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I Don't Need Flowers

nor do I need diamonds or lavish gifts from my husband.
because despite those, I know that he is always there for me. 
He'll be patiently cycling with me, accompanying me when I schedule my weekend long runs - and made feel stronger during my runs, not to mention safe too. 
Keeping me company always. Supporting me with whatever hare-brained scheme I hatched up and never failing to ensure that I don't do anything that would be detrimental to me. He's not afraid to whack my head (figuratively) if I start doing something that's foolish too.
For that, I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! True, sometimes he annoys me to no end as do I him but yes, I do just swell with him by my side.

And with that, my wish for 2012 is that he'll still accompany me and support me as I will for him. <3 <3 <3
By the way Hubby, I know you said that you wouldn't wait for me if I do a 4-hour race next year, but deep down I know you'll be there cheering me on. *…

When In Haste....

I really am bad with shopping, both at physical shops and online. And sometimes, when excitement takes over and I made a hasty decision on a certain purchase thinking it was a good deal, I made the wrong purchase and buy something that doesn't really suit me.
So, I received an e-mail about a Timex promotion, I jumped at it because my Nike+ Sportband is acting up on me and can't be recharged. I had been mulling over getting a new running watch for sometime now so when I got that e-mail I was pretty excited. Too excited perhaps that I didn't read and do proper research on the watches being offered.
Got my new watch delivered to me 4 days after ordering and after twiddling at it, I realised this watch has no distance calculation. It has pretty nifty features such as target time pacer that I like but without knowing how far I've run it would be difficult for me to gauge my distance. Oh dear.
I call up the shop over at Menara Keck Seng and asked whether I can pay the differenc…

Wait! Let Me Take Photos First!

Long suffering family members, friends and colleagues have at some point or other heard this whenever they go out for a meal with me, regardless the place. Especially if it's the my first time visiting that particular eatery be it at a posh restaurant or a mobile seller selling rojak. 
Had a Christmas lunch & secret Santa/gift exchange with my "makan kaki" (or eating gang, if you may) on the Friday before Christmas and I literally stopped people from eating just because I wanted to take photos! No camera? No problem. Low quality handphone camera would do just fine. I'm a nutcase, I'm told. Heh heh We had our lunch at Pastis, which is located just beside the building I work in. Can you believe it? I walk past this place every s.i.n.g.l.e working day and had never eaten a meal there.
Set lunch for less than RM20.00 and we got a main dish, a drink and a choice of cut fruit or a scoop of ice-cream. OK, but we were still peckish after the lunch so one of the main &q…

The Season Of Giving

to those who celebrate the holiday! I'm just stoked that it means an extra day off and that means an extra day to do long runs. Wooohooo!
Since I'm very much sharing the holiday mood, not gonna ramble much but instead I'm just posting some random Xmas illumination/decoration photos (they are not too good, but well...) we took during our vacation. Didn't have time to go around town in KL to check the Xmas decorations at malls this year. ^^ Happy holidays! And a happy new year too!

The Year-End

and just a week or two till the new year begins. It's gonna be a new year soon and time for us to do some last-minute school shopping for Raimie!
Needed to buy a purple colour school shirt instead of the white ones for next year. And oh, a few pairs of black shoes too. For his Sekolah Agama (SRA/Religious School), we need to buy a purple sampin for his Baju Melayu (another purple?). Raimie can't use the usual red one next year.
Then there's his school bags, stationeries, socks, extra workbooks (to study at home since he doesn't go to tuition) and other miscellaneous stuff that needed buying. School is sure not cheap!
I wonder how my parents cope with 7 of us going to school last time? @.@

I Need To Finish This

It is not my habit to let a book left unfinished for too long but here I am only 3/4 through the book I  bought earlier and had mentioned I'd finish on our flight over to Japan. Didn't manage to finish or concentrate reading because Raimie was happily chattering and I can't just ignore him! ^^
I did read a few pages while traveling in the numerous train rides we took all over Japan but more often than not, I'd rather look out and enjoy the scenery than read a book that I can read anywhere.
Remember my post about being invited over for dinner at a Japanese blogger acquaintance, Minoru? So apart from the book, Born To Run; which by the way, I enjoyed immensely reading but just doesn't have the time to finish reading it yet - I have another book to read. Minoru had not only treated us dinner, he also gave us a book titled Botchan. I can't wait to start reading it. Soon I hope. ^^

Recycle And Run!

Just a few days after returning home from our two-weeks vacation, we joined a race in Putrajaya. The entry fees weren't in cash term but we sent in recyclable items as our entry fees so it's almost a free race.
Raimie wanted to enter a running race and be like Mommy and this particular race had children category with a not-too-intimidating route. The Desa Park City Run would've been great as his first entry to a race but hey, can't bang my head if we were too late to enter it. Just get on with our lives and find other races to join.
So this is a special event for us. Raimie's first running race outside of school. Yeay Raimie! I registered the whole family because well, it's a free race. Zaini however decided to accompany Raimie doing his run and so didn't run the 7K. Everyone has matching t-shirts that we can wear now though. hehehe

It was a rather havoc run for me. Runners were still registering and collecting t-shirts & bib numbers when the race was …

Head Not Screwed Right, Last Run (On Vacation, I mean)

My last run during the vacation was by the Sumida River. Since we are in no rush to go anywhere, I had the luxury of starting my run a bit later, at 7.00am and return by 8.30am. The sun was already up and sunny at that time so it was great to run under the clear blue sky. With the crisp cold air, it was really nice to have a run in the cold season in Tokyo. Along the river, golden leaves lay scattered on the pavements. I tried out my new Asics compression tights on this run and made a zooming (well, zooming for me at least) run that day. Nice view all through the run, watching boats cruised by, cars and lorries crossing the many bridges across the river, salarymen and office ladies off to work, students off to school. Nobody tried to run over anybody and even when I got on the pavement heading back to our hotel room, I could just run and have a secure feeling that vehicles do stop at pedestrian crossing instead of the other way round. Of course, I make sure to stop at red lights and …

Head Not Screwed Right, Part III

Day 5 was in Takamatsu which is on the island of Shikoku. The first day we were there; I took the opportunity to enjoy the seaside view and had a run alongside the port area.
Running while watching the sun rises over the sea was absolutely an awesome experience. I just can't help it to stop occasionally to enjoy the view and also to snap some photos.
Started while it was still dark and I ended my run when the day is already bright and lively.

After running by the port area the day before; I decided that it was too cold to do any running at the same place on Day 6 of our vacation. So instead, I chose to run by a castle park - the Tamamo-Koen park nearby. At first I had the intention of doing a longer run so I woke up earlier and hit the pavement at 6.00am but after a bit of running, the blister on my left heel started to bother me. Started out with a plan to do a 10K run but only managed to do 6K. huhuhu
Can you see a couple running way in front of me? I wasn't the only crazy …

Generous People

During this vacation of ours, we have had a lot of invitation to meet up, but because of the little time we have and conflicting schedule with most of them; we were only able to meet up with a couple of them.
Firstly, thank you to Hanny in Kitakyushu, who had been kind enough to accomodate us coming to meet despite the last minute arrangement not to mention late night meet-up. We were finally able to meet with her two lovely sons. ^^
In Tokyo, a blogging friend; Minoru had kindly invited us over to his home for dinner and Raimie had a ball of time there. Raimie learning to play ping-pong. Then, it was time for Daddy to have a friendly game with Minoru.  After a bit of exercise; then it was time to do some "brain exercise", playing Othello board game. and learning to make paper cranes with Minoru's lovely wife. Afterwards, Raimie spent till midnight trying to make paper cranes on his own in our hotel room.
It was a lovely evening and before we knew it; it was time to hea…

New Toys

Raimie has been a pretty happy boy this vacation. This is the one time he's allowed to use the money allocated to him to buy anything that he wants, provided that it doesn't exceed the set limit. It's not free money though, it's his own savings for the year that we allow him to use once a year to splurge on toys and games. And what did he get so far? A Nintendo 3DS and a few games to go with it. By the way, it cost 15,000yen in Japan; which is about RM600.00 and if bought in Malaysia, we need to pay RM1,139.00 for the same game! Good savings, eh?
Having the games allows him to not get too bored when we take a long train journey while zipping through the length and breadth of Japan. And most probably would help to pass time on the Air Asia flight back home in a few days too.

Head Not Screwed Right, Part II

This time, I went out for a run at a more sensible hour; at 9.00am. Despite the good intention to wake up at 5.00am, I overslept till 7.00am. Had nice hot spring bath to warm up my cold muscles and then both me and hubby went out for a walk at the nearby lake, marveling at the beautiful autumn colours. After an hour of walking around, Zaini headed back to our hotel to have more soaking in the hot spring while I spent about half an hour running along the river that leads towards the Lake Kirinko. That's my game plan (or rather running plan) during this vacation. Stick to a run near a river or by the seaside; to ensure I don't get lost and don't know my way back to the hotel. 
If you've watched Japanese movie/drame/anime, you'd notice that there are plenty of walkway by the river in Japan. Right? ^^

His 9th Birthday

was on Dec 2nd. My oh my... Time sure flies. One moment he was a baby cradled in my arm and then now, he's already such a big boy already!  A low key celebration with just the three of us and a small cake on the big day. and the day after, we went to get/give him his birthday present. A visit to Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Prefecture and having fun with One Piece attraction. That's him in front of a life-size "Thousand Sunny" ship before getting onboard it and sailed off for a while.
It was a great day. He even got to eat a cake made by Auntie Hanny later in the evening and meeting up with her sons.

Head Not Screwed Right, Part I

OK, this is gonna be some updates on my running endeavours while on vacation. If someone willing to get up at some odd hours and instead of enjoying some leisurely time, she/he instead choose to get up and huff & puff running around at some unfamiliar places, her/his head must not be screwed on properly, right? LOL Woke up at 5.00am and hubby accompanied me to a nearby park & stadium a few hundred metres away from our hotel. Since I'm already up and about, despite the drizzle and freezing cold; I went ahead and did a couple of loops there. Zaini on the other hand, after deciding the place was safe to leave me alone to run, decided to head back to the comfort of our warm hotel room.
Running in the cold weather is such a different sensation for me. It was really nice and without the feeling of overheating much.
As I only allocated 30 minutes for my run, I only managed to do a 5K run but it's a run with lots of stops to take photos. Who cares about pace, mileage or timin…