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A Monorail Trip

After attending the Bacathon event at Raimie's school, we decided to hop on the KL Monorail and went to Berjaya Times Square, located in Bukit Bintang. The reason was, Zaini wanted to buy a charger and download some games to Raimie's Japan bought Nintendo DSi. His go to guy used to be based at S&M but moved to Berjaya Times Square. Being a loyal customer that he is, Zaini still goes to him even though Berjaya Times Square is rather incovenient for him to go to.
To tell you the truth, I can count how many times I ride the monorail with one hand. It's not that it's not good, but the first station is at KL Sentral and coming from MidValley, it is much easier to take the RapidKL buses instead. A painless ride, albeit in a full train. Though at certain bends, it felt like riding in a rickety funfair type train. LOL One plus that I liked about the monorail is that it is not as noisy as the LRT.

At Bukit Bintang station:A full train, even at the first station which is the …

Bacathon (Read-A-Thon) Event At Raimie's School

We went to Raimie's school last Saturday to attend the Bacathon event which was a fund drive event to collect money for the PIBG's (PTA) fund. Students were given a donation book much earlier in which the students' parents need to fill up with donation from the public. The drive ended on Oct 24 and a few selected students from each class read materials in Bahasa and English for the fund drive's closing event. Raimie wasn't one of the students selected for the Bacathon, but we needed to attend because Raimie (or rather, his parents... hehehe) managed to collect enough funds to be one of the top six fund collectors for the whole school. Sorry aunts and uncles for being somewhat "forced" to donate. LOL After all, Zaini being on the PIBG committee, we have to support school events.
Quite refreshing to have the event started right on time, at 8.30am. But we noticed that there were quite a number of parents sauntering in quite late after the event started, even…

Crunch Time For Raimie

Raimie is sitting for his final exam this week. A whole week of exam for his Standard One and two weeks' exam for his religious class. You'd think that he'll get stressed out but no... he's playing Monopoly with his uncles as I typed this. I think I freaked out more than he did, what with trying to get him to do additional study before his exam. LOL

His Grandpa asked him to aim for first place but he told his Grandpa it'll be hard. But he confidently said that he'll get second place. First place, second place or last place - the main thing is that he tries the best he can for his exam, right? I don't want to put too much pressure on him.... YET!

Anyway, we went to his school last weekend because Raimie managed to be one of the top fund collector for the Bacathon drive (fund drive) for his school. I can't upload any photos yet due to my atrocious and intermittent internet connection but I'll try soon! I just would like to thank everyone who contribut…

A Hiatus For A While?

I'm struggling with my internet connection both at home and at my office and I haven' been able to do drops and visits friends' blogs, apart from replying to comments at my blogs.

I don't know how long this will last and I am kinda feeling a bit at loss now, but life goes on. I'll come visit as soon as I can!

Another Fast Food Outing - Dinner At KFC

Kids really do love their fast food, don't they? Raimie certainly does! But, we make sure that he doesn't eat them too often. Usually, he got to go to a fast food outlet once a week as a special treat.

We went to KFC at MidValley for dinner just the other day and made Raimie a happy boy. A happy boy who just recovered from fever a few days ago.

Truthfully, I don't like going to KFC (especially this one in MidValley). It is always crowded and not exactly that clean either. Can't blame the staff though. We as customers are certainly not helping by being messy eaters! I always wonder why we need to be so messy eating outside and leave the table in total mess. Do you know that in other parts of the world, you need to clear your own table after dining in a fast food outlet? OK, OK, enough ranting.

We got the variety bucket for the three of us and I initially thought that we'd have trouble finishing everything. I guess I don't know my own stomach! LOL

Fast Food Again? McDonald's!

Last week we ate at Carl's Jr. Raimie wanted to go there again on Friday but he compromised with us and we took him to McDonald's instead.

Zaini got the set meal with the Coca-Cola glasses and Raimie got his usual happy meal. For me, I don't really like the burgers here, but I like the fried chicken so that's what I got.

They gave me a chicken wing and Zaini asked me whether I wanted to change it. You know, I don't eat chicken wing at all, ever. I don't know why, but I can never eat them. I wasn't that hungry so I didn't ask for a change and gave the chicken wing to Zaini. He usually had to eat the chicken wings and drumsticks because these are the two parts of chicken I don't eat.

Do you have any food that you will not eat? :-)

Happy Deepavali!

Just a quick post to wish those celebrating Deepavali, the Festival of Lights tomorrow a Happy Deepavali.

Tomorrow will be a joyous day for all Hindus around the world, celebrating the triumph of against evil.

And for the rest of us, it meant a Public Holiday. Raimie got three days off from school; today and Monday and Tuesday too. No extra days off for me and Zaini though, as we are not working on Saturday. Aaahh... pity.

Taking The Public Transport

I seldom take the public transport while in Malaysia. After all, I have the good fortune of staying near to my workplace so I just need to walk to office.

Had to take one (or two) just now to get to KL Convention Centre as I was meeting someone who was attending the National Accountants' Conference there.

The LRT was pretty much the same, but there was a jolt during my journey back to Midvalley from KLCC. The train suddenly braked and a few passengers nearly fell down. Don't know what happen but from the talk around me, this occured quite often. Really? That's so dangerous.

From Bangsar station, I hopped on a cab for the short distance to Midvalley. It used to be just RM2.00 for the fare, but after the increase it cost me RM3.50 for the taxi ride. And OMG! The taxi driver didn't stop the meter when he stopped the car so the meter was running while I was taking out cash from my purse and that few seconds cost me another few sen! Lucky I can claim the expenses otherwise.…

I Wanna Meat! Dinner At Carl's Jr, Mines

Felt like it's been ages since we last ate anything meaty. No meat for us during our vacation in Japan so we gladly obliged Raimie's request to go to the "Big Burger" place. That's what he called Carl's Jr. LOL

We walked to the Mines having parked our car nearby our favourite Mamak place instead of parking at the Mall. Getting to the Mines on weekend can be a nightmare due to haphazard parking on the road shoulder and not to mention finding a parking spot in the mall.

Well, we got our exercise before our meal. :D Carl's Jr at the Mines. Quite deserted, a complete opposite from Carl's Jr at Midvalley but a cool place to hangout here because the tables and chairs were quite comfy and spaced far apart from each other. However, no customers didn't mean we got our burger fast! Had to wait for a bit for them to arrive. I guess they had to cook our orders from scratch. Who knows... Our dinner.I went for the Big Burger, Raimie got the famous star (I think) a…

Keeping An Active, Talkative Boy Occupied

Sometimes, it is not easy travelling with an active child especially when there is a long journey ahead in confined places such as the plane or the train.
However, Raimie always looks forward to his plane trip because he loves to entertainment system available on each seat. Nobody to nag him or share what he wanted to watch. So, he was pretty contented to sit quietly and not fidget around except for the numerous trips to the loo.
On train trips, we allowed him to play with his Nintendo DSi so he won't be too bored with the journey. The downside of this however was, due to him being engrossed playing games, he didn't want to take any naps in the train! But allowing him to play gave us a breather from his relentless questions and the need for him to move around and disturb others during the journey.

And the Nintendo kept him entertained for a while at places where there's no TV or computers in sight.
And him being occupied and sitting quietly allowed us to catch on our naps on …

First Day Of Workout

First day or working out in the gym, that is. I'd like to think that I haven't been completely out of shape during the fasting month and during our vacation.

After all, I did make an effort to climb 15 floors of stairs during the fasting month and walk endless kilometres during our vacation.

One thing for sure, all that training at the gym sure paid off. Raimie loves getting his piggy back rides and giving him one while hiking on Mount Mitake wasn't that exhausting. Phew!

Anyways, today was the first time I entered the gym after it changed ownership to Celebrity Fitness. Not a lot of change other than the staff uniforms, which by the way, I'm not particularly fond of.

Got my usual workout in my usual time so fitness level wasn't too bad even after one and a half month's absence from the gym and that's good. :-)

But the cute guy wasn't around for me to ogle at. LOL

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

While I don't celebrate the mid autumn festival, it sure didn't stop me from enjoying a mooncake feast each year, come the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Zaini and I simply love mooncakes and we always get excited when the festival is approaching.

I received a generous amount of mooncakes (although not as many as previous years) to be shared with Zaini and Raimie. Got my first taste of golden floss mooncake and I loved it! The sweet taste of the mooncake and the salty, spicy taste of the meat floss really goes well together without the oiliness that comes from egg yolks.

To those celebrating the festival, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!