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The Irish-Malaysian Connection At MIAA's Shamrock Run

I had fun today. A really, really fun day running in a fun run with my family and friends at Shamrock Run which was held in Taman Botani, Putrajaya.
The route took us around Taman Botani which has lots of small hills, shady areas and nice plants to look at. But for me, the highlight of the run was post-race.
The Shamrock Run 2016 didn't have prizes for the best or fastest runner but they had 40 best dressed prizes and lucky draw prizes too!
The event tee had a leprechaun featured on it and the medal is also of a leprechaun for the Irish connection. Plenty of runners were seen sportingly dressed in costumes with Irish motives.  Then there were the post-race refreshment.

From the usual fare of Milo, 100-Plus and water to cans of Malta drinks and apples to freshly cooked bihun!
And an abundance of free flow soft serve ice cream! I also was lucky to win a rice cooker from the lucky draw! Yeay!
It was a really fun non-competitive run and what a great way to spend the Saturday morning.

A Whole Carton Of Moolabar Stocked Up!

Remember I wrote about Moolabar last week? Well, last night I received my order of 1 carton of Moolabar with a variety of flavours  from the Moolaman himself . ^^  The flavours that I got are Power (Banana Almond), Active (Dates Almond) and Smart (Raisin Almonds).

Now, with my Moolabar all stocked up (and shared), I won't be heading out for my runs or races on an empty stomach anymore!
As Moolabar is a granola bar that serves as a chewy, healthy energy bar, Son too can have a quick easy breakfast before heading to school.

Buying 1 carton of 24 boxes (with 6 bars in each box) for RM220.00 is a good deal as a bar works out to be about RM1.55. Quite affordable if you ask me.

I'm hoping to see Moolabar booths popping up at REPC (race kit collection) so that it'll be easier for me to buy them!

Anyhoo, for the time being; I'm just contacting them through


Hopes for Record Breaking Performance with the IGNITE Ultimate
KUALA LUMPUR (23rd February, 2016) – PUMA today introduced upcoming sprinting sensation, Badrul Hisham Abdul Manap, as part of the “Friends of PUMA” family. Badrul was part of the official launch of the IGNITE Ultimate, the latest addition in the IGNITE running shoe family.  At the tender age of 19, Badrul is making waves in the local track & field scene by recently clocking a personal best of 10:29 seconds in the 100m event at the recent ASEAN school games. He is now eyeing to demolish the 17 year official national record held by Watson Nyambek, at the upcoming SUKMA 2016. His dedication and perseverance makes his the perfect embodiment of the Forever Faster spirit that is driving PUMA to become the Fastest Sport Brand in the World.
“Being given the opportunity to associate myself with PUMA is a major thing for me, especially in such a vital stage in my career. For the longest time, PUMA’s presence and reputation in t…

On Bella Society NTV7

My 15 minutes of fame, talking about running with two other ladies on Bella Society NTV7 on Tuesday.
I was with Missyblurkit and Azlina and we talked about running with host, Elaine Daly who is just started running herself.  All dolled up and getting ready for our turn.
Recording in progress.
Missyblurkit and Azlina is awesome and I pretty much sucked! Hahaha
Really dunno what I talked also. ^^!  A photo session at the end of our live recording session.
A final photo with the two awesome ladies, both are so inspirational.
Incidentally, I also interviewed Azlina for my "Sisters Are Running" which was published in the Star on Feb 6th, 2016.
Both ladies not only are passionate about running, they are also passionate about sharing the joy of running with others. 
We hope that somehow, some way, we can inspire and encourage others to not only run but also lead a healthy lifestyle.

Also interviewed today was Dr. Goh Huay Yee about I Love Me Women's Day 2016. It's a free e…

Road To Powerman

Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia 2016 will be held in two weeks' time.

On March 6th, 2016 in Putrajaya to be exact.

This year will be my first Powerman but I'm only doing the Powerman Classic Relay with a cyclist. It's a 10K run - 60K cycle - 10K run and I'll do both the running leg. Dunno what got into me when I signed up. Was confident in doing both legs previously but after a lazy-bum three weeks no run mileage, I'm a tad worried about finishing in a decent time. Huhuhu

Anyways, my friends had been doing the bricks training since the last few weeks to prepare to Powerman and I thought I'd tag along for their running session after they did their 60K cycle as I wanted to recce the race route and do some heat training too as the second running leg that I'll do will be at around 10.00 - 11.00am.

In case you are wondering, Bricks refer to training on two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal or no interruption i…


The world’s premiere 5km night time fun run, Electric Run™ is back for the second year running in Malaysia bringing more bright lights and thumping sounds to Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur on May 7. KUALA LUMPUR: One of the world’s most popular nocturnal fun run is set to light up Malaysia again this year in what will be its biggest, most creative, neon coloured night run the country yet on May 7 at the Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur. Organized by The Livescape Group and supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME), the one-night-only 5km night time fun run this year is set to attract over 15,000 runners of all ages.
Livescape today also premiered the official aftermovie of Electric Run™ 2015 which can be viewed here:

“Electric Run is an internationally well-known brand and we are thrilled to be able to organise this for the second time in Kuala Lumpur. Electric Run’s debut last year saw 12,000 enthusiastic runners at the event, bagging the title of “Larges…


Olympic Silver-Medalist and World Number 1 Ranked Male Duathlete Headline Malaysia’s Largest Duathlon Race

Putrajaya, 19 February 2016 – Top-ranked Powerman duathletes Gaël Le Bellec and Emma Pooley from France and England respectively, confirm participation at the upcoming Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia 2016. The race will flag off from Putrajaya’s iconic Palace of Justice.

On race day, Sunday, 6 March 2016, the world top ranked male and female duathlete in the prestigious Powerman Series will compete along with approximately 3,000 other participants  from over 35 nations, including Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Iran and the United Kingdom, for the 2016 Asia championship series podium.

“Despite a two-year hiatus, the Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships keeps its momentum as one of the top duathlon races held globally. The race encourages participants to improve their game, f…

Have Moolabar, All Set For An Adventure

I have to admit, I'm the last person to want to eat energy gel or bar during any of my workout. Most are gooey sickly sweet or simply too cumbersome for me to munch.
But of late, I'm rather partial at this one local brand energy bar called Moolabar (website: which is the product of Agro Jerneh Sdn Bhd; helmed by a young entrepreneur and also a fellow runner, Mohsein Shariff. Mohsein (fourth from left, standing) and friends after finishing a full marathon at Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon in January 2016. My stash for our family's hike earlier this year. We took some when we went vacationing in Japan and ate it as snack during our hikes in Wakayama.  I only needed one bar to tide me over during our 50K LSD early February. OK, so I drank a lot and ate half a plate of fried bihun too during our 11hour LSD but seriously, that one bar tide me over for the next 25K as the solid food taken apart from fluids. Now, that's saying something, right?
I'm not saying…

Running In A Onesie, Anyone?

What on earth is a Onesie you ask? This is a Onesie.
And in keeping with our aim to "diversify" our running interest, the family will be joining the Onesie Runsie! KL Run organised by The Marathon Company on May 29th, 2016 at Lake Garden KL.

Sometimes we run seriously, sometimes we run and have fun. Balanced that way, right? ^^

There are two distances available, 5K and 2.5K. Quite affordable fees too, if we compare fun run fees nowadays. And there's even family category.

We will just run in the 2.5K category this time. More time to muck about that way. Hahaha

I'm sure it'll be loads of fun.

Registrations is still open at myraceonline (click here for more details).

See you on Sunday, May 29th 2016 at 7.30am! Remember, it's at Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur (or Lake Garden).

Volunteering For A Valentine's Day Run

We thought we might do something different this year for the Valentine's Day weekend other than running unfathomable distance like what we did last year (I did 80K and Hubby did 70K, in case you're wondering).

So instead of running, we became volunteers for the Bubbly Fairytale Run in Bukit Jalil last Saturday. After helping out with the setting of tables and whatnot, we stationed ourselves at this picnic table. Runners were encouraged to stop and take photos at a few stations and enjoy the moment.

I must say, I like the runners' attitude. Most were sporting and they all waited patiently for their turn to take photos.

Quite a number were seen running and holding hands which was so sweetttttttt. Awwwwww... It was a nice experience. The small volunteer team that came were all experienced runners so we were all able to function without too much of direction. Sendiri pandai cari kerja sendiri. HAHAHA I'm hoping to volunteer to more events in the future but see how la...


A Trip Treat For CNY

Son finally had his wish to visit Legoland came true during the CNY school holiday break, thanks to Daddy's friend who gave us a complimentary annual pass which had to be redeemed by the end of February. With his Daddy (Mommy gotta work), the two fellas drove to Johor on Wednesday for a day trip to Legoland.  Anyway, now that Son has the annual pass, Mommy probably can start finding races in Johor to run in. Mommy goes for the races and the two boys go for the theme park. Hihihi

Sisters Are Running - The Star 06.02.16

I am so happy that another piece I wrote was published in The Star newspaper last Saturday and of course, it's about running. ^^ I am also indebted by friends who were willing to answer my questions and provide me with photos to make the article complete. Thank you! The article link to Sisters Are Running here.

Darussalam Fun 50

In April last year, while we were having lunch with a friend midway through our LSD, at Restaurant Darussalam in Presint 14, Putrajaya; we hatched a plan to do an easy, walking pace 50K LSD.
The friend wanted to do a 100K in November that year and both Hubby and I told him he could get by just by walking at a certain pace so that the risk of DNF (did not finish) would be low for him.
We never get to do it with him, as he left us suddenly in August but Hubby and I felt that we should do it to complete an unfinished business and specially for our friend and after much delay, we did it last Sunday. The first 40K. We started from Taman Seri Empangan, walked towards Presint 14 and reached the halfway (25K) mark at Restoran Darussalam where we stopped to have lunch and top-up on our drinks, went to Taman Botani before heading to the Core Island. The balance 10.20K from Umai Cafe (we stopped and re-started the watch at Umai Cafe because our GPS watch battery was running low. But thankfully,…

Sukiya vs Yoshinoya

Two beef bowls (gyudon) from two Japanese chains now available here in Malaysia.
Which one is your favourite? Yoshinoya here adopts the style of a Sanuki udon joint, Hanamaru which it shares dining space with. Different from what one would experience if one enters a Yoshinoya in Japan but make sense here since Hanamaru is a subsidiary of Yoshinoya, after all.  Sukiya here on the other hand, has pretty similar operation style as the one in the home country, Japan.
Thumbs up to their energetic, attentive staff at IOI Mall Putrajaya. 
I ate the gyudons during one weekend. Went to Yoshinoya on Saturday for lunch and had gyudon from Sukiya for dinner on Sunday.
I like them both, but I like Sukiya's better. 

Once upon a time, when the quality of the "old" Yoshinoya annoyed me (that was back in 2004 or 2005; I used to cook my own gyudon for my family as it is not hard to cook it at all.

Gua Jinjang Pelamin (Twin Pillars Cave) In Merapoh

For the last week of January, Hubby and I joined the Running Project Team on their trip to Merapoh in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

On Saturday, we followed the team to recce part of the 100K section of their upcoming race in July which is The Magnificent Merapoh Trail. (blog post here).

The next day, on Sunday, the team went caving to Gua Jinjang Pelamin. Everyone aboard the four-wheel drive and ready for our caving trip, lead by our guide Seni (I forgot his full name). ^^! To get to the mouth of the cave, we did a bit of climb first. The guide went up first and later secured a rope for us to use to safely climb up. The view outside, from the mouth of the cave.

Spectacular, isn't it?

But close by, there were developments for a highway that is being built, so the area won't be pristine for long. The front chamber before we went further inside. Our guide informed us that Gua Jinjang Pelamin has the second biggest chamber amongst all the caves in Merapoh that has been explored. There a…

Everyday Is Laundry Day, With Envirohome

There is only the three of us in our household. Me, hubby and Son. But despite the small size of our family, we do our laundry often. 
Well, for one - I have sweaty clothes everyday as I hit the gym or run almost daily. Not to mention those mucky clothes when I hit the trails. Then of course the usual work clothes, school clothes, casual clothes... 
I'm always on the lookout for good products that are safe, non-toxic, effective to fight those stubborn stains yet friendly to me, my family, the environment and also economical. Is that a tall order for a product?
Recently I stumbled across Envirohome, a brand that promises that they don't use chlorine, toluene and ammonia and safe for the whole family.
Envirohome has an online shop so it is so convenient to just click and wait for my purchases to arrive and delivery is very fast too. My package of Envirohome Laudry Detergent 1000g (RM56) and Envirohome Body Wash 520g (RM56) safely and tightly bubble-wrapped and packed into a bro…