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The Weekend Runs

What's fun to do during this long Merdeka weekend?
For me, running of course!
And because we visited Kuantan for my youngest brother's wedding, I got to run in Kuantan too! Plus enjoy a nice vacation with the family. ^^
But first, my runs. I'll do some posts about our Kuantan visit later. Hihihi
I needed to do two 24K runs during the weekend but knowing that it'll be hard to fit in two long runs with travelling and a wedding (plus visiting relatives' houses); I decided to put in the 24K on Friday and postpone the second 24K when we get back to KL. 
I didn't run early in the morning on Friday (for obvious reason that it is hard to do so during a weekday morning for me) so I opted to hit the gym's treadmill later instead. I had initially thought of breaking the 24K run into 3 sessions where I'd stop after 8K for a drink but decided since I was feeling good, to continue until 10K.
Ran 10K at easy pace, stop, go downstairs for a drink then go up again and …

Hokkaido, Tokyo Or Kyushu Ramen

I know this product has been in the market for a few years but I only saw them at Village Grocer a few weeks back.
For RM12.90 for a pack of 5, not bad lah kot...
Maggi and Mamee Chef also now expensive already and this one is brought from Singapore. That's why the Halal mark is not from JAKIM, OK?
I guess pretty soon it'll get much much more expensive now that RM is sliding down. Waaaaaaaay down.

Six Hours At UTC Pudu Sentral

We needed to renew Son's passport as it's expiring soon and figured we'd head to UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) Pudu Sentral on Sunday, after my 10K run in Larian Sehati Sejiwa.

The initial plan was for me to finish, shower at the shower facilities in Lake Garden and head straight to UTC but the lure of the generous lucky draw offered at Larian Sehati Sejiwa made us stayed back until 11.00am! Nah, wasn't lucky to win anything from the lucky draw.

We arrived UTC Pudu Sentral at noon and was given no. 1356. A few hundred numbers in front of us. To be expected lah, right?

As Son was under 18, we were told that we needed to bring his birth certificate, apart from his IC.

Alamak! We thought his IC would suffice. The Immigration staff manning the number counter advised us to head to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) and "pull out" his birth cert there as it would be a bigger hassle for us to come another day or to head home just to pick up the birth cert.

It wa…

Press Release : Taylor’s College’s Jog For Hope 2015 Raises RM 60,000 for Charity

Annual fundraiser by students of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas benefits senior citizens, orphans and underprivileged children this year Subang Jaya, 16 August 2015 – It was a Sunday morning filled with enthusiasm and excitement as 2,000 runners from all walks of life gathered and dashed off from the starting line at the annual fundraising Jog For Hope run organised by Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas.
This is the 7th series of the annual ‘jog-for-a-cause’ fundraising event, fully organised by students, and the beneficiaries for this year are Siddharthan Care Centre, a home for underprivileged children and senior citizens, and the Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram orphanage.
Assisted by 120 volunteers, including students and staff from Taylor's College Sri Hartamas and Taylor's College Subang Jaya, Jog For Hope 2015 successfully raised a total of RM60,000 that was presented to the Siddharthan Care Centre and Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram orphanage at the end of the event. Last year …

Larian Sehati Sejiwa For Merdeka Celebration

So I entered another 10K run this week, after doing a 10K run last week at Jog For Hope organised by Taylor's College Hartamas.
Another 10K despite needing to do a long pace 19K run on both Saturday and Sunday. No biggie, I figured. I just add the extra 9K before the run itself. After all, I wasn't planning to run at race pace.  And I wanted to utilise the hilly 10K route of Larian Sehati Sejiwa into my training run so it's a win-win situation. Hihihi
Larian Sehati Sejiwa is held in conjuction of our Merdeka Day celebration and as a part of KL Lake Garden festival. A whole lot of activities at the Run and festival site in Padang Merbuk during the weekend.

We walked around the field checking out the stalls that would be open later that morning, met up with friends and I even met my ex-schoolmate!
The starting and finish line of Larian Sehati Sejiwa was at Padang Merbuk and where runners would immediately face an incline as they start their run.

The flag-off was rather quie…

Ready For The Weekend (And Run In Larian Sehati Sejiwa)

My training plan for the upcoming weekends.

Gonna be a bit of challenge to fit in two long runs over the Merdeka weekend as we'll be travelling to Kuantan for my brother's wedding.

I've moved a 24K run on Saturday to Monday instead and hope I can fit the run in.
While I actually need to run 19K this Sunday, I registered myself to a 10K run at Larian Sehati Sejiwa. My second 10K race for 2015. I figured I can either put in a 9K before running in Larian Sehati Sejiwa and then continued running in the race or do the balance 9K after the race. Anyway, I need to run at a hilly route this Sunday so that's why I choose to enter this race. (Cannot find or afford any nearby half-marathon this week also lah...) I'm leaning more towards the before, though. Gonna be hard to be disciplined to run after the race, especially if I meet up with friends there. Hahaha For those running in Larian Sehati Sejiwa, do take note of the day's program OK?

The start of the run, for all …

A Hearty Breakfast After A Sunday Run

So we did something rather out of norm last Sunday. We went out early on Sunday morning for me to run in a 10K race. Even Son remarked about it because as it was only a 10K run, I didn't have a whole lot of stuff brought along - my special needs bag or drop bag, my "treatment" bag, my food stash, extra shoes and clothes, etc. Hahaha Yeah, it did feel weird just going out for a race without all those extra baggage that I'd bring for long hours races. Anyway, as a treat for both Hubby and Son for being up so early on Sunday; I treated them with breakfast at Plan B. They had their usual : Smoked salmon and salsa for Son. BIG Breakfast for Hubby. I nicked his cappuccino though. As always. ^^ And I thought I'd try their Japanese Breakfast box. Well, I didn't like my choice. One, I don't like the fact that the salmon has the skin side up. The brown rice wasn't too exciting. But other than that, it was OK. Just passable for a Japanese breakfast fare. I…

Razif's Quest - Road To TdG

Helping to get the word out for a respected runner, Razif who also blogs at RaYzeef@malaya :
Continuing his effort with PEKA Malaysia running UTMF race last year, Razif will once again run for a cause, in support of PEKA’s movement “Save Our Rainforest”.

After 2nd straight year balloting his name, he finally made it into the prestigious Tor des Geants (TDG) race in Italy. Only 700 runners are allowed to race this annual 330km (200 miles) race every year.
Officially collaborating with PEKA Malaysia, Razif is offering a chance of owning the Limited Edition RQ (Razif's Quest) PEKA TDG Cotton T.Shirt to fund part of his expenses to run in his dream race – the 330km Tor des Geants (TDG) in Italy this coming September.
The cost is RM50/pc. If you are interested in purchasing them, please contact PEKA or direct email to Razif for your order. PEKA Malaysia. Email: hello@pekamalaysia or

All the best Ray!

Jog 4 Hope, Taylor's College

I hadn't planned to run in any races this weekend despite my training plan requiring me to run a 5K park race with a 20-25min cool down on Saturday and a 3:30 long run on Sunday.
I figured I'd just wing both runs around my neighbourhood. Around my apartment's carpark, to be exact.
But at the last minute (Thursday, as a matter of fact) I confirmed my registration for a 10K run in Jog 4 Hope which was organised by Taylor's College Sri Hartamas. Just move the 3:30 to Saturday and run the shorter distance training on Sunday. Registration was still open on race morning, I think. But I only needed to collect my bib and t-shirt a few minutes before the run.
Despite the last minute registration, there was no issue of t-shirt availability and I got my choice of size. Despite many runners going to Kuching Marathon, Run with Us in Putrajaya or AK Balloon Run, there was a respectable crowd for this run; not only of the college students but for the Open Category too. 
Even strong …

The Weekend In Sungai Lembing

So I registered and ran in the King of Sungai Lembing last Sunday.
We thought we'd make a weekend vacation trip out of it, and decided to head to Sungai Lembing on Friday evening to ensure we had more leisurely time before our run on Sunday.
Hubby who was a volunteer/crew in the King of Sungai Lembing had assured me that he only needed to report to duty on Sunday and we'd have time on Saturday for sightseeing and have a relaxing Saturday. 
Or so we thought! Hah hah
Damn kepoh people like us ended up being busybodies at the race venue instead of going sightseeing. Even our son got roped in to help. Poor boy. Good thing he didn't mind. ^^
We arrived Sungai Lembing at around 4pm, having started our journey after the Friday prayers and immediately after picking up Son from school.  Still in his school uniform when we got to Pahang! From Bangsar!  While hubby went out to help the organiser with the setting up of race bunting along the main street of Sungai Lembing (and play ti…