Giving Animals Their Dignity

It's always sad to see how many strays there are, not only around my neighborhood but everywhere. And not only cats and dogs but other animals too. We see new animals out on loose  every now and then, some looking very lost.
And yesterday, it's sad to see how a stray kitten was accidentally ran over by a neighbour's car and its remains was just left lying on the road, without the effort to at least move the body. I saw the dead kitten when I went out for my run at 8.00am. 
Son came down and brought some newspaper to move the dead kitten and its body was already rigid. That meant, it had been left there for hours with no one caring, although its body was right in front of cars parked in the car park area!
Sure, I guess nobody was at fault or obliged to clear its body but it's quite sad to see it being ignored for hours.
The cleaners who had just reported to duty that morning came later, and I guess someone had reported it to them to clear and clean. But by that time, w…

Jamu's Journey To Fit & Fab - An Inspiring Story Of Sweat & Hard Work

We had another interview session and for December, we sat down with Jamusyahida who is on her way to being fit and fabulous through a healthy lifestlye.
Let's read about her journey. Hi, thank you for taking time to answer our questions on your weight loss journey towards a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you for doing this.
First of all, can you tell us a bit of yourself?
I am a 43 years old mother with two teenage kids, 18 and 16 years old.
I work as IT support in Cyberjaya.
This contributed towards my obese situation with sitting jobs for 8 hours and working shift.
Can you share with us how much weight you have lost and how long did it take for you to do it?
I started in Aug 2016 weighing 125kg and in Feb 2018 I reached 78kg.    
It took me about one and half years to shed 47kg and I am currently still working to shed some weight but it has been a really slow progress.

You have lost a significant amount of weight.  
What triggered you to make the tremendous effort and commitment?

Birthday Brunch At Croutons Cafe

We celebrated Son's 16th birthday on Sunday and had his uncles and aunts came for a birthday brunch at our favourite neighborhood cafe, Croutons. (You guys remembered we've visited this cafe several times before?) The clan from the Hubby's side. ^^ Before the start of our meal - do'a first.
We made a reservation at 11am and pre-ordered what we wanted to eat the day before. Chef Shain had WhatsApped to me the menu and we also ordered a small cake to celebrate Son's birthday.
Some of us arrived early, but one thing nice about this cafe is, there are games available for diners to play with - chess, Uno Stacko, Connect 4, etc to spend time while waiting for our food/the rest of the party. The talking Optimus Prime and Storm-trooper helmets were a hit with our nephew and nieces too!
After a great brunch, we moved to the sofa area at the back for the highlight of our brunch. Singing Happy Birthday to Son and enjoying the birthday cake! Us, with the birthday boy. The nic…

A Birthday Run At Ice Watch Light Up The Night Run 2018

What do you do for Son's 16th birthday? We signed him up to a 5K run at Ice Watch Light Up The Night Run (IWLUTNR2018) held at IOI Mall, Putrajaya of course.
We had joined the two previous editions held at Plaza Shah Alam before, as the run always nicely coincided with Son's birthday. Getting free Ice watches to add to his collection (he had received two before this) was pretty cool too.
IWLUTNR2018 is fun, not only because it's a fun run but because participants get to choose their favourite color for their event tees. On race night, we could see red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and orange filling up the road at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.
Some runners who had registered for the VIP slot received free Ice watches with their race kits and other runners could win free watches through its lucky draws. Discounted Ice watches were also sold during REPC and event day.
The  night started a bit ominous as we could sense rain had started to fall but fortunately, it was just a…

Miyazaki Wagyu At MAHA2018

Among the things that we did at MAHA 2018 last Sunday, apart from joining the DVS Farmville Run and Pak Maha Treasure Hunt was to eat.
One particular booth caught our fancy and that was the Miyazaki Wagyu beef booth, brought in by Agroland (M) Sdn Bhd and the meat is certified Halal! They had a promotion for the steak and burger and both can be cooked and eaten at the booth. We can't afford the steak despite its promo price so we opted to try the wagyu burger. Wagyu burger cooking in action. Our wagyu burger.
It really was nice and the meat literally melt in our mouth.
My only beef (pun intended) was the sauce. I'm not much of a sauce lover and I felt adding it was quite unnecessary.
I had wanted to check out the cheese booth that came from Langkawi too but somehow forgotten about it.


PETALING JAYA, 28 November 2018 – Minutes before the timer hits the cut off time of 17 hours, loud cheers can be heard at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi, where the finishing line of the coveted IRONMAN Malaysia Langkawi is set. After the whole day of swimming, cycling and running, triathletes pushed themselves to cross that glorious finish line and earn the most sought after IRONMAN finisher’s medal and to be called “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” by the commentators. With a total of 2400 participants this year, it is the highest participants ever recorded in the last 5 years since IRONMAN returned to Langkawi in 2014. In this year’s edition, we welcome the new Women’s Champion Mareen Hufe after the absence of four-time champion, Diana Riesler. Daniil Sapunov was crowned as the Men’s Champion, taking his first IRONMAN title in 4 years of his professional career.
This year, about 71% of the athletes came from 73 countries across the globe. The biggest delegate comes from Mal…