Press Release: Beet It Sport Shot Shows Its Strength

Beet It Sport Shot Shows Its Strength resistance training gets a nitrate boost in new research
New research, independently conducted by Samford University in Alabama, indicates that a concentrated beetroot juice shot could be the key to improving strength and resistance training.
This pivotal research* is one of the first of its kind using a free-weight bench press resistance exercise into the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on strength exercise. The 70ml Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 shot was used in the research, being the only beetroot product on the market that guarantees a sufficiently high dose of dietary nitrate (400mg) for users to increase sporting performance.
In the testing process, one Beet It Sport concentrated beetroot shot was consumed by 11 resistance-trained men (average age 22), two hours before training and was relative to a placebo (blackcurrant cordial). The result showed a significant increase in mean velocity by 6.5%, mean power in watts by 19.5% and 9.4%…

Going the Distance Together, Two Tutu At A Time

Hi Jin & Jian, First of all, congrats on your 1st 100K ultramarathon at Kuching Ultra! You guys actually did a B2B ultra, with a 50K at Langkawi Ultra and then then 100K in Kuching the following week. (Jian) Ohhh yea wo, we didn’t notice that hahaha! Actually the 50K Langkawi Ultra was a last minute impromptu event to (sort of) celebrate Jin’s birthday which coincidentally falls on a day before event day (28th February) so yeah, it’s quite a memorable one.
Note: Don't play-play, they run ultra-marathons to celebrate birthdays!
Secondly, thank you so much for agreeing to answer some of our Q&A. (Both) You’re welcome! We should thank you too for giving us the chance to be featured again in your site.
1. Let’ start with a little bit of yourself. Can you two tell us about yourself? (Jin) Hi everyone, my name is Jin. I work as a banker and my passion is running, which also provides me the avenue to relax and chill during my leisure time. (Jian) Hey everyone, this is Jian. Accounts…

Son's Second SPM Treat At Miyagi

The week SPM results was announced, we took Son for some treats.
First was on the day he collected his results, then on Sunday, we went to Miyagi Japanese Restaurant in Bangi and our friend joined us for dinner this time. Son had the Beef Teppanyaki. Hubby had the Seafood Teppanyaki. I ordered the Fried Oyster and Sashimi set meal.
We always love to come to Miyagi because it's really value for money to eat here. Over dinner, we also "racun" our friend to try a Japan marathon, and more specifically Kobe Marathon. I'm thinking of doing it this year, but let's hope COVID-19 will not drag until the end of the year! Son and our friend, she's a famous doctor with many followers on her social media account and MedTweets. You can follow her tweets at @rafidah72

Benji's For A Treat

Hubby and I took a day the day Son's SPM results was announced.
Later, we went to Benji's at Bangsar Village as a treat for him. SPM come out already, good or not good, still must give a treat lah... Son with his order.
I guess we haven't been to Benji's for ages as the menu has been updated with some interesting new choices. Such as Son's Burger Ayam Berempah, served with fries and kedondong pickles on the side. Hubby ordered an old favourite - The Big Breakfast. I ordered the Nasi Dagang.
Not too crazy with the Gulai Ikan though as it was too sour for my taste.
We had planned to go to our favourite Japanese restaurant on Saturday the same week, but a friend wanted to treat Son so we postponed that dinner to Sunday.

Hotel Maya Still Waters' Saturday Japanese Buffet

Fancy a cosy Japanese buffet, with tranquil settings and enjoy your lunch in a relaxing oasis in the middle of KL City?
Inspired by the tranquility of serene lakes, Still Waters at Hotel Maya offers diners a relaxing dining experience while serving unlimited fresh servings of fresh seafood, sashimi, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, soba, udon, oden and more! We visited Still Waters at Hotel Maya last Saturday and enjoyed their Saturday Japanese buffet. For RM78 nett per pax (RM40 nett for children age 5- 12 and senior citizen 60 years and above), diners get to enjoy unlimited servings of all things Japanese. Plus, diners get 20% off when they share a photo on Instagram and tag @hotelmayakualalumpur with #eatatmaya. 
Seriously, after discount, the price of the buffet is pretty much what I'd pay for a teishoku at other Japanese restaurants!   The tempura and teppanyaki corner.  Oden. There's stir-fried udon, grilled saba and many more here.
But my focus was here! Sashimi section! An…