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Our Foldie Adventures - PD Waterfront to Tanjung Biru

As part of our 21st wedding anniversary celebration, we decided on a last minute trip to Port Dickson (PD).We also decided to make the most out of the trip by doing a short ride to Tanjung Biru from our hotel at PD Waterfront.Our initial plan was to ride our foldies on Sunday but when we arrived PD Waterfront with a couple of hours to spare before check-in and with the weather being nice and not too hot, we decided to cycle before we check-in. I wasn't wearing the clothes I had prepared for cycling to Tanjung Biru and had dressed very casually but since it was only an 18K journey to Tanjung Biru, it wasn't a big deal wearing my cotton lounge pants. Along the way, we stopped at roadside stalls, bought ice creams from ice-cream man and took plenty of photos. Our target destination - Tanjung Biru. 18K from where we started. We also visited Pantai Cermin located next to it. On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at Pantai Telok Kemang. It was around lunchtime but we didn't really …

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