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Late Lunch At Benji's

I had promised my two boys a brunch session at Benji's some weekends ago, provided that they accompany me to a running event where I wanted to go and take some photos.
But that didn't happen as I got lazy to wake up early. HAHAHA
Anyways, we still went out because I also planned to visit a friend at Pantai Hospital so we dropped by Bangsar Village first for a late lunch.
And we ordered the breakfast menu! Hubby ordered Cheeseburger though. Both Son & I ordered its Big Breakfast.
Son ordered scrambled eggs for his set.
And my eggs were poached, accompanied with a nice cup of cappuccino. 
Love, love, love those fries (or whatever you call it). Our brunch/late lunch whatever was good.

I was still full well after dinner time.

10,000 Steps In Taman Botanikal Melaka, Ayer Keroh

It was after 5:30 pm on Saturday, the weekend when I had a run on Sunday in Skyhawk Nature Run and I didn't want to just sit around in the hotel room and weren't keen to go to town area for a stroll.
Most park attractions around Ayer Keroh close at 5:30pm so Hubby & I decided to just head to Taman Botanikal Melaka for a stroll.  There were a number of park goers and plenty of runners/joggers too.
We saw a sign for the 10,000 steps route and decided to follow it. Which was nice as it brought us to the statues of dinosaurs and Malay fairy tale characters and also to the Xtreme Park (which had already closed by the time we got there).  The tarmac route was nice and shady and there were these signs along the route.
And these too.
So after a 10K run that Saturday morning, I added more mileage (albeit by walking) on the evening before going to the 22K run the next morning at Skyhawk Nature Run.
I was pretty productive, weren't I? hehehe

And for the 5K walk, I put on my new …

Conquer The City With SCORE RUN Night & Day Edition

Great news for running enthusiasts!
SCORE Run is back with BANG in 2018 and this year, SCORE Run comes with a series. Night & Day Series which will be held on May 5th and Jul 22nd respectively. SCORE Run Series will start with their Night Edition on May 5th, 2018 and with three different category distances to suit any running abilities. For a change, the Night Edition will be held at Anjung Floria in Putrajaya.

Flag-off time for 21K will be at 8pm, 8.30pm for 13K and 9pm for 5K category.
Registration is still open and can be done at:

The run is open to both local and international runners.
Runners' entitlements.
And finishers will receive this awesome looking SCORE Run Night Edition medals.

21K finishers will also get a Finisher tee.
For those who are not in town that night, you can still participate in SCORE Run Night Edition Virtual Run and still be entitled to get your finisher medal.

For more info, do visit SCORE website at h…

Me, Running And 2017

I wanted to write about my year of running for 2017 earlier this year then I put it off because I have this feeling that I should be focusing more about other stuff than about running. And anyway, it’s not like whatever running that I did was all that great either.
And the fact that I haven’t been really been meeting my target for year 2017. Bitter kot. Hahaha
But in retrospective, maybe I should write it anyway. 
To look back at the stuff I did, the friendship that I forged along the way, whatever small achievements I made and be thankful that I am still running, still smiling and still be able to enjoy my life with my loved ones around me. 
And maybe, just maybe… I can inspire others to put on their running shoes and start running, or walking… or whatever, and lead a healthier lifestyle. 
The Full Marathons I didn’t managed to do the four that I had aimed to do. 
After a really bad Twincity Marathon and Standard Chartered KL Marathon experience (I had really bad bouts of gastric mid…

Asam Pedas Pit Stops In Melaka

We were in Melaka two weeks ago as I partcipated in Skyhawk Nature Run which was a 22K run held in the state.
The family had booked Kobemas Hotel which is located around MITC and the first business of the day upon reaching the area was google up good asam pedas place nearby MITC and Restoran Asam Pedas Ibu Ani Parit Jawa came up tops. We arrived before the lunch hour crowd so the place wasn't full yet.

There were only Jenahak or Kembung fish available that day and not really wanting to eat too much (and also not break the bank), we just ordered two sets of Asam Pedas Ikan Kembung and an extra plate of rice.
 Our Ikan Kembung.

The asam pedas is nice and not too spicy. Sedap.
Ikan Kembung set that comes with ikan kembung (of course), rice with blanched beansprouts and fried egg.
Simple yet satisfying.
Other diners opted for Jenahak and the fish is only cooked upon order so diner had to wait for a bit for their order.
For dinner, we didn't want to stray too far from where we wer…

We Conquered Twincity Marathon 2018!

NENIKIKAMEN REJOICE, WE CONQUER That was Twincity Marathon 2018 theme for this year. The two cities marathon which covers both Cyberjaya and Putrajaya (hence the name Twincity) was back for its 4th edition on Jan 21, 2018.
And back with a bang too, complete with the Greek Battle of Marathon reference, where Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens with the news of great victory to his people. (By the way, I heard rumors that the 5th edition may feature Malay warriors from the Melaka Sultanate pulak). Hehehe
Anyway, here I was, back for my third Twincity Marathon. I joined in 2016 and 2017 and but this year I decided to do just half marathon. Which was such a relief, come race day because I only really started training (i.e. actually run 3-4 times a week, instead of just one long run per week) two weeks ago. Clever. Hur hur
Full marathon categories was flagged-off earlier at 4.00am while the Half marathon category was flagged-off at 5.30am. 
I was still queueing for toilet when my ca…

Noodles At Alexis & Pulau Ketam

A friend had wanted to eat Laksa Sarawak and when she came shopping near my office, she asked me to join her for lunch.
I had a few days before, enjoyed Laksa Sarawak at a stall in Alam Damai, Cheras but this time I get to enjoy Laksa Sarawak in a more posh setting of Alexis. Happy lor, got someone belanja me makan at nice restaurant.
Hihihi Alexis' Laksa Sarawak.

RM29.90 if am not mistaken.

Lunch was OK but the company was great!

We chit-chatted until well over my lunch time that day! LOL
Later that evening, I had another noodle dish for dinner. 
This time more humble lah, because the family had dinner at Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo located at LG, Gardens Mall.
Their curry is not too bad lah. Son had them too and quite enjoyed it.

For RM9.90 for 3 yong tau foo + curry noodle, it's quite OK, right?

I'm Running For A Reason At Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018

I've been a participant of Standard Chartered KL Marathon since 2012, where I ran my first half marathon ever and have been participating in this iconic Malaysia's race yearly ever since. This year, I'm doing the Run For A Reason (RFAR) and supporting the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM).
I chose NCSM as my dedication to my relatives and friends who had either braved through cancer or still fighting bravely despite their ailments.
My thoughts and prayers are with them so let's support NCSM to ensure that no Malaysian need to fear cancer.

Let's help and support NCSM in creating an understanding of cancer that leads to prevention and early detection by providing the best possible care and support for those affected by cancer.
Donation can be made at my profile and is tax exempted.

Thank you.

Press Release: ILLUMI RUN MALAYSIA 2018 - A glowing success with more than 4,000 runners!

ILLUMI RUN A GLOWING SUCCESS WITH MORE THAN 4,000 RUNNERS  It was an illuminating night with a line-up of acts to pump up the jam! 
Kuala Lumpur, 13 January 2018: The ILLUMI RUN Malaysia kicked off on high note at the Selangor Turf Club, attracting more than 4,000 ardent fun runners and festival go-ers.
ILLUMI RUN is organised by Infinitus Productions Pte Ltd in collaboration with presenting sponsor, MPI Generali Insurans Berhad. The ultimate festival on the run offered the most exhilarating neon experience ever to runners. Participants enjoyed the night running through an escalating scene of dashing colours whilst being splashed with the iconic ILLUMI Glow Water.

Oliver Tan, CEO of MPI Generali Insurans Berhad said: ͞It was exhilarating to be part of this new experience of running through music zones with splashes of glowing water. At MPI Generali Insurans Berhad, we are happy that this Run provided a platform for us to engage with the community, our employees and business partners. …

Street Thai Food At Streat Thai

On Friday, on the eve of the long New Year weekend last year, the family decided to have Thai food for dinner.
I've been hankering for some Thai style salad (or kerabu) so Hubby suggested we try Streat Thai, located at The School in Jaya One. Truthfully, I was still actually rather full because I had attended a ladies running group gathering at Bukit Kiara and we ate a LOT of dim sum there.
So I didn't order much but we chose individual sets for ourselves.
For me, I ordered Pad Krapow Beef with rice and fried egg.
Crazy spicy lah! There were lots of birds eye chilis in there! @.@
But sedap. Haha The boys ordered Butterfly Pea Ice Tea & Salak Soda.
I ordered Taro smoothie to douse the flame of my Pad Krapow Beef. Hahaha

And I ordered Fish cakes for Son who already had a late lunch earlier.
Hubby ordered their Beef Noodles and the beef was good and so soft, you literally won't need to chew!
And lastly, this sedap and spicy (oh my tummy!) Papaya Salad.

Pity I was still f…