. They are based in Selayang so of course I couldn't make any order earlier.
Recently, they opened order to selected areas and I saw that they cove…


Vit Makanan, Malaysia's 45 years noodle manufacturer supporting government initiative in helping frontliners by contributing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Isolation Gown to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Since 18 Mac Vits Noodles has contributed food supply to various channel including polices, Hospital Covid Team and also 500 elderly in all over Malaysia and still going on until the end of Movement Restriction Order.
After discussing with Hospital Kuala Lumpur, we found out that Hospital in the need of Personal Protection Equipment mainly isolation gown which monthly usage is 20,000 pieces. Recently we has contributed some of the first batch of 240 pieces to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur and inviting everyone to join this good caused too. We have created new product to support for this good caused and inviting everyone to join hand and support.

To purchase consumer can just click below link and all contributions will be channeled to purchase isolation gown for Hospital Kuala Lumpur, …

Frozen Dim Sum From Jom Dim Sum

Although I have been cooking from scratch more during this movement control order, I do purchase ready-made food items from others too. We gotta support and help folks doing food business around our area too.
I was browsing through Facebook and saw this ad selling frozen dim sum and on an impulse decided to give it a try and ordered some.
It was Jom Dim Sum, a dim sum and pau manufacturer located in Ipoh.
They have 4 different sets with different price ranges and we can also order a-la carte (but minimum order had to be above RM200). Set Jom at RM119 per set. The  more you buy, the cheaper per set. Set A, at RM188.00.
Initially I wanted to order this Set A, because they have lor mai gai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken) which Hubby likes but changed my mind later because I don't really like the siew mais.  I ordered this pau set instead at RM178.00. Add RM10 delivery charge, total was RM188.00.
On average, each pau cost me around RM1.90. What I got for my Set B. And lastly, S…