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Do Your Own Laundry Today!

If you think Zaini wants to help wash my mud splattered clothes that I wore during this morning Salomon X-Trail run, you must've been thinking Zaini is a saint. (He is, but he ain't gonna do my laundry. Not the super smelly ones anyway!) Bwahaha Super muddy, super dirty and of course, super awesome fun under the sun run at Salomon X-Trail Run; along the trails at Universiti Putra Malaysia and disturbing cows along the way!
Absent-minded me totally forgot to bring the compact camera along although I already put it aside to carry during the run. Heck! I even forgot to bring my handphone along! Not to mention, being late for the run.
We arrived after the men were already flagged-off and walking to the starting line at UPM's stadium, saw Uncle Oliver and stopped to take photo. He's a fixture in road races here and a much respected and loved runner. Starting alone. Old habits die hard. The habit of arrving to race venue late. Ahahah... Despite being late, I still took my …

My First Run Clinic

After training alone for a year and entering road races, this morning's Multi Purpose Insurans My First Run Clinic was the first running clinic we (that's me, Zaini and Raimie) attended! High time, I say.
The clinic is free and open to anybody who shows up at Bukit Aman car park and starts at 7.30am on Saturday, with the first session being this week. There'll be more session in the upcoming Saturdays! The running clinic is held for the upcoming Multi Purpose Insurance Bhd Run on Jan 2013. The best part for us attending the clinic - not only do we get tips from speakers, we got free running vests too! Who doesn't like free suff, ah? ^^
Despite getting only 4 hours sleep (Zaini less as he was still awake when I went to sleep at around 2am), we were up early and arrived Bukit Aman Carpark to join the queue to register and getting our running vests.
For the session, we can choose between running with a 4K group or 6K group. I decided to run with Zaini and Raimie;…

A Pit Stop In Kuala Kangsar

From Taiping, we made our way back to KL on Monday, Sep 17th after spending 3 days 2 nights in the Heritage Town. Instead of entering the highway and journey on uninterrupted; we took a road that saw us passing through Kuala Kangsar town. 
We weren't in a hurry to reach home so we decided to spend a bit of time sight-seeing in the Royal Town of Perak. A giant "labu sayong" at a junction to the district of Sayong in Perak. Wished I bought some back home as souvenirs but the day being a public holiday, a lot of the places that sell them in Sayong were closed. The Perak river, as seen from the Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah bridge. We made an illegal stop on the bridge to take photos! ^^! At the Dataran Kuala Kangsar. A small cannon - in front of the Ubudiah Mosque. The majestic Ubudiah Mosque. It is a Royal mosque and considered to be one of the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia. It was commissioned by the Sultan Idris Murshidul Adzam Shah, the 28th ruler of Perak in 1917 aft…

A Bit More Of Taiping

We went for a bit of sight-seeing around Taiping town on Saturday, the day before Taiping International Marathon. We enjoyed some nice food there too. Sunday, Sep 16th on the Malaysia Day holiday - I spent the morning part running 21.56km around Taiping Town and also spent a few hours at the field, supporting full marathoners finishing their race and got totally "berbelang"" after that. You should see my tan line! @.@ An hour after our return from the field, I met two generous Taiping bloggers and they took me out for lunch. The two ladies fed me so well and I was so full, I took a three-hour nap when I returned to our hotel room! @.@

There goes the plan to hike up Bukit Larut that evening. So, we just went and enjoyed an outing to Taiping Night Safari instead. I got a few 50% off discount vouchers in my Taiping International Marathon goodie bag so might as well use it. ;p It was super fun trying to locate each of the nocturnal animals in their respective pens. Much ni…

Taiping At A Glance

We arrived Taiping town on Saturday, Sep 15th 2012. Went to the MPT field first, the very bombastically named Esplanade or something to collect my race kit before checking-it at Legend Inn. 
Then, we went walking around the town under the scorching heat, checking-out Taiping town, a small quaint town with lots of interestingly old buildings - pre-war, post war and modern buildings too. Me likey. Taiping town at a glance

Taiping is a town with a laidback atmosphere. Nobody really seems to be in a hurry not even those driving. Me likey some more.