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Misty Morning

I'm feeling nostalgic today. Sometimes I miss waking up and see mists hovering outside. I miss waking up to the songs of the birds and the chirps of crickets at night. I miss spending my afternoon playing in the stream. Catching fishes and frogs. Climbing trees.

Now, I wake up to the sound of cars parked right in front of my apartment. I wake up to the sound of horns instead of birds. The pipe water, instead of icy cold is lukewarm.

I even miss finding a frog nestled so comfortably in my shoes!

I'm getting old, I think

Taman Botani, Putrajaya

One of the many parks in Putrajaya is the Taman Botani (Botanic Park).

A good place to have a leisurely stroll and appreciating the nature. Free parking and no entrance fee to the park (fee to the interactive exhibition).

We usually come to this park in the evening, and the place is not crowded even in the weekends.

Enjoying Simple Games At The FunFair

Come school holiday, there'll sure be funfair sprouting up somewhere.

My son still loves playing all those games at the funfairs but I think he'll find the ferris wheel and the kiddie rides to boring soon!

His favourite game, trying his luck scooping a lucky duck