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Raimie's Lunch Box

Another new routine for me now that Raimie is in Primary school. Preparing his lunch box (well, technically it's not a lunch box as recess is at 10.05 am)

He doesn't eat much, but he likes his fruits and I put a few Alphabet nuggets in there too. As long as he eats some, I'm happy. Maybe it's easier for us to just give him some money and buy food at the school canteen, but I like to pack his food myself.

Maybe someday I have the initiative to make a nice bento box for him.

Spoiled For Choice

This is my current handphone, a Nokia 1600. I just use it for making and receiving calls and it acted as my faithful alarm in the morning.

It was a cheap phone, just cost me RM200.00 when I bought it. The shop assistant at the place I bought this handphone thought I was buying it for my maid. LOL

Never really cared for all the latest gadgets that is, until now. Until I finally succumbed to the addictive world of blogging. Now, I find myself needing more from my handphone. I went into websites, read reviews, look at prices and even went to the shops to look at the choices of handphones and I am nowhere to making a decision except that maybe I want either a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson. Zaini reminded me not to be swayed by all the marketing hype and just buy something that I need. But what do I need? I feel I need everything to be bundled into my handphone! Decisions decisions....

And don't get me started on a new camera.

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Niu (Ox) Year to all Chinese around the world. Hope the New Year brings wealth and prosperity to you and may you have success in all your endeavors.

We'll be heading off to my hometown in the wee morning tomorrow with the hope to beat the "balik kampung" crowd and I will not be online for a couple of days.

Hope that everyone have a safe trip home and for those who are in KL during the holidays, enjoy the quiet jam free road for a while. :-)

Toodles for now!


Lunch At Belanga

We had initially planned to go to Paddingtons House Of Pancake for lunch. But can you believe it, we were left standing at the entrance talking and enquiring about the menu with one of their staff who simply just showed us the menu without recommending anything for a whole 5 minutes until finally when we queried who knew about the current promotion (as he was absolutely clueless) he told us he cannot understand what we were talking. "No understand Malay" was what he said. WTF? If you cannot converse in Malay and seemed unable to do so in English either, what were you doing manning the front area of the restaurant? And why didn't you tell us earlier? Grrr...
Anyway, we had a nicer lunch at Belanga. Loved the decor there. The staff here knows how to speak both Malay and English as they are all locals! (well except 1 guy but he can speak in Malay so no problem with us) Service was fast and efficient too. Lovely. (and getting staff discount made lunch much nicer too!)

I had La…

Korean Food

Apart from Japanese food, I adore Korean Food but unlike Japanese Food where I can find plenty of outlets that I can go and eat, I have one problem with finding a Korean Restaurant I can patronise. Most of them are non-halal (i.e. they serve pork), a BIG no-no for us!
So, for the time being I just settled having my Korean food fix at Food Garden in the Gardens Mall. At the moment, the owners of the stall (a Korean couple) are still manning the fort and they are very helpful and nice people even with their limited English. In that photo is Dolsot bibimbap that is already mixed/stirred. The nice lady owner even stirred them for Raimie.
I especially love to order Bibim bap for Raimie because there are plenty of vegetables in there. My personal favourite is Soon Du Bu Jigae (hot and spicy soft tofu stew). Yummy!

I like the owners, but Raimie usually will feign coolness even though the lady owner fussed over him. It's because she likes to call Raimie, Baby (instead of Boy) LOL

Homework Battles

This is Raimie's homework on his second day at school. He was supposed to draw a picture of his family and that smartypants of mine drew himself as an astronaut and both me and Zaini as aliens! Kids!

He has homework everyday, not a lot, just a page or two for each lesson. I suppose it's good to discipline him even at this early stage of schooling. Heck! He has homework during kindie too, so this shouldn't be a big deal, but no - he will complain his hand ache and tired. He will roll around on the bed after colouring a few pictures and moan about it. So, it is up to us to ensure he is doing all his homework and get it done right. That means, either one of us have to sit with him until he is done.

Life changes for both me and Zaini, now that Raimie enters school. No more lazy nights for us too and it is not even exam time yet! LOL

A New Weekend Activity

An added activity for me and Raimie to bond over with. Washing his school shoes. LOL. He was pretty excited when I asked him to help me wash/scrub his white school shoes. Good to start him doing chores from an early age, no? :-)

I forgot how easy it was to get those white shoes soiled.

First Week At School

Some photos of Raimie on his first day at school. We're proud to say that he had no problem (so far) going to school. He already boarded the school bus on his own on the first day (with us waiting with him at my FIL's house and at the school entrance).

To tell you the truth, it had been a tiring few days for us. While Raimie was quite OK at school, we were still around to check on him at recess and after school. We wanted to make sure that he eats OK (it is hard to get him eat in normal circumstances, so we worry...) and that he'll be OK waiting for the school bus after school. On that stretch of road in Brickfields, there are a few other schools so when school ended, you'll see hundreds of kids rushing out. We wanted to make sure he knows which is his school bus and that he boarded the bus safely. Not to mention that both Zaini and I woke up earlier than usual just to get Raimie ready for school and prepare his packed lunch.

So far, he did everything wonderfully exce…

Steamboat Dinner at Johnny's Restaurant

Night out with Zaini and Raimie (yet again) and we decided to eat steamboat at Johnny's. May not be the best steamboat place in town, but the outlet was convenient (in Jusco Cheras Selatan) and the price were OK too.

Unlike when they were at The Mines, where the place was pretty quiet and empty; when they shifted over to Jusco Cheras Selatan, their business was bustling up to the point it is quite hard to get a table immediately.

We chose Set C for four pax. Set C is RM59.90
Steamboat is an interactive affair, as you get to cook your own food, and Raimie loves to help dunking everything into the steamboat pot.

Waiting for the food to cook

All that's left afterwards. We were so full, we can't finish off the beehoon. But as you can see no prawns, beef balls or other choice morsels were left behind other than the beehoon and the odd vege. :D And both Zaini and I loves the dipping sauce here. Yummy!

One more plus point: the extremely efficient waiters here.

Raimie's School Orientation

Despite the cold morning with heavy rain outside, we woke up early on Saturday. Saturday was Raimie's orientation session at his primary school. So, despite my body's resistance to being up so early on a weekend, we were ready for school by 8.00am (orientation session started at 9.00am)
Raimie in his school uniform. All smiles and not really listening to what the Principal was talking. LOL.

After the Discipline teacher gave out his talk, the students then were asked to sit for a diagnostic test. Off they go, in a line to the classroom upstairs. A couple of kids cried looking for their parents, but Raimie, ever the consummate cool guy, looks nonchalant. :D
He already made a few friends by the time he came down from the classroom. We were glad to see him easily mingling around.

My boy is growing up. (He's even talking about college, you know) Hahaha!!!

Meeting With Power Rangers

Last Sunday, we took Raimie to the Mines Shopping Fair. He had asked us way too many times to stop there, but we never did. Hehehe. Have never been a fan of Mines, both me & Zaini. :D

Anyway, I wanted to buy some more clothes for my 2009 wardrobe makeover, so was game to go there. And what did we find there? Power Rangers are in town!

No photo of Raimie with the Power Rangers. He refused to. Now, if it was Ultraman, that's totally different. Hahaha

Got to see one Ah Soh arguing with the emcee because she wanted more than 1 free pass for the photo op with the Rangers (the passes was given one for each family only). Haiyo, free pass also want to argue.