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Papa's Cooking!

We had a treat for yesterday's lunch. Papa decided to cook for Mama and Raimie and look what were served. It's not often we get to enjoy his cooking and we are lucky he decided to do this for us this weekend.
It was yummy.  Then, after lunch we ate a pear. A Korean pear Mama bought from Jusco yesterday.The pear was really sweet. We'll eat some again tomorrow. :)

Study And Homework Battle

It sure is hard to get Raimie to do his homework and exercises from the workbooks we got for him. We set a rule for him - he has to finish his homework by dinnertime, and when we get back from work, we'll review his homework with him.
On weekends, he needs to complete a few pages from his workbooks and I'll correct them. But man, getting him to even hold a pencil during weekend is hard and he'll start giving all sorts of excuses. For us, it's not much of studying that we want him to do but for him to develop discipline to allocate time for studies. Discipline needs to be nurtured from an early age and I don't want him to have the same attitude as mine toward studies. When I was a student (be it school or college) I rarely study and always did last minute cramming session days before an important exam. I guess I was pretty lucky I managed to scrap through school and getting a paper qualification and all, but I don't want Raimie to develop the same lackadaisical a…

Picture Dictionaries, Board Game And Beansprouts

No rhyme or reason for this post. Just random stuff to write about. :D
Raimie was pretty excited getting a Arabic-English-Malay Picture Dictionary for being best overall student at his SRA. Well, Mommy and Daddy can learn a few Arabic words too with this dictionary. We went to Tesco to buy groceries and while Zaini was looking at some stuff at the bike section, Raimie went to the toy section. He got interested in this 3D snake and ladders boardgame. Because he is such a good boy, I relented and bought it for him.
He has plenty of boardgames and play cards at home, but why not? He needs to take a break sometimes from studying and playing computer games! Playing board games meant someone will get roped in to play with him. Luckily, his Uncles at his Grandpa's house always obliged. Mommy? She'll play if she gets coerced hard enough because Mommy rather spend time with her notebook. LOL
I got a gym ball for my at-home exercise routine (among other stuff I got) but most of the time th…

And The Prize Goes To...

Remember my post earlier; about giving away a book written by Hajah Halela titled Pulut Sakura Serunding Kasih?

Am happy to inform the winner is Nick Phillips of Anything Goes. Nick e-mailed me the correct answer within minutes after my post was published.

The book is on its way to Nick and hopefully he’ll receive it soon. But first Nick, you haven't replied to my e-mail yet!

Congrats Nick!

A Day To Celebrate Excellence

Both Zaini and I are rather proud of our son. On Raimie's last day of school last year, we went to his primary school with him to attend his year-end prize giving ceremony, where he bagged second placing in his class. On Friday morning, there was another prize giving ceremony for Raimie to attend with us.
Both of us took a day off from work and Raimie was given a letter from his Islamic Primary School (known as SRA - Sekolah Rendah Agama) for exemption from attending class on Friday, Jan 22 to his Primary School (SK - Sekolah Kebangsaan). Raimie attends two schools Monday to Friday - the normal national primary school (SK) in the morning (7.45am - 1.05pm) and the religious school (SRA) in the afternoon from 2.30pm to 5.00pm and continue with his Iqra' class and reading the Muqaddam at the surau next door after that.
Early this year we were informed by his religious class teacher, Ustazah Rabiah; that Raimie had secured first place in his class for last year's exam but we tho…

Counting Days For The Holidays

Am really, really looking forward for the Chinese New Year holiday in about three weeks’ time. Coincidentally, Valentine’s Day falls on Chinese New Year this year.

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I like taking advantage of whatever promotion the day entails. With a long weekend during the holiday, I’ve already booked two nights at a nearby hotel to spend with Zaini and Raimie. Two nights of lazing around by the pool or in our hotel room doing nothing should be bliss. I think I need to work harder at the gym so that I don’t look half bad in my swimming suits though! Sure don’t want looking like a beached whale at the pool. LOL

I got a good rate for our rooms, so much cheaper than the published promotion rate (even cheaper than their best available rate) because I told them I didn’t want to go for their buffet breakfast and am trying to avoid the breakfast crowd. It’ll be nicer to have breakfast in bed instead and maybe a quiet dinner in the evening. I wonder if they can ar…

A Favourite Cuppa And A Bad Habit

Nothing beats a cup of coffee, especially made from my favourite brand of coffee - Kopi Cap Kapal Api. Despite the side effect of needing to visit the loo often after drinking kopi kaw, I still drink them during the weekend. I live dangerously. LOL For the past month, I've developed a bad habit of sleeping way past normal bedtime during the weekend. Come weekends, I usually hit the bed (if I do at all) after the Subuh prayer, which is around 6.00am. Not only it is not healthy, when sleeping late I do tend to get a little peckish and what do I usually had? Instant Maggi mee and my cup of Kopi Cap Kapal Api.
All these combination is asking for trouble but oh, they taste so good!
The reason for me staying up so late : watching back episodes of my favourite Korean Variety Show - I Night 2 Days. It's never good if I start to get obsessive about something... Zaini's reaction about my new bad habits? He just ask me to remember to feed Raimie. Ahaha I love him, I do. :-)

A New Style And He Hates It!

Got myself a new haircut for the new year. I had to change my stylist and went to Raymond Choon at Gardens Mall instead of my usual at Jantzen in Midvalley because my stylist had resigned and Zaini conveniently misplaced the card she gave to him. Zaini knew that she was resigning but didn't even think it was important to inform me despite knowing that I was due for haircut!
I got a shorter bob this time, but I think it was cut too short and I'm afraid both Zaini and Raimie  hated this cut. Well, this was the first time I had a haircut at Raymond Choon and although the cut is a bit "iffy" for Zaini's liking (I'm neutral about my hair. After all, it can always grow back and I have no particular attachment towards my hair. It can be green if I can get away with it!) I like the service there. The shampoo boy was cute and so was the stylist. Very easy on the eyes. LOL And thumbs up for the really premium service.
Do you know why Zaini hates this style? He said I loo…

Weekend Activity - New Books To Read And A Giveaway Too

Apart from two cookbooks I bought last week, I got myself a Malay novel from MPH today. Ashamedly I have to admit that I don't read Malay novels since I left school. So this novel is my first in almost 17 years!

The novel is titled Pulut Sakura, Serunding Kasih written by Leyla Shuri. What makes this novel so special that I picked up not one but two from MPH is that it was written by Kak Lela or Hajah Halela of Awan Okinawa Berlalu. I have been reading her blog from quite a while now and enjoyed her posts a lot.

Now, I have the chance to enjoy her book too and I plan to read the book during the weekend. I bought an extra book, and I plan to give it away. Interested in owning the book? 

Open to anyone, anywhere but you do have to understand Malay language to try. Just answer one simple question and the first person to answer correctly will have this book sent over to him/her. E-mail me the answer (just click on my profile for my e-mail address).

The question is : In what month and year…

Don't We Pedesterians Count?

Sometimes I wonder why we bother to make pavements because they seems to serve as a parking spot for motorcycles and cars and leave little space for pedestrians to walk there. And it seems such a waste of taxpayers' money because the nice pavements will inevitable be ruined by all those cars. Do we really need to change those tiles every year? Such a waste, in my opinion.

This is unfortunately a pretty common sight. Why bother pay a RM1 parking if you can park for free?

As a pedestrian, one of my wish for the new year is for people to be more considerate of those who chose to walk instead of driving. The world doesn't only revolve around you drivers, you know. I pay my income tax too, after all!

First Day Of School

Both Zaini and I took a day off today to send Raimie to school on his first day. Although he is in Standard Two this year, we still wanted to send him to school. Anyway, we can also settle his school fees (both primary and religious school) today and also get his books from the school bookshop.  So, after meeting his class teacher and with Raimie informing us that he didn't want us to look for him during recess, we spent almost an hour and half queuing to buy his workbooks.
 Not much drama with the Standard One pupils this year. Only one boy cried looking for his mommy. While standing around listening to the teachers at assembly, a reporter from RTM asked us for an interview. LOL He finally got a mommy sending her son to Standard One to give an interview. Don't know whether Raimie's school was featured in today's news though. :)
Parents, how's your children first day at school went today? Smooth sailing?

Lazy Mommy Weekend Cooking

Sometimes Mommy can be rather lazy to toil for long in the kitchen (and luckily Daddy didn't want Mommy to spend too much time there either) and decide to serve something quick and simple for her family. Fried eggs, baked beans and fries or toast on the side. My favourite breakfast but a gassy one at that. :p My lifeline when I want to make something really really quick for lunch or dinner. Pasta and sauce in a bottle.  I love these shape vegeroni types as opposed to strand types.
When Raimie was small, I used to give him spiral shaped pasta with tomato sauce for his meals and because he was small and eat pretty messily, we used to give his lunch at the front porch (we used to live in a single storey house). My next door neighbour would show concern over me giving spicy food to my toddler. For some Malay, we equate red sauce with our own spicy red sambal. Hence, red = spicy; spicy = red.

BTW, my lovely son cannot even handle anything spicy. We joked that he has a Japanese tastebud. …