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Another Celebratory Meal

It seemed that we had plenty to celebrate with Son this month. It's his birthday month and it's also the month his PT3 results was announced.
Mommy and Daddy took half day to accompany Son to attend the Lembah Pantai MP's Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan on Wednesday last week and later, Daddy decided to give us all a treat.
A Tony Roma's treat!  The boy who had met YB Nurul Izzah earlier. ^^  We all ordered from the lunch set and the two boys ordered the lamb cevapi set lunch. Mommy on the other hand, chose the Asian Salad set lunch.
No, she wasn't on diet. She just wanted to eat lots of veges, that's all. LOL
It was a nice lunch and we relaxed and took our time finishing our lunch before both Mommy and Daddy later going off to work and Son went back to lepak at his Granddad's house.

The Birthday Trip To Japan

Mommy and Daddy visited Japan earlier in September to celebrate our wedding anniversary and come December, it was Son's turn.
We had our family trip in early December to celebrate both Son's birthday and also celebrate him finishing sitting for his PT3 exam. Regardless the results of his exam (the results wasn't announced yet when we traveled to Japan), we had planned the trip for him as a reward for his hard work in his studies throughout the year.
We flew on JAL this time and paid around RM1,570 per pax for the return trip.
For ground arrangement, everything including hotel stays, food, Nikko Train passes and also normal train fares when we were in Tokyo - it all came out to around RM5,300.00 in total (that's less than RM1,800 per pax). For a full 7 days activities.
And what fun it was too. This was our 17th or 18th visit to Japan so we weren't keen in rushing to cover too many places and we just aimed to have a leisurely time filled with hikes and enjoying the …

A Celebratory Dinner With The Family

Remember that the family went to Bentong because I joined the inaugural Bentong Half Marathon?
We didn't stay long because we had arranged to have dinner with Zaini's siblings and nephew & nieces later the same night.
Hubby had arranged it to celebrate both Son's birthday and also his PT3 results.
The family had wanted to eat sushi, so of course we brought them to our favourite Japanese restaurant - Miyagi in Bandar Baru Bangi. ^^  Hubby's side of the family.  For the dinner, I had kaki furai (fried oyster) with sushi set. Yums. Rows of teppanyaki.
Hubby had seafood teppanyaki and Son had beef teppanyaki. Their favourite. Son with one of his uncle and cousin.
He even received some nice birthday presents that night.
Although it was Son's birthday celebration dinner, there was no birthday cake. Son doesn't want any and so we didn't get one for him. 
It was a nice dinner with the family and glad to have everyone joining it. 

Thank you Lembah Pantai!

PT3 results was announced last Thursday, and of course Son had already collected his results early on. He was quite nonchalant about it and the school; following NTUP directive on not celebrating top scorers at the school had no special ceremony on the day the results came out. So we were quite surprised when Son informed us that one of his school teacher had asked for his parents' phone number. And more surprised when we received a call from MP Lembah Pantai office later that night.
There was a small ceremony held at Lembah Pantai MP office to celebrate the achievements of top scorers in UPSR and PT3 for students in Lembah Pantai.
Son was one of them!
And of course, YB Nurul Izzah was there to hand out the award and a small token for each students.

Lemang To'Ki And Chamang Waterfall In Bentong Half Marathon 1.0

I did something that I've been avoiding doing for almost the whole of 2017 and it's traveling outstation for a race.

I did two in December.
I ran in Japan while we were on holiday and did another run in Bentong last week. I'll try to muster a race recap on the Japan run soon (and maybe a few posts on the trip itself). Bentong Half Marathon is a "special case" because it's so near to my hometown which is Raub so I figured I should at least go support the event and it's after PT3 results was announced too.  Plus it had a half marathon category. I probably would've think twice in entering if it's a 10K run only.
The flag-off time for all categories were changed a week before the event because of Muslim runners' request to delay it so that they can do their Subuh prayer without rushing. So from a 6am flag-off, it was changed to 6.45am. I didn't pay much attention on the route or the elevation and only realised that it would be a hilly route t…


SKECHERS™ CITY OUTLET OPENS AT IPC SHOPPING CENTRE The new 6,600 square feet store is the largest in the Southeast Asia region 13 December 2017, Petaling Jaya : SKECHERS USA, Inc (NYSE:SKX), a global leader in the lifestyle and performance footwear industry, opens its new Skechers™ City Outlet at the recently renovated IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara. Covering a space of approximately 6,600 square feet, the new Skechers™ City Outlet will be the largest store for the athleisure brand in the Southeast Asia region. 
The new Skechers™ City Outlet format will feature a concept store, showcasing the latest collections of wearables, as well as various Skechers™ lifestyle and performance collections for Men, Women, and Kids. 
Skechers™ has won the hearts of Malaysians with its stylish and comfortable footwear collections such as Sport, D’Lites 2, Burst, USA, Bobs, Energy Lights, Twinkle Toes, the GOwalk and GOrunseries as well as performance apparels which include tops, tees, pants, br…

Get Well Soon, Missyblurkit

A friend who is also a blogger and ultra-marathoner extraordinaire met with an accident early this morning.  Evelyn or Missyblurkit was a 6-hour official pacer for Klang City Marathon and was badly hit by a car at around KM14 - KM16 (KCM said KM14, some runners said KM16) and is now in surgery at Hospital Sg. Buloh.
She is such a cheery person and will not hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone.
And we wish her speedy recovery. 
You & I need to go run in Japan one day!

November Recap

November is quite an interesting month for me, racing wise.
I did something that I've never done before and that was entering the Fit in the City which was Celebrity Fitness & Fitness First's inaugural urban obstacle race and group exercise showdown on Nov 4th, 2017. Then, the week after, I joined a race walking event.
And mark my word, the race walkers are damn fast. The top walkers walk faster than most of can run, even! And imagine doing 100km in 12-hours. Runners also may have a hard time getting that mileage for 12-hours. And finally, I joined the inaugural KUL Marathon. 42K, 25K, 10K and 3K at and around KLIA! November had been fun.
I tried new stuff, I met new friends, I enjoy my runs.
Now, I am certainly looking forward to December.
I just have 3 half marathons to do in December and those should be fun. ^^

Seeking Musang King

We went back to my hometown in Raub for my Sis' engagement and our side activity was looking for DURIANs! Hahaha We made a stop our way back to KL at the rows of durian stall next to BHP Petrol station and chose two durians.
Musang King at RM35/kilo D24 at RM20/kilo.
The seller, upon realising that I wanted to take photos of the durian, adjusted it so the Musang King  durian "ulas" sat nicely like the photo above.
Pretty darn nice looking durian, right? And of course, so sedap too.  As per the seller's advise, we start eating the D24 first.
This is very creamy and quite sweet. And then followed by the Musang King.  Creamy with a slight bitter note.
And Son said he definitely prefer the Musang King better. Hehehe So me happy lor finally get to eat durians.
I could've enjoyed them earlier but earlier this year, the price was so high, right?


PETALING JAYA, 17 NOVEMBER – The 2017 IRONMAN® Malaysia ended on a high note as close to 2,000 athletes raced across the island on 11 November to earn their title as a finisher. IRONMAN® Malaysia has operated the race since its return to the island in 2014. 
This year’s event in Langkawi saw more than 70% of registered athletes coming from over 60different countries. The Top 5 international countries were Japan, Singapore, China, Australia and Philippines. Thirty-five athletes from 19 countries in the professional category competed for qualifying points and personal best times, as well as the pot of USD 25,000 prize money. 
The high volume of local and international athletes that thronged Langkawi over the course of the 5-day race week certainly brought the island to life, at the same time boosting the tourism income and the livelihood of the island dwellers. 
“On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, I would like to congratulate the triumphant champions and the part…

Pre-Departure Night At Hotel Sri Langit

I ran in KUL Marathon two Sundays ago, and since it was held at KLIA, we decided to put ourselves up in a hotel nearby instead of traveling back and forth for the race kit collection on Saturday then back again on Sunday.
Hotels near and around KLIA area (Sepang, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Nilai) is not exactly budget hotel priced cheap but one still can get a room for under RM200 per night. In comparison, Sama Sama Hotel which is just a stone throw away from the Main Terminal Building of KLIA has rooms at around RM500 - RM600 upwards. Gasps.
We selected Hotel Sri Langit because of its aviation themed rooms which is certainly something that set it apart from other budget hotel. At the lobby.
Nice touch of using airline style chairs. The corridor leading to the rooms.
In, it mentioned that some rooms have access to Hotel Sri Langit's Executive Lounge. Do not book a premium room if you want to use that facility. The Executive Lounge at 1st Floor has now been turned into …

Running In Malaysia's Own Airport Marathon

So yeah, I ran in KUL Marathon last weekend. Not the whole 42.195km (or 42.915km as printed on the bib. Heh) but a “mere” 25K.
The marathon was part of Malaysia Airport’s 25th Anniversary celebration so I figured it’s just nice to run in the 25K category and avoid needless suffering of doing 42K. Wakaka There were 4 categories offered in KUL Marathon: Full Marathon which was flagged-off at 3.00am (die, my tummy would have protested royally if I join this) 25K which was flagged off at 4.30am (slightly better but still die. Tummy wasn’t happy also) 10K which was flagged off at 6.30am (should’ve done 10K instead. Mana tau can podium. wakaka) 3K which was flagged off at 7.00am
I was told earlier that the numbers of participants were kept low (it had 3,000 participants this time) because it was their inaugural marathon and the organiser wasn’t looking for huge numbers of participants. I have to say, despite the “low” numbers, it felt just nice for me to run with the 25K category crowd. I was …

Weekend Makan For MKH 12-Hour Walk

This was last weekend's story. ^^
Trying to avoid gastric problem like I experienced when I was about to do UM24, I tried to avoid similar experience the weekend that I was doing the MKH Kajang International 12-Hour Walk by being rather careful of my food intake. That meant, something unadventurous and tummy friendly like this plate of Nasi Ayam. Hehehe

This is what I had for lunch on Saturday and later for dinner, just filet-of-fish at McDonald's.

This despite us, being in Kajang where there are plenty of food abound and of course satay too!

Satay Kajang just had to wait for later.
The family and I checked-in to Prescott Hotel in Kajang so I can have a relaxing day and take my time before  heading to race site later at night. It was just across the street from the race venue and we could see the  venue from our hotel room!
Room wise - OK lah. Nothing to shout about. But it's good that I booked the hotel room because during the race, I didn't feel sheepish at having t…