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Bunga Raya - Our National Flower

In celebrating our Merdeka Day (Independence Day) today, here are some photos of our National Flower - Bunga Raya (Hibiscus).

There are many varieties of hibiscus and Malaysia's National Flower is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (family Malvaceae) which we locally call the Bunga Raya. The flower was chosen as our National flower in 1960 by by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Symbolically, the five petals of the bunga raya represent the Rukunegara (Five Principles of Nationhood) while the red colour represents courage.

A Bicycle For Raimie

After an Ambang Merdeka (Eve of Independence Day) Program that Raimie participated in today, we went to Bangsar and got him a new bicycle.

Looking forward to time spent at the park with his new bicycle.

He was quite nervous trying out his new bicycle at the shop at first, but by the time the bicycle is paid for, he was already happily cycling on the pavement outside.

Did you remember your first time on a bicycle? I remember the first time I rode a bicycle without a training wheel, I end up in a ditch! Hahaha!!!

Cigars For Papa

Zaini bought a box of cigar for his enjoyment last week. He doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he does like to smoke cigars occasionally especially when socialising. I used to smoke them too, and we used to go to cigar divans/lounges to enjoy our cigars.

That was a long time ago, before Raimie was born.

Nowadays, whenever Zaini wants to enjoy his cigar at home, he does it sitting at the balcony. Cigar smell do tend to be quite strong and it will linger in the house.

Durian, The Amazingly Stinky Fruit

I love durian but even as a durian lover, I find the smell a bit too much sometimes.
My Bug Life of Foodie and Travel Bug described what durian is to some people in detail. The durian fruit taste like a custard; a pungent smelling custard.
Opening the prickly fruit may take some skill, my dad can open one in seconds, but we (Zaini and me) might take a few minutes to pry them open.

Eating durian should be in moderation since this fruit is quite heaty.

What's For Dinner Tonight?

This blog is turning into a food blog soon, I think. There will be a different post soon, I promise!

What I had for dinner tonight? A packet of Nasi Briyani bought at Pasar Malam (Night Market) and a delicious RM13/slice Pavlova bought from Alexis.

The Pavlova look a bit mangled since it had to endure me walking, a ride back home in the car with Raime trying to eat the blueberries. I don't blame him. It was delicious.

And I complain I can never lose any weight! Go figure. Heh!

Yummy Hot Dog

Every month on the 19th, selected 1901 hot dog outlets have this promotion selling hot dogs for RM1.99 instead of the usual RM4.90.
So it was hot dogs feast for us yesterday! Zaini bought 7 hot dogs back for dinner. Yummy!

Delightfully Sinful Donuts

Mmmmm... wouldn't it be nice if I can just get my hands on some donuts right at this moment?

Just look at those donuts. Don't they look simply inviting?

Yummy, deliciously sinful donuts.

Yummy Rambutans!

It's Rambutan season! (and durian too!)

Yummy Rambutans waiting to be eaten

Raimie with a rambutan tree, laden with fruits

A Day at Colmar Tropicale

A taste of France amidst a tropical setting.

We even had a taste of Japan here, at Bukit Tinggi's Japanese Restaurant and garden.