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Three Times A Day

So healthy!
Eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the weekend! LOL
2 pieces of toast and 2 half-boiled eggs for breakfast after our Saturday morning run. Had this for lunch. Between that two slices of wheatgerm bread was 3(!) fried eggs, two slices of cheese, huge dollop of mayonnaise and generous doses of BBQ sauce. And yes, I like my yolks runny. Then, utilising the buy 1 free 1 coupon at Subway; we had them for dinner. Roast beef for me and Raimie while Zaini had its club sandwich. 4 6-inch sandwiches for the price of two. But well, as Zaini mentioned, their breakfast set is a better value. 6-inch sandwich + coffee for RM6.30. I likey...
The day has been so hot lately. What is nice during a hot day? Well... we shared a tub of ice-cream on Saturday night. and this on Sunday. Before lunch and dinner. So refreshing. Pity it wasn't that sweet but I rectified that by sprinkling sugar on the watermelon. I like my sweet stuff.
p.s. Zaini asked me whether I've run out of …

How Many Bridges?

Zaini and I woke bright and early on Saturday to do a couple of loops around the core island of Putrajaya. Actually Zaini woke really early at 4.40am. I woke-up only at 5.00am after being poked by Zaini. heh heh In my defense, he slept at 11.00pm. I slept around 12.30am! I can't sleep early on Friday night!

It was Zaini first time to try and do a long distance running, instead of cycling along with me. I was prepared to just enjoy an slow, easy run, so I brought along our compact camera so I can take photos along the route. Starting our run at 6.30am, a few hundred metres away from the Masjid Putra. We saw plenty of photographers waiting seemingly for the sunrise to photograph.
Would love to try get a more decent photos, but can't do much with the dinky compact camera of mine or with my photography skills at that. heh
Anyways, Zaini went ahead in front of me while I maintained a slow pace for my run. I later decided I should try and photograph all the bridges I come across. A…

This Machine Accepts Two Currency?

Seriously, though... this is how we operate. We got our hands on some second-hand machines and we can't even be bothered to properly change the price tag to our own currency (just cut & paste properly, use the Gam Gajah lah!) or even somehow make an effort to change to sold out sign to a more readable sign i.e. in roman letters. Is it so hard to do? Found at Memorial Tun Abdul Razak. The late Tun Abdul Razak was Malaysia's second prime minister and also known as "Bapa Pembangunan" or Father of Development(?).

Enough With The Self Pity!

So... you guys who ran the Energizer Night Race 2012 on Apr 21st checked your results yet? Check it out over at Hooha. I'm still stung over my "I wish it could be better" run but enough about me and me wallowing in self-pity.
A quick post to congratulate my fellow online runner friends who also enjoyed the night run last week.
Woohoo to Nick for his awesome run. 1 hour 26minutes and with 26th placing. He is in the top 2%! How awesome is that? Pebbles must be so proud to wear your medal, Nick! ^^
Big shout-out to Kah Yen too, at the top 25%. Respect! :)
For Neoh - congrats for another sub6 hour full marathon. Furthermore in VFF! SCKLM will be a breeze for you, I bet! :)
And for me? heh heh. Here's how I fared: Can see or not? There... No. 132. 132!!! Big numbers. Woo! Bwahaha
Better do better and get something less than 120 if I want to get any medal during the Larian Bomba on May 6th! Oh, the pressure. I think I do better when I just run and just happen to arrive …

I Bonked!

I did an abysmal run on Saturday night. It took me 2hours and 5minutes to finish a 15.5K race!
I had planned to just bum around on Saturday so as to “conserve” energy for the night race. But it was not to be. On Thursday, we received a note from Raimie’s school stating that there is Saturday replacement class that he needs to attend.
Zaini and I will usually wait around (“lepak”ing at Bangsar actually) until Raimie finishes Saturday classes instead of returning home and going out again to fetch him. That Saturday was no different. After sending Raimie to school, we drove over to Lake Garden. No running, but we walked around and Zaini accompanied me to recce a route I was interested in, but not sure where it leads to. So we walked the “Bird Park” loop together.
I figured that a walk would be nice since my head felt heavy since Thursday and was hoping a walk around the park would clear it. What I got was a case of hay fever though. Started sneezing and nose turned into a faucet, drip…

Lame Saturday Post

Just a post on what I did and going to do on this fine Saturday day... overcast in the morning but the sun is blazing now at 4pm! Hope the weather will be nice and cool come night time!
Raimie had class today, so we were up bright and early. Afer sending him, we spent time at Lake Garden. No, no runs today. Instead, we recced a route I'm always curious about since I've read about a few runners doing it and it's called the Bird Park loop. Road sign nearby Masjid Negara, new name : Jalan Perdana. Old colonial name is that small white sign below : Jalan Venning. Had breakfast at Subway and still feeling hungry after finishing that 6 inch sandwich. Hu~  For the walk I did today with Zaini, I decided to use the newly bought Adidas ClimaCool. Need to break-in the shoes more before I start putting on more mileage to it. At the moment, my legs still felt sore after using it for my runs.
Stopped by at Skechers store at Bangsar Village II and tried on the GoRun shoes. Zaini marvel…

What I think About When I’m Running

I’m taking a leaf out Haruki Murakami’s book title “What I talk about when I talk about running” for this post. For those totally uninterested in me going on and on about running, my sincerest apologies to you. Feel free to skip this post and spam me with comments anyway. Heh heh
“Oops! Tummy don’t feel so good. Maybe I’ll just do a loop slowly and see how it goes” That’s how I always start my run. Then it’ll change to
“I can’t just do a loop! That’s embarrassing” The good thing about having an ego and knowing that there are neighbours/security guards looking interestedly at this crazy woman who sometimes will go round and round the apartment blocks for two hours(!) and occassionally in the rain. Ahahah
I’d finish another loop then “Oooo… that’s a good timing. Faster than my target pace. Maybe I can push it a bit more?”
So off I go trying to get better timing for my run and wheezed (and panted) through the final lap.
They do say, the hardest thing about doing anything is to actually start. …

"What Do You Want Me To Be

when I grow up?" Raimie asked us this question just the other day. After I wrote the previous post. How apt.
To that, his Daddy told him that it is up to him to decide himself. Daddy added that Raimie is in a position to strive to be what he wants to be, with full support from his parents. An enviable position to be in.
For Raimie - we will support him anway we can. We just want his full commitment in all the things that he does, always.
But for him to learn the value of hard work, us as parents need to set good example to him too! Kids learn from the people around them. Lead by example. I need to remind myself this over and over again.
Of course, having a straight A, athletic, good-mannered boy with artistic talent wouldn't hurt either. ahahah
Anyway, Raimie has a few years still to decide the path he wants to choose. The only path I will object vehemently will be the "lazy bum, unemployed" path. I will not feed or support deadwood! Period.
I end this post with IF
If you…

A Budding Manhwa Artist?

That's Korean. In Japanese it would be a manga artist. We call them simply cartoonist. I like being pretentious and putting the odd foreign word here and there. xD It's one of Raimie's hobbies. He loves spinning out stories and he loves to draw. He resorted to drawing stick people cartoons because Mommy and Daddy can't cope listening to all his stories. We asked him to put it on paper instead. And he does! He may not be the boy genius cartoonist, but we are happy that he enjoys doing it.
(He gets unlimited supply of paper, but he uses them sparingly. Thank goodness for that!)
Once upon a time, Mommy wanted to be a cartoonist. But of course, Mommy has sensible parents who worry about their children so Mommy now holds a "boring" 9-5 job.
For Raimie, Mommy doesn't mind what path he choses in future. Mommy and Daddy just want Raimie to be a good human being. Be responsible. Takes pride in what he does. And most importantly, be happy. But before that, Raimie! Go s…

Fun-Filled Saturday

How's the weekend so far, peeps? Having fun so far? ^^
I had a great Saturday. Quite a productive day too. Started the day later than intended despite setting the alarm at 5.30am. I rolled out of bed only after Zaini kicked me out of it at 6.58am and told me off for not waking up earlier and do my morning run.
Being late, decided to skip breakfast (of 1 huge banana usually & a glass of water + ORS) and after changing to running gears & a bit of time in the loo; I just went straight to run. My usual routine would take me an hour of mooching around before I stepped out of the house on weekend mornings. As usual, when I wake up, Raimie would wake up too. Because I woke up late, he woke up later than he would on weekends. Mommy gotta let son sleep more, right? ;)
Did the run following the Runner's World training plan to the tee. A mix of half-marathon pace, 10K pace and speed intervals. Didn't think I'd have the energy to do the speed intervals after doing what felt l…

Not Another One?

That's what my long suffering hubby said when he saw me toting an Adidas paperbag. To tell you truth, I wasn't planning on getting this pair. It's just that, I happened to read about Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) race launched on Apr 10 and scheduled to be held on Sep 9. Since I happened to see the new Adidas ClimaCool Seduction shoes featured on the KOTR registration page, I decided to check it out at the store. Just look-see, I told myself.
Somehow, accidentally bought a pair and accidentally registered myself for the 16.8K distance.  It wasn't the ad campaign, it wasn't because Katy Perry and David Beckham hawking the shoes but it's the colour that got me. That and the fact that the staff at Adidas Gardens Mall are friendly. I am always a sucker for good customer service.

My most expensive shoes todate, setting me back RM449 and I bought it just for the "gaya"/style. Heh Girls can be so vain. Shoes in current rotation. Nike Lunarglide+2 (for short …

Two Machines

Vending machines. A whole array of vending machines in perfect working condition. Multiple options to pay for your drinks too. Card or cash? A vending machine found at a public park in Kuala Lumpur. If the vending works, the drinks sold are usually more expensive than buying them at a store. More often than not, they just suck in your money, malfunction and you don't get your drinks.
You know, one thing I'll miss after our trip(s) to Japan is the availability of these readily accessible vending machines. One do not need to go find a shop when one is thirsty. It is much easier buying them at the machine.And these vending machines are everywhere. I mean, everywhere!

Daddy's Treat

Daddy said he has yet treat us after getting his bonus last month (he did actually, but who am I to argue when someone is feeling generous. hihi) and wanted to take us out for dinner.
Can't decide where to go so in the end we just head to TGIF for our dinner. I don't mind. ^^   Raimie and his fish & fries Daddy had a steak. A huge Tennessee steak. Yumm! Mommy decided to have ribs. Tennesee ribs, they are called. Mommy's verdict? Better go to Tony Roma's if Mommy wants to eat good ribs, especially now that they are having their RM99.90 ribs promotion again. For dessert, we all shared these.
Another treat from Daddy on Sunday and this one for Mommy. He accompanied Mommy on her long run. We took a drive to Putrajaya and instead the usual straight route from Masjid Putra up to PICC hill and back, Mommy ran by the lakeside and Daddy cycled.
With such great company and running at really gossip pace (Mommy had fun talking an d laughing during the run), it would've been great…

Road To Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Well, just a half for me actually not a full marathon.
"Poyo" title and "poyo" post coming up. Brace yourself!
Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) is where I'll be doing my first half-marathon. Just a little bit more than two months to go and I've been enjoying training for the big day.
Finished the first training plan; Runner's World 9-weeks half marathon training plan for beginners (it took about 11 weeks actually since I don't count the weeks I raced).
I'd like to think that I've somewhat improved my running with the plan. Those who are friends with me on the, I did improve right? ^^

(pssst... so pretentious of me putting that up, right?) hu~
Now, I've decided to give the intermediate half marathon plan a try and am now in my second week. If all goes well, with weeks for races and recovery; I'll finish and taper a week or two before the SCKLM.
The new training plan needs more focus than the beginner's plan. I don&#…

Mom! Don't Throw Them Away!

My artsy-craftsy boy absolutely forbids me from throwing away empty bottles and eggs cartons. He has plenty of projects to do with these two items.  Well, Mommy doesn't mind putting a bottle or two and an egg carton or two aside instead of sending it to the recycling bin because Mommy wants to encourage him to do what he loves to do, but sometimes this boy's project get on Mommy's nerves. It's the mess afterwards!