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IJM-Allianz Duo Highway Challenge attracts 6000 runners at Besraya Highway

IJM-Allianz Duo Highway Challenge attracts 6000 runners at Besraya Highway
· Malaysia’s only duo highway challenge that highlights the accessibility of two highways and its advantages
· NPE Highway Challenge will be held on 29 July 2018.
· Registration is currently still open for NPE Highway Challenge at and
· Registration closes on 30th June 2018 for NPE Highway Challenge (E10)

Kuala Lumpur, 29 April 2018: After its successful first debut at Besraya Highway last year, the IJM Allianz Duo Highway Challenge is back again for the second year. This year’s return garnered 6000 runners that cruised through the Besraya Highway. Similar to last year, the challenge offered a 13km challenge and a 6km fun run that went along the stretch of the elevated Besraya highway.
The highway saw running junkies flocking the roads when the run kicked off at 6.30am and 7.00am for the 13km and 6km runs respectively. The run route s…

Besraya Highway On Foot At IJM Duo Highway Challenge

After a 21K at SJMC Run last week, I made my way to Plaza Toll Loke Yew on Sunday to run 13K at Besraya Highway Challenge.

It's the first edition of two races under the IJM Duo Highway Challenge Series for 2018 and the next one will be held on July 29th 2018 at NPE Highway Challenge.

Some 6,000 runners made their way too, to Plaza Loke Yew to either run 13K or 6K. I arrived the race venue at around 6.00am and after collecting my race kit (I had made prior arrangement to get it on race morning), I joined the toilet queue.
While walking to the starting line later, I was caught by surprise when the emcees flagged-off the 13K category at 6.25am instead of 6.30am as published in the race program. But since I'm not gonna run fast or chase timing, I just walked and joined the start line a bit later.
13K was flagged-off 5 minutes earlier and I was informed that the 6K category was flagged-off 10 minutes earlier. @.@ I made my way slowly along the route, just following the crowd's…

Leisure Sports Tour In Korea

Through a friend and fellow blogger, I got to know about a Leisure Sports Tour In Korea presentation at Korea Tourism Organization which is located in Menara Hap Seng.
Curious to know about it, I signed up and attended the presentation on Saturday. The presentation started with the usual presentation about Korea in general and famous tourists sites around the country.
It was presented by Ms June Lau who is the marketing manager for Malaysia & Brunei. But truthfully, most of us perked up when the presentation continued with some notable marathons and ultra-marathon events held in the country.
Most of Korea's marathon has tough COT of about 5 hours but there are also a few with less tough COT of about 6 hours or so.
A friend of mine did Jeju ultramarathon earlier this year and it has a 7 hour COT for its 50K category! She is awesome and she managed to complete her ultramarathon, no problem. We were later presented with some tour options available by NTC that is unique and out-o…

Dayang Sarawak Corner In Presint 15

We knew that Dayang Sarawak Corner is opening another outlet in Putrajaya as we used the road that passes the shop lot where Dayang Sarawak is located everytime we head to PoJ for races in Putarajaya.
It was opened earlier this month and we finally made our visit for lunch one weekend after a short race route recce with RAUR race director. RAUR is a 12-hour ultra relay race which will be held on Saturday, May 12th 2018 in Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya.
It was after the route reccee and we actually stopped by Presint 15 to head to the vet there and decided to have lunch at Dayang Sarawak. It was already lunch time so the outlet was already buzzing with diners. Service was fast. We sat down and we were quickly handed the menu. It only took a few minutes for our order to arrive.
For drinks, Hubby order Sirap Limau and I order Kedondong Asam Boi. My drink is rather sweet for my liking but by watering it down, I guess it is nice. But apart from it being too sweet for my taste, it was…

Seeing Is Believing, Fight Diabetes 21K Run Around Subang Jaya

Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) had organized a running event to raise awareness to prevent diabetes and its complications particularly the eye complication, with the theme of the run: “Seeing is believing, Fight diabetes”.
The run, SJMC Run 2018 was held last Sunday on Apr 22, 2018 and it was its third edition after being held in 2014 and 2016.
The distance of the run had also progressed, with only 3K & 7K offered in 2014, then the 7K was upgraded to 10K in 2016 and in 2018, there were not only 3K Fun Run category & 10K category but also a half marathon!
I signed up for the half marathon, which is 2 weeks after Standard Chartered KL Marathon thinking that I'd do a long 21K run as part of my training mileage. But then... I kinda regretted not signing up for a 10K instead. Haha The starting line and finish line of the run was at the Outpatient Centre Building compound. Some 3,500 runners converged at the centre for their respective flag-offs.

Me and my friends were busy …

Nat Geo Earth Day Run Malaysia 2018

Among the many road races going on the weekend of Apr 21 & 22, one of them was the National Geographic Earth Day Run (Nat Geo Earth Day Run). While it is an annual race held since 2007 in Taiwan and in 2010 in Philippines; Apr 22nd, 2018 was its inaugural event in Malaysia.
Both runs have been growing in scale with Philippines hitting their record of 20,000 participants in 2015 and in Taiwan, participation rates increased by 2,000 for the runs in Kaohsiung and New Taipei in the same year. For Malaysia, the race participation was capped at only 2,500 runners if I am not mistaken.
In conjunction with Earth Day and its theme of no plastic waste, National Geographic (Nat Geo) had organized the Nat Geo Earth Day Run to help raise awareness in on plastic pollution’s harm and educate the public on what we as individuals can do to help.

The Malaysian Nat Geo Earth Day Run held in Gamuda Walk, Kota Kemuning serves to protect our planet through renewable energy consumption, reducing plast…

Butter Fruit & Ambra In Putrajaya

Putrajaya not only has a LOT of public parks, the federal administrative centre of Malaysia is also planted with a number of "pokok nadir" or hard to find local trees of Malaysia. If you remember, we've posted quite a few of those we found in this blog before and even the Buah Mentega (or Butter Fruit or also called Velvet Fruit) which we found today.  A number of the Butter Fruit trees were fruiting and laden with fruits and some had fallen to the ground. We picked up those that were in good condition to bring home to enjoy.
From a first glance, this fruit could be mistaken as a peach because of its colour and furry outer layer. Be careful of those velvety skin, it can cause itchiness. Gatal macam miang buluh!
The ones we picked up must have been fallen a day ago because it already emitted a nice, buttery smell. We'll wait until it is softer before we consume it lah, I think.

Butter fruit are rated short on the glycemic index which means they supply a steady stream…

Lunch At Hokkaido Ichiba

We had a big group going for lunch and we decided to go to Hokkaido Ichiba.
It was a nice lunch as the staff who attended to us, Kumar and another lady were efficient and attentive to serve us.
Our order were served fast and in no time, everyone (all 32 pax of us) enjoyed our meal. For me, I shared this big plate of kaori-hako kani to tobikko salad with a few others. It was GOOD! It's miso dressing has a nice tang to it and not rich at all compared to goma dressing.  I ordered the sushi to mini udon set and was happy with it.
Lunch was done after a scoop of ice cream and everyone went back happy and with a full tummy.

Cat Family Story Continues

Mommy cat, Tompok finally had her kittens out one rainy night on Monday and took shelter under a neighbour's car which was parked right opposite ours.
If you remember, we had rescued two of her kittens late last month but we let Mommy Tompok took them away to care for them herself. This time, we took her kittens and let Tompok followed us to our house. Tompok was curious and tried to check our place out which was fine by us, if she would want to stay here and ensure her kittens are safe.  And it turned out, she had three kittens, not just two!
But after a while, Tompok kept wanting to take out her kittens away. She tried a few times but we managed to coax Tompok to stay for the night.
But when we came home after work tonight, we found Tompok waiting for us at the carpark. Alone.
At home, we found only two kittens and one was missing. 
After a few hours of searching, we found the kitten in a drain near our apartment's main gate and Son had to go in and took the kitten out.
We …

A Night Stay At Hotel Geo For SCKLM 2018

We decided to stay a night in KL city on the SCKLM 2018 instead of traveling back and forth from our home on Saturday and Sunday.
If you read my previous post in this blog, we were at SCKLM 2018's Kids Dash on Saturday and then ran in SCKLM 2018 on Sunday morning. Enjoyed an ayam penyet lunch before our check-in at 3pm.
We decided not to drive to the hotel direct but parked our car at my FIL's house in Jalan Bangsar and took the LRT to Pasar Seni station.
It's quite convenient as the hotel is mere steps away from Pasar Seni station and less than 1km away from Dataran Merdeka where the start and finish line of SCKLM 2018 was located.
We arrived at around 3.20pm and there was a queue of mainly runners at the front desk for check-in. We were offered a king sized bed room because the twin room we requested for wasn't ready yet. Quite a few of us (those in front of us) were told the same thing and some of us decided to wait.  After a 50 minutes wait, our room was finally r…