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Twincity Marathon 2018

The Twincity Marathon will be back on January 21st, 2018 and it will be back with a bang!
The 2018 race will be its 4th edition since its inception in 2015, where the number of participants have grown over the years – from 4,500 runners in 2015 to close to 8,000 runners in 2017, making it one of the biggest marathon events in the country.
The 2018 edition will feature the theme ‘Nenikikamen’, (which means, “Rejoice we conquer” or, simply, “We have won”). It was the message delivered by Pheidippides, the messenger of the Battle of Marathon who ran from Marathon to Athens with the news of the great victory his people had over the Persians at Marathon, before he died. The theme was chosen as a symbol of the battle that every runner fights during the marathon (as well as during pre-marathon), and the determination that each one of us possess to cross the finish line with only one message to deliver – “We have won!” against our own battle.

I am definitely looking forward to conquer the Tw…

Post Run Miyagi Treat

Remember I mentioned in my earlier blog about treating myself to some salmon pre and post race day? ^^
Hubby and Son joined me for the treat at Miyagi, the Japanese restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi too. I had salmon teppanyaki. Son had the beef teppanyaki.
By the way, he's wearing an "I Love Tochigi" t-shirt which was a present from a friend who lives in Utsunomiya.
Funny story, Hubby wore his "I Love Tochigi" t-shirt during the ASICS Relay run earlier this month, and a Japanese guy whose hometown is in Tochigi asked to take photo with him. LOL Hubby had the udon nabeyaki with salmon don set.
I love this set and would order it if I wanted to eat something warm and filling to the tummy. 
The dinner was a nice treat not only for myself (for running in UM24) but also for my two guys who waited for me until I finished my run.

Nando's On A Friday Night

Nothing special about this post. Hahaha
So last Friday I was undecided on where to go for dinner and the usual safe option is always Nando's. Make it Nando's in Bangsar Village.
It's quiet so it's always nice to enjoy a family dinner there (although service can be erratic).
I'd usually order espetada and some salad whenever we go to Nando's but chose something more "common" this time.  I had 1/4 chicken with corn-on-the-cob and coleslaw. I shared the coleslaw with Son.  Hubby too had 1/4 chicken but with corn and wedges. And Son had chicken butterfly with wedges.
No issues with Nando's. Their chicken is always succulent and nice and I like it way more than fried chicken.

Salmon Treat For The Weekend

Remember I joined UM24 and I did a 6-hours endurance run around the UM stadium track?
I experienced gastric problem that day and when that happens, I need to eat but the appetite is always gone and I had to choose something that could sooth the tummy. The thing was, I also wanted to eat salmon, and just an hour plus before we made our way to UM, something warm, and soothing with salmon was expensive in Bangsar. LOL
I had Benji's Bangsar Village miso udon with flaked salmon. It was nice, salty and warm. Perfect for my tummy. But at a cost lah! RM38.00 per bowl!
What to do. I needed to run later.
Had my Gaviscon after the dinner and off we went to UM for the race briefing at 7.30pm and race itself at 8.00pm. The one that had this happy ending. Hehehe
Despite purging a few more times later, after I finished my run, Hubby and I still made our way to the starting line of Augustman Run. 
I kinda lost my appetite already pretty much throughout the day on Sunday but I was glad that when …

Running With Style, In AugustMan Run 2017

There's a whole lot of comment from runners on why AugustMan Run is held in October and not in August since the name implied the eight month of the year. It's because...
Do you know what it means to be an august personage? It means to be venerable and eminent. Inspiring. Dignified. 
And it's also the name of the magazine, AugustMan which is billed as the definitive men's style journal, for the globe-trotting, cosmopolitan man who covets success and the finer things in life.


The magazine held their inaugural road race event last Sunday, on Oct 22nd 2017 and it was flagged off at Lot 10. A really nice change from Dataran Merdeka or Padang Merbuk as race venue, I would say.
And here I was, just hours after completing my 6-hours run at UM24 for dunno do what and with some "orang kuat industri and idol" and also the editor-in-chief, Rubin Khoo.
There were a few members of my Gaited Community kakis running in the event and we gathered before the start line e…

6 Hours Around 400m Track At UM24

UM24 is an endurance run which has the format of looping around a 400m track in University of Malaya stadium for 24-hours, 12-hours or 6-hours.

I actually registered for the 24-hours category during its inaugural event back in 2015, when I was still trying to achieve my 100km target but alas, they had to change the venue and it wasn’t at a place where it was convenient for my family to go and support me. I can run anywhere but I still need to consider my family whenever I go out for a race so it was a no go that year.
And here I was, finally doing the UM24 but at a much lesser category. Thanks to Ten Senses, I entered the 6-hour (Night) category as part of my training for my upcoming Putrajaya Night Marathon and another bigger race slotted in 2018.

I had done a 30K the week before, at Newton Challenge 30K and I thought another 30K this weekend would be good training for me (plus another 12K later at Augustman Run).

The plan and target were simple. Since this is a time-based run, I ru…

3 Race Day Weekend

It's a busy weekend for us but luckily, I wasn't running in all three races that I attended during the weekend.
The weekend started with Ortho Run which was held in PPUKM and we were there as I promised the technical team that I'd drop over and take some race photos. With the 10th placed Women Open winner, Jin.
We didn't linger long as I had wanted to settle some work that I was supposed to submit by Sunday so we rushed back home by 10am. Later in the evening,  we head over to University Malaya because I had UM24 that I joined.
UM24 is an 24-hours, 12-hours and 6-hours endurance around 400m track in UM Arena in University of Malaya. This year, I joined the 6-hour category to get some mileage to prepare for Putrajaya Night Marathon which will be held in two weeks' time.

I ran and tried to cover as much distance as I could within 6-hours between 8.00pm to 2.00am.
And a few hours after completing UM24, Hubby and I made our way to Lot 10 as I also had Augustman Run th…

MRT Trip For Augustman Run 2017 REPC

I decided to collect my Augustman Run race kit on Friday, after work instead of going on Saturday because my Saturday will be crazy packed from morning well into late night. Rather than trying to go through Friday night jam going to Lot 10, where the REPC is held for the run this coming Sunday, we decided to take the MRT.
Hubby had wanted to take the shuttle bus to Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT station but I told him, surely there are parking spaces for cars at the station? Apparently not. So we parked kinda illegally by the roadside lah, just to use the MRT. huhuhu
But the MRT trip to Bukit Bintang was relaxing and painless. The train wasn't crowded, it was quiet and the trip was fast and pleasant. 
Going out through Pintu D, we came out right in front of Lot 10. Race kit collection was painless. Just don't forget to fill up the indemnity form before going to collect your kit and/or your friends' race kits too!
And really nice to meet a familiar face there, manning the coun…

Newton Challenge 2017 30KM

So what do you do when your Polar Training program (that you kinda intermittently follow) requires you to run 2:15 for your long run? I couldn't find any half marathon that was interesting enough (or near our home) to make me join them but one race caught my attention and that's the Newton Challenge 2017.
I joined the 25km category way back in 2012 and had a rather fond memory of it. Finished in 3:06 which was something I was rather happy with, at that time.
Lack of training notwithstanding and with regular training started again only two weeks ago, I had stupidly aimed for a 1:20 for the first 10K, a 1:25 for the second 10K and a 1:30 for the last 10K and with something like a sub4:30 finish or so (4:15 if I pushed). Kononnya la...
The 30km was flagged off a few minutes after 5:30 and just as we started to run, the azan subuh was heard. Some runners quickly made a detour to the nearby surau which was about 1K(?) away from the start line and some head to Petronas. Some, made …

Saturday Brunch at IKEA

We had several errands to do on Saturday which included sending Son for his outing with his friends to Pusat Sains Negara (and picking him up later too!) and also collecting my race kit for Newton Challenge on Sunday.
I ditched my plan to join the 10K run at Fit Malaysia@HSN which held that Saturday and did a 5K run around my house instead, before we head out to send Son.
Since the Newton Challenge race kit collection was held at MyTown, Hubby and I had brunch at IKEA. So long never eat there already and I was craving for salmon. So ngam la go there makan salmon. Hubby had the Pulled Salmon sandwich.  I had the salmon with that vege cutlet thingy and vege. I love the sauce!
And we finished the meal with this absolutely awesome Salted Caramel Cheesecake (awesome la, it's only RM7.90) with free coffee which I got for being IKEA Family member.
Then it's off to collect my race kit and some shopping at MyTown. Even managed to get a pair of Airism leggings and sports bra which were…


Jakarta's Female-fronted Alternative Pop/Rock Band to Rock the Stage at Indonesia Round CENTRAL JAVA, INDONESIA, 11 OCTOBER 2017 – Aside from the high-adrenaline racing between top international riders at the Indonesia round of the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship, the Saturday’s agenda will conclude on a high note with a performance by the legendary Indonesian band, KOTAK, which will be happening at 8:00PM (+7:00GMT) at The Park Mall, Solo. Entry to watch the race and concert is free to all visitors.

“The 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship is more than just a race for professional riders. It is an inclusive and family-friendly championship that encompasses fun-filled carnivals and concerts. We hope that these programmes will increase our engagement with the community, and leave a positive impact to all visitors at our championship,” said Andrew Ching, Chief Executive Officer of E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd.

KOTAK, a female-fronted alternative pop/rock band from Jakarta will stage…

Saturday's Birthday Outing

We were up and out early last Saturday, not because I had a race to run in but Son had class at school that he needed to attend.
While waiting forSon to finish his class, Hubby and I spent a bit of time walking around UM, following the route of a World Teacher's Day EDU Solidarity Walk & Run event which was a rather small event held that week at UM.
Then it was off for birthday gift shopping before lepaking at Bangsar watching KL Food Hunt participants raced around to complete their task with a pit stop in the area. The birthday session was held at Chili's Mid Valley (which luckily for us, we went back before a fire broke at the mall later in the evening! @.@
It was Hubby's niece's 7th birthday and she had a Pokemon cake! So cute, right?  Son had the Swiss Burger.  Hubby had the Ultimate Beef Bacon Burger.
And I had the Ancho Salmon.
The salmon was nice, soft and flaky but I can't say I can taste the citrus-Chile sauce as it tasted bland and was better with so…