Friday, 30 September 2011

Too Much Too Soon?

So how much training is too much? And how much is too much for someone who isn't even  really training to be competitive in a race?

I like running lately as one can glean by reading the intermittent posts about me jogging or running or something in between here. I think I'm borderline crazy about it even. I can spend the day thinking about running routes I'd do once I go off from work.

I was lucky that I didn't have any injuries for the past 5 months I've been doing this but I somehow got some shin splint injuries earlier and the pain has yet subsided. That got Zaini commenting about my overzealous enthusiasm. He's been basically telling me I've been overdoing it for such a novice.

I've been reading a lot and I tried to do my workouts properly; well, as proper as someone doing it completely alone can. I do admit I have a hard time sifting through all the info I've been reading online about running.

Before I got my Nike Sportband (which I bought in mid-July), I just gauge my distance by the loops I ran around my apartment or at the park. 1 loop = 1km so I started with a couple of loops of walk/run workouts; then gradually make it to running 2 loops non-stop, and increased it week by week. Basically I try to adhere to adhere to the 10% increase each week.

Zaini's been telling me that my total mileage of  290+K for my 9 weeks of running wearing the Nike Sportband is too much for me and my body will feel the toll soon. Will it?  Or has it? He admonished me for comparing my mileage with more seasoned runners who logged in at Daily Miles too. I know I totally shouldn't compare myself to guys like Nick, Jamie, Neoh or Kah Yen. Doc Julin would also totally leave me in the dust! They do sick miles with totally sick timing too!

I can be quite hard-headed when it comes to listening to my husband's advice especially when it comes to something I love doing even though I know that he is perfectly right about it and yet I loath to agree with him.

The problem is, even when I did that "measly" 14K run, it didn't feel like I was pushing myself too much. I always kept my pace real slow and manageable and I think I don't really push myself too hard even. I'm a wuss. I never let myself be too out of breath or push myself that hard when I run. I don't want to keel over and faint, you know. Especially since I almost always run alone.

So how does one know when it is too much? I'm still having fun doing it now. I'm still able to do chores after my workout on weekends. So, am I pushing myself too hard? I don't think I am but maybe I was. 

I tried to lessen the mileage I do these past couple of weeks so as not to overstressed my body but not going out for a workout is sure no fun for me! Cross training just got me itching to put on my running shoes.

But how does one know if one is doing too much? Will all these running shenanigans be bad for me in the long run?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Niece's 1st Birthday & A Raya Makan

It's always a big occasion for parents to celebrate their children 1st birthday, right?  And my younger sis celebrated her daughter's first birthday recently. Combining it with a kind of "Raya" open house, her house was full of visitors that day! 
 What birthday can be without a birthday cake, right?
The birthday girl in pink. My nephew celebrated his birthday a few weeks earlier. Raimie was there on my behalf. ^^
While the adults were busy eating and chatting, the children were busy too...
playing with the colourful balloons. *^-^*

A great celebration with the family, it sure was.

And to all September babies, Happy Birthday!

Monday, 26 September 2011


The first day of Raya was a sunny day. After such a hot and tiring day visiting relatives and neighbours, it sure is nice to take a bit of nap and rest  for a while. 
We wouldn't want a cranky baby, would we?
a totally pooped-out boy after a great party
Must be nice to zzzzzzz away without a care. ^^
I sure envy the kitties napping away.Taken while going back from doing some "Raya" open house. ^^

Friday, 23 September 2011

It's His Birthday!

Happy birthday to dear hubby. Be healthy always. Both me and son will always be here for you. And you bet I'll stay by your side till we are both old and infirm. *^-^*

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Can We Eat Sushi, Please?

Raimie's been hankering for some sushi and what can we say? As long as he eats (and eats a lot), we are just happy to humour the boy once in  a while.

Thought of going to Yuzu at Gardens Mall but then decided to head off to a somewhat cheaper option and we went to have dinner at Sushi Zen instead.
Raimie and his plate of sushi. 
I chose to eat the set of the day (or month) - the tempura set. Nothing to shout about. Well, it's cheap.
And Zaini had ebidon.
All finished!

I wonder when are we having our next Japanese meal? I am certainly looking forward to eating Japanese food in Japan soon! *^-^*

Monday, 19 September 2011

A Virgin On The Run

A race virgin that is. ^^

So, I went and entered myself to KLIUC Unity Run and ran 10K last Sunday. It's my preparation before running in the way bigger race of the Putrajaya Night Marathon in October. I figured I'd do well  by getting a taste of road races by joining smaller ones first before going head first into big ones. This race was actually the third race I signed up this year. The first one being the Putrajaya Night Marathon on Oct 15 and the second one was the Pudu Charity Run on Sep 25.

I relinquished photography duties today and  handed it over to Zaini and he as always did a great job capturing the moments!
 Starting line for Men & Women Open
Before the start of the race. Still got time to clown around. Gosh! My "perut buncit" is so obvious here. ^^! 
 and the mayhem begins!

I tried to keep my pace steady and tried not to run too fast too quickly seeing that this was my first race. I mean, I'm not aiming for a personal best just yet. The aim for me joining this run today was to get a feel of a race and I got that, getting elbowed and all by those too excited at the starting line. Anyhoo, whatever time I did today will already be my personal best in a race for the time being. xD

My observation for this race, cars were still speeding past us runners and there were runners who seem to have nary a care about traffic when they tried to overtake other runners. Imagine how unsafe it was to run in the outermost lane which was open to traffic and have a speeding car coming behind you. @.@

It was a bit getting used to having to maneuver my way around runners who like to sprint as suddenly as they stopped, right dead in front of me seeing that I always run alone and at places that are not crowded with runners before.

I also observed around KM4 or 5 a few lady runners "cutting short" their route by a few kilometres by just jumping lanes instead of running the loop. Nice going, ladies! NOT! 

Zaini told me that there were a few "girls" who ran in the Women Open category who arrived amongst the Top 5 whom didn't seem like they did any running at all too. Was it the case? Or were they just too bummed out to run the distance? They were walking around with their medals so I supposed organizers acknowledged them finishing the race.
Me, at the last couple of kilometres and going uphill, yet again. The route was sure an undulating one, and I am appreciating the Mines inclines I faced each weekend running around the neighborhood. Between KM6-7, that "abang" wearing track pants (the one in the left) were pacing with me and we ran side by side for almost 3K.One would've thought we were in the race together seeing that we even matched our stride. Kakaka

Something funny happened when I overtook one "uncle" towards the end of the race. Once I overtook him who was walking; he started sprinting in front of me. He didn't run fast for long because I'd overtake him again and there he went, sprinting off again. I guess he "used" me as a tool to boost up his stamina. Cannot lose to this chubby woman, right? wakaka
Fuh! Fuh! I picked up my pace thinking that the finish line was just a few hundred metres away but it turned out we had to make another KM round the bend or something before getting to the finish line. The sun was too hot by now!
Medal collection time. I didn't realised that my Nike+ Sportband was still counting my mileage and timing when I was at this table! Too excited finishing to press stop, I guess. LOL The "pakcik technical" was remarking - "alahai, lenggang lengguk jalan ambik medal". Yahaha
My first medal in almost 20 years! And my first ever medal in my first ever road race. Best part of this race, while top 50 finishers receive medals with placing, all runners do get a finisher medal. Love these small races.

Maybe I would've fared better in placing if I entered the Women Veteran seeing that the age for Women Veteran was 36 and above. Heh heh

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The First Time Is Always Nerve Wrecking

First love, first job, first sex.... and for me; at the age of 36 - first running race. Yup, I'm a race virgin.

I'm entering my first race ever in my life (cross-country during school years don't count - I suck at them big time in school anyway) and I'm doing it alone. No running "kaki"/buddy with me.

I decided that after 5 months of running around the hood, I should try and join in the fun. Reading up runners' blogs about their races are sure making me itch to join them! I blame you, Nick!

Nobody I know is going for the run but to wait for someone running and accompanying me would mean that I probably would have never gotten into running at all. Sometimes, you just gotta dive headlong into something and make good out of it & have fun while doing it.
Nice soft t-shirt for the run. Won't be wearing them though. I don't like baggy stuff. xD

Registered myself to KLIUC Unity Run rather at last minute on Friday and will be heading off to KLIUC in a few hours (6 more hours by the time this post is up) or so for my inaugural race. And it's a 10K race too! Zaini drove me around to recce the route after registration two days ago. Boy, it sure has some inclines for runners to deal with.

Wish me luck coming back safely and still able to walk! I sure hope I won't finish the race last too.*^-^*

I let you know how I fared if I make it safely back! LOL

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A New Toy For Son

We sure have spending money like there's no tomorrow lately. I forked out RM350 a few days ago for a new pair of shoes and last Friday, both Zaini and I decided to buy Raimie a netbook to replace the old notebook he had been using.

Nothing too fancy for our 9 year old, just something for his use for his gaming and whatever online needs without him badgering us and asking to borrow ours. xD
At a total cost of RM999 that includes extra warranties, I guess it's not too bad, right? And instead of lugging bigger notebooks while on vacation, I'm thinking of bringing this netbook around to keep us connected and online even when we are overseas. It's small and it's light. (And no, no Ipad for us. Thanks. ^^)
Raimie got another nice surprise from his Dad too.  A Kamen Rider Ooo Burakawani action figure, ordered online and sent all the way from Japan.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Saturday Kem Solat

Last week was the last session for Raimie to attend his school's "Kem Solat" (literally means prayer camp) for the year. It is a compulsory activity  for Standard 1 - 3  Muslim pupils arranged by the Ministry of Education for all national primary schools in Malaysia.
Colourful baju melayu and baju kurung worn by the students attending the Saturday camp. Sure looks festive. :)
While waiting for Raimie to finish his 4 hours' camp, Mommy had a run around Lake Garden, bought a new pair of running shoes and had brunch at Starbucks. A hot mug of hazelnut hot chocolate and a chicken pie bought from Hiestand Swiss Bakery. I looooove their pies. And bagels. And pasties. ;) Daddy had his usual green tea latte. Though it's a bummer that I can't enjoy a free drink anymore nowadays. The Amex complimentary drinks promotion at Starbucks on weekends are already fully redeemed. Sucks.:(
Raimie on the other hand, enjoyed his early lunch after the "kem" provided by the school. A simple meal of bean sprouts and chicken.
Raimie enjoying his lunch.

Standard 6 pupils are having their UPSR exam this week. Good luck to them. For those in "Tahap 1" - students in Standard 1 to 3, that means no school for them for a few days. Raimie is sure happy to have a 4 day break this week.

Monday, 12 September 2011

This Is What I Call Customer Service!

I wanted to buy a new running shoes to replace my current Adidas shoes. I had been procrastinating in buying one because of the hassle of going in search for the shoes and of course, I do need consultation before I buy one. Knowledgeable consultants for shoes are sure hard to be found though!

I finally met up with Joshua of Brooks Malaysia on Saturday morning after sending Raimie to school for his  "kem Solat"/ prayer camp(?) last week.

I told Joshua earlier that I would be at Lake Gardens on Saturday and he was OK meeting me there so we arranged a rendezvous at the Bukit Aman car park before my run that morning.

He brought along a car boot full of shoes but before trying any on, he proceeded to check my foot type first. Then, he proceeded to explain at length on the types of shoes and the support each shoes give for each foot type. I learnt a lot about shoes, right there at the car park. ^^
Joshua explaining Zaini's foot type and pronation after watching him walk back and forth and his standing posture.
and here's Joshua explaining the range of shoes available by Brooks while I was happily testing a few shoes by walking and jogging around the car park area. Even with the wet condition, Joshua let me run around the car park with those new shoes and "soil" the shoes a bit.

I even got to try out the Green Silence shoes because I was curious about it.
It was either Ghost 4 or Glycerin 9 for me. Ghost 4 was nice but somehow Glycerin 9 won me over.

I didn't use it for my run that Saturday morning because it was drizzling with intermittent spell of heavier drops and I didn't want to make my "maiden" run in my new shoes in that  et condition just yet! I'll know whether I'm loving this shoes after a few runs.

Anyhoo, for those wanting a personalised service and you are somewhere in Klang Valley; I think Joshua would be more than happy to meet up and bring over some shoes for you to choose. Right, Joshua? ^^

Or you can order it online too and avoid all the hassle of going to a physical shop. Check this link for more information. Of course, I do think this is only good if you already have a specific model you want in mind.

Maybe next time, I'll buy a pair of shoes for Zaini and Raimie from Joshua. The only downside about buying this way is, it's COD and I do actually love to make purchases with my credit cards rather than cash! LOL

I took the shoes out for a run on Sunday morning while Zaini got on his bike.
Zaini met up with a group of cyclists using this foldable bikes called the Putrajaya Urban Riders and decided to tag along with the group while I did my run.

Did an 11K run from Palace of Justice to PICC and back, then up the Seri Wawasan bridge. After stretching, did a bit of bodyweight workouts (well, mainly push ups and dips with a  spot of lunges and stuff) I decided to head off for a walk and did 5K walk seeing that Zaini wasn't back yet.

My left foot (the one with a black toe) was fine with the new Glycerin shoes but right foot seems to need a little bit more adjustments. Felt pain in my right foot arch and right knee also protested. ^^! We'll try a few more time and see how it goes with the shoes, eh? Or would I need to get a support insert for my right foot? We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The School Holiday And Festival Break

So Raimie got a week off from school during the Raya break last week. Enjoyed it, he certainly did!
We went back to my hometown to celebrate Raya. He does enjoy his time there, and seeing his aunts, uncles and cousins who also were back for the festivities.
He received a lot of duit raya from generous relatives and neighbours.
His Dad took him to Desa Water Park on Friday while Mommy was at the office. By the tanned face he and his Dad sported that day, it looks like they really had a blast there.
He even gets to watch a movie. It was either Smurf or Cars 2 but Mommy vetoed for Cars 2. Mommy just cannot stand Smurfs. LOL
Ate fast food three times in the Raya week. Pizza on Monday, MarryBrown on Wednesday and KFC on Friday. Talk about indulgence!
And on Saturday, he got to enjoy dinner at TGIF.

How was your Raya vacation? I bet it was good (and maybe quite fattening too)! I managed to somehow gained back the kgs I lost during the fasting month in just two days of Raya. All that bingeing on Raya goodies. Not running much after Raya sure isn;t helping with getting the weight off either. @.@

I hope the haze will clear soon. As it is, I'm getting runny nose and itchy throat because of the weather. :(

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dinner At Friday's On A Saturday

We went to Alamanda last Saturday and decided to have a one day earlier anniversary dinner at Friday's. A more intimate celebration will be later, together with both our birthday on Sep 21 & 23rd. ^^
A quiet Friday's when we got there for dinner. Must be because everyone are still enjoying their Raya feast and not eating out much yet.
Raimie clowning around while waiting for his food to arrive. There was Spongebob shown on the TV monitors so he got pre-occupied watching it for a while.

Good thing the food arrive not too long after our order made because otherwise, Raimie would certainly gotten restless!
and he got busy eating once it arrived. Spaghetti marinara (the free kid's meal) for him. I do think Tony Roma's free kids meal is a better deal than Friday's. Don't you think so too?
 Mommy ordered Friday's Three for All for appetizer to share with Daddy and Raimie. Mommy "chop" the celery sticks and ate most of the fried mozzarella too. Daddy and Raimie scoffed down the buffalo wings. Well, Daddy did anyway.
forgetting how big a portion food here can be, Mommy ordered Chicken and Shrimp Diablo too. Big, juicy shrimps but Mommy didn't care much about the chicken strips in there.
Daddy had Tennessee Burger and even Daddy had problem finishing his burger because he had to eat most of the chicken wings served on the Three-for-all platter.

A nice dinner and we got a bit of shopping done afterwards. Well, Mommy did. She bought yet another running vest to add to her collection of running attire.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Take A Spin, Repeat Cycle And Rinse

I take a spin around my neighbourhood by running most days. Some days I felt good and can go on and on if not for the time constraint and the fact that there are people who are waiting for me at home. Other days, I had to drag myself  and start off thinking I'd probably do a short run and yet, I always end up doing more than I think I could. I like to sweat. Crazy? Maybe. ;)

There's this tiny hill beside my apartment that is a favourite for people to jog/walk up. It is steep and can be a challenge, especially for someone like me; and halfway up my Nike+ Sportband will always fail to register the distance. When I go up, I would feel like I'm so gonna be sooooo flat, then I ran down and feel like I can do another round. This will be repeated along with my usual runs. I would start to think I can't do anymore, then I recover sufficiently and I repeat the process again and again. Though of course, with a wonky knee like mine, I only go up the hill once a week now.

"Gosh! Your toe is ugly!" That's what Zaini remarked to me a few weeks ago upon noticing my black toe.  I need to buy a new shoes, I know. But the stress I had buying the current pair I have put me off shoes shopping for the time being. Zaini isn't keen to drive me around town looking for that pair either. I wanted to check out the Running Lab at Tropicana Mall but as Zaini said, there is no guarantee I will come away with a purchase there, after all the trouble of going!

But if I do eventually make an effort to buy a new pair, I'll  have a hard  time choosing a model. Which brand? Which model? I have no idea. Brooks provides home service and shoe consultancy and can come over to any place I choose. Maybe I should just try their service and avoid all the hassle of going to a physical shop?

Anyway, back to this running fever I currently contracted - after all that hard work and sweat; I do sweat buckets; it is just so nice to have a nice, really cold shower to rinse the fatigue away. A cold shower is just the thing to make me feel cool throughout the day and a cold shower at night makes me sleep well too. ^^

The end of August marks my 5th month I put on my running shoes regularly and doing my running away from treadmills and making an effort to go further and faster each week. From being happy to just be able to accomplish a mere 3K without fainting, I now almost made it to 15K in one go! Yeay me!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Found You 찾았다

Honestly, at first I didn’t know,
though it was an accidental encounter
Till now,
I’ve learned more about sorrow than happiness

Though I was full of tears,
I will bring you only laughter
I must have finally found my other half
My heart is racing like this

Found you my love,
The person I’ve been searching for
I want to share a heated embrace with you
Stay still and close your eyes
So I can kiss you on the lips

I love you, it’s you who I love
Found you
The one person I’ll keep by my side

Though I had kept my heart closed,
I’ll give my heart to you
I must have finally found my other half
My heart is racing like this

Found you my love,
The person I’ve been searching for
I want to share a heated embrace with you
Stay still and close your eyes
So I can kiss you on the lips

I love you, it’s you who I love
Found you
The one person I’ll keep by my side

The person who embraced all the painful wounds on my closed heart
I want to love you more and more, for eternity

Found you my love,
The person I’ve been searching for
I want to share a heated embrace with you
Stay still and close your eyes
So I can kiss you on the lips

Stay still and close your eyes
So I can kiss you on the lips

I love you, it’s you who I love
Found you
The one person I’ll keep by my side

Thank you
For coming to my side

credit for translation : Princess.of.tea. corner

Dedicated to my dearest hubby, whose been through thick and thin with me and has been my loyal supporter in all that I endeavour. I'm so lucky to have found him. Chajatta <3 <3 <3

Thank you for being by my side for 12 years. Happy 12th anniversary to us.

Oh gosh! I'm such a sap.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

On The First Day of Raya

On the first day of Raya (Eid); we wake up early, there might be visit to the nearby mosque for "solat Raya", don our new clothes, ask for forgiveness with our family members and visit relatives and neighbours and a visit to the graves of our loved ones on this joyous day.

We didn't do anything special at home this year as we would be going to both our parents home on the first and second day of Raya.
The family photo for this year's Raya. Raimie wanted to wear purple baju Raya so our colour theme this year is purple. ^^
With Zaini's side. Everyone made it this year. :)
What's more fun for children than collecting green packet/"Duit Raya"? Of course, in order to get those "duit raya", they have to "salam" the relatives first! ^^
Raimie's Raya bounty. All "proceeds" will go straight to his savings account. xD
And this is the day that any calorie count went heedless and we enjoy the rendang, ketupat, lemang and all sorts of Raya cookies. It's been non-stop eating for me these past couple of days. I'm scared of going on the scale. I bet I added a few kgs already! @.@

We spent the morning of the first day of Raya with Zaini's family before going off to visit his father's neighbours. Then it was time for us to head back to my hometown in Raub which is just 2 hours away from KL.
The road was as always during the festivals season, refreshingly clear.

It's not too late to wish all Muslims all around the world an Eid Mubarak or Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.

How was your Raya holiday?


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