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A Stop For Donuts!

Just a couple of photos of Raimie enjoying Big Apple Donuts at Alamanda, Putrajaya during the weekend. It's kinda quiet at Alamanda, compared to other malls around town so spending time taking full advantage of the free wi-fi here was great.

But we just had to have a stop a Starbucks for our coffee fix too!

Yummy Burger

After the trip to have a haircut for Raimie, we decided to stop by at a burger stall (actually this one is more of a mobile business type) for a burger fix.

Clean and organised mobile stall. They sell burgers, drinks, roti john and even keropok lekor and goreng pisang (fried banana) here
Zaini eating a Nasi Lemak

Our special beef burger, with plenty of chilli sauce and mayonaisse. Not something to be eaten daintily :P May look gross, but this is waaayy better than any McD burgers!
The meal is finished with a nice cup of cincau drink. Refreshing :-)

p.s. even though the oil price had already dropped, you won't be seeing any place lowering their price that they raised when Government decided to raise the price earlier!

Raimie Needs A Haircut

Just came back from a trip to the neighbourhood hair salon to get a haircut for Raimie. He's starting school soon, and it won't do to sport a girlie hairstyle there!



Now he's almost ready for school!

Instant Noodle Adventure - Cooking Maggi Tomyam

We love Maggi Instant Noodle especially the Tomyam flavour. Of course eating them just by cooking the noodles without any addition or embellishment would be no fun (and not to mention bland).

Everyone has their own taste, just like us. Zaini likes to add garlic, shallots and taucu (salted soy beans) to his tomyam noodle and Raimie topped his noodle with furikake. Here's mine:
Instant noodle, an egg and wakame
Voila! My ready to eat instant noodle. Might look completely disgusting but I love it served this way.

It's been ages since I ate any other flavour of Maggi Instant Noodle, though.

Do you eat instant noodle? What's your favourite brand and flavour?

Random Photos At Sunway Lagoon

Ticket counter

Dos and don'ts at the park

No more wristband to enter the park. They use scanner now for park entry. You have to pay RM10 deposit for this watch type thingy, and if you desire you can swap it for a real watch when you exit the theme park.

Lockers for rental. RM5 locker per opening or RM15 locker that we can use, open and close for a whole day. We went for the RM15 so that we can easily open and close our lockers. (Camera not waterproof and don't want to miss out any of the fun just because someone needs to hold the camera!)

Getting splashed

Lastly, your children's white cartoon underwear is not considered a swimwear for a reason. Please refrain from letting your kids splash away in the wet park in their underwear! Other kids and parents do not want to see the wet see-through underwear!

A Relaxing Evening At Starbucks

The boys love to hang out at Starbucks, and with the free wi-fi they are able to play online games on their Nintendo DS Lite. For me, I usually just people watch or taking photos stealthily. (I have yet acquired the ease and confidence to take photos anywhere or everywhere).

My two boys, completely at home at Starbucks. Both, as you can see, had their own Nintendo DS Lite on hand. I know I should ask Zaini to allow me use his PSP to browse the internet there, but I know Zaini doesn't trust me with his stuff. (Well, some of his "stuff" he puts total trust in me, but that's a totally different matter) Ehem
Drinks: Zaini always went for the Green Tea Frappuccino and I will order anything that is on promotion a the moment. This time, I went for the Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino. Delish!

Zaini mentioned Contamination's name (he read about your obsession with Starbucks, you know) when we were in there, so here are some lousy shot of Starbucks stuff for you, Contaminati…

A Day At Megakidz

Megakidz entrace. Used to have a big sign there, but I suppose they took it down for a change.

Earlier, it was a day out at Kizsports & Gym in One Utama for Raimie, on Friday we went to Megakidz at Mid Valley. I just thought to give Raimie a treat for the day. :-)

Some photos in Megakidz, most of them were taken by Raimie, my budding photographer and blogger.
The bounce castle. Raimie always had plenty of fun bouncing here
The toddler area

The play area. Socks are compulsory for both kids and parents in this area. So, don't forget your socks if you want to watch over your kids!

A party preparation in progress. There are two rooms for parties here.

Raimie and his newfound friend, Ryan

That spiraling slide is one of Raimie's favorite. At least now I don't need to follow him down that slide anymore like when he was younger.

A pose for mummy

The cafe area

What did I do now that I don't need to watch Raimie like a hawk during play time? Read! Managed to read my book again. And ess…

Food Garden At Gardens Mall

Had dinner at the newly opened food court at Gardens Mall called Food Garden. The place is quite spacious and have plenty of stalls with the usual selection of food court's food. What is interesting is that many of the stall were manned by (I think) the stall owners some of whom are foreigners cooking their native food. The bright green seats. This food court is a food court with a view, although the view itself are not particularly spectacular. (Cannot compare with KLCC lah)

Another shot of the food court. Actually, no photography is allowed here. There is even a smoking ding area at the back of the food court for those who can't get away from their ciggies after their meal.
My meal - korean food. The stall was manned by a mother-daughter team who is of course, Korean. A tad more expensive than the one at Food Junction in MidValley because with the same price of RM9.90, I would've gotten a miso soup and a mug of tea at Food Junction. But I prefer this soon du bu jigae bette…

Birthday Dinner At Tony Roma's

If it were up to me, we would've gone to either Sushi Groove or Sakae Sushi for dinner on Raimie's birthday. But of course we have to listen to birthday boy wishes and he wanted to eat ribs at Tony Roma's. So, off to Tony Roma's we go after a hard day out playing at Sunway Lagoon.

Raimie clowning with the napkin. He wanted to be a pirate. :)
Appertizer: bread for us and carrot & celery stick for Raimie. I complained (yes, I'm a complainer) about not receiving this during our Halloween dinner and I was supposed to get a complimentary something for my next visit.
Raimie enjoying his celery stick. He was annoyed with me because I nicked one of the celery sticks. Hehehe This is one boy who loves his vegetables especially broccoli.

Kid's meal: Raimie chose beef ribs
My dinner: Steak combo with fried shrimps. I was so full (maybe due to the glasses and glasses of coke I drank before getting my meal - very the kiasu of me, I admit. Hehehe) that I can't finish all…

Lunch At Sunway Lagoon

Eating in Sunway Lagoon is sure an expensive affair. But, we got to eat after all that strenuous activities in the water.

Queuing for food

Three hot dogs, a cup of wedges and a bottle of mineral water = RM25.00

A somewhat dubious looking hot dogs especially Raimie's hot dog with pink colour ketchup. Frugality seems to be the keyword in food serving at Sunway Lagoon. :D
Mama! Stop taking my photos. I'm trying to eat! Hahaha
So thirsty