A Virgin On The Run

A race virgin that is. ^^

So, I went and entered myself to KLIUC Unity Run and ran 10K last Sunday. It's my preparation before running in the way bigger race of the Putrajaya Night Marathon in October. I figured I'd do well  by getting a taste of road races by joining smaller ones first before going head first into big ones. This race was actually the third race I signed up this year. The first one being the Putrajaya Night Marathon on Oct 15 and the second one was the Pudu Charity Run on Sep 25.

I relinquished photography duties today and  handed it over to Zaini and he as always did a great job capturing the moments!
 Starting line for Men & Women Open
Before the start of the race. Still got time to clown around. Gosh! My "perut buncit" is so obvious here. ^^! 
 and the mayhem begins!

I tried to keep my pace steady and tried not to run too fast too quickly seeing that this was my first race. I mean, I'm not aiming for a personal best just yet. The aim for me joining this run today was to get a feel of a race and I got that, getting elbowed and all by those too excited at the starting line. Anyhoo, whatever time I did today will already be my personal best in a race for the time being. xD

My observation for this race, cars were still speeding past us runners and there were runners who seem to have nary a care about traffic when they tried to overtake other runners. Imagine how unsafe it was to run in the outermost lane which was open to traffic and have a speeding car coming behind you. @.@

It was a bit getting used to having to maneuver my way around runners who like to sprint as suddenly as they stopped, right dead in front of me seeing that I always run alone and at places that are not crowded with runners before.

I also observed around KM4 or 5 a few lady runners "cutting short" their route by a few kilometres by just jumping lanes instead of running the loop. Nice going, ladies! NOT! 

Zaini told me that there were a few "girls" who ran in the Women Open category who arrived amongst the Top 5 whom didn't seem like they did any running at all too. Was it the case? Or were they just too bummed out to run the distance? They were walking around with their medals so I supposed organizers acknowledged them finishing the race.
Me, at the last couple of kilometres and going uphill, yet again. The route was sure an undulating one, and I am appreciating the Mines inclines I faced each weekend running around the neighborhood. Between KM6-7, that "abang" wearing track pants (the one in the left) were pacing with me and we ran side by side for almost 3K.One would've thought we were in the race together seeing that we even matched our stride. Kakaka

Something funny happened when I overtook one "uncle" towards the end of the race. Once I overtook him who was walking; he started sprinting in front of me. He didn't run fast for long because I'd overtake him again and there he went, sprinting off again. I guess he "used" me as a tool to boost up his stamina. Cannot lose to this chubby woman, right? wakaka
Fuh! Fuh! I picked up my pace thinking that the finish line was just a few hundred metres away but it turned out we had to make another KM round the bend or something before getting to the finish line. The sun was too hot by now!
Medal collection time. I didn't realised that my Nike+ Sportband was still counting my mileage and timing when I was at this table! Too excited finishing to press stop, I guess. LOL The "pakcik technical" was remarking - "alahai, lenggang lengguk jalan ambik medal". Yahaha
My first medal in almost 20 years! And my first ever medal in my first ever road race. Best part of this race, while top 50 finishers receive medals with placing, all runners do get a finisher medal. Love these small races.

Maybe I would've fared better in placing if I entered the Women Veteran seeing that the age for Women Veteran was 36 and above. Heh heh


  1. Congratulations! That's a terrific start to a whole load of races to come I'm sure :)

  2. @sriyany,
    Thanks. :)

    Hahah I wish I can join lots of races but hubby would be banging his head if I get too excited. ;)

  3. Congrats! Oh so much fun, they should make check points, punya main tipu main cut. Oh lord, don't they like make a safe line for runners? Anyways, good performance :) the training paid off! ;) too bad in KK not much races T_T

  4. wahhhhh i like!! i like !! tahniah bad !! hemsem la itu abang yang teman kan ko tu. ekekekekekkek :D

  5. Wow! Congratulations, Lina! So, were you among the top 50? You didn't say or could I have missed it? That sure is a good-looking medal, one certainly most meaningful being your maiden achievement in a maiden attempt. Kudos and may you have many more to come.

    Good job on the pictures, Zaini.

  6. @maslight,
    I guess can't expect much lah... this is a Uni organized event. Small scale only. There were traffic police at certain places like at junctions though.

    Takde checkpoint & takde distane marker pun. Pulun aje lari sampai habis. LOL

  7. @dot,
    Hensem, abang botak. I like "abang botak" punyer. Wakaka

  8. @HappySurfer,
    It was a nice medal. For me at least. Heavy too. Think can tahan and show off to my grandchildren someday. Hahaha

    The placing was mentioned on the medal. Under the mention of "Wanita Terbuka & 10KM". See it? ;)

    Yup, Zaini did a good job being the photographer that day. Captured the feel of the race, if I say so myself. Plenty of my own ugly mug panting while trying to finish too. Not showing those to public! xD

  9. U did swell :) unfortunately there are the cheaters around, some even top placing!!! But as long as we keep true to the spirit, let them think they are terror lol. What was ur timing?? And PNM, u doing which category? I did my first half at PNM last year and totally enjoyed it! All the best :)

  10. @June,
    Kak June - shameful 10K timing lah. Berangan je nak dpt sub1hr. kakaka 69 minutes kalau ikut my Nike+ or maybe more as including the lenggang wayang walk to the medal table total was 75min. I shaved of like 5 minutes off my 10k time running along Mines - Tanming Jaya route. ;)

    PNM - 10K also. I don't think I should be trying HM just yet. Pengsan kang, sapa susah? Mampus kena ban from running by hubby! @.@

    Looking forward to PNM. You won't be around the race that time?

  11. Congrats on finally putting all that training to the test.

    I have to agree with June, unfortunately there will always be cheaters. Why run if you're just going to cheat, right?

    Anyways, good job and start clearing space in your cabinet for more medals to come. Holler is you see me and the wife in PNM.

  12. @Nick,
    What's the satisfaction in getting the medals but not going thru the run and sweat for it? o.O

    Hahaha... I doubt there'll be much or any medals just yet. ;)

    I'm trying to incorporate what Jamie gave and the training workout I read at Runners World to prepare myself for PNM. Hope for a faster time there.

    And yes, will definitely try and holler you & wife and other random people I might not know there too! LOL

  13. Congrats on your personal best! More to come!

  14. @Jamie,
    Looking forward to it! ;)

  15. oh, i would say this is a great achievement!! your first step out and you personal best to-date!! *pat on your shoulders*..

  16. i wouldn't have the stamina to even run a 10KM, the most maybe 200m, because i WAS a sprinter at school many many many many many many years ago~~ :D

  17. haha, funny though you were "competing" with those uncles!! at least next time you can find some better competitors to make you go into the Top 50 lah~~ :D

  18. ok, keep going keep going!! there are lots of finisher medals to be won, and there are more personal records to be set~~ wooooosh!!! :D

  19. Wow! Congrats on your virgin race! LOL!

  20. Huh? The ladies cheated by jumping lanes? Is that allowed?!

  21. Enjoyed reading your virgin run story here haha!!! Congrats on the medal! Looks nice! : )

  22. So you'll be going for the Pudu Charity Run this Sunday? Good luck! : )

  23. @SK,
    Some uncles are very, very fast one! DOn't look down on uncles. hahaha

    Patted shoulder already. Thanks. ^^

  24. @foong,
    Nice medal right? :)

    Maybe not going to the Pudu one this week. Zaini is taking us for a weekend break somewhere.

  25. LOL! I thought that number is the number of times this event was held. Oops! So, you made the 50 and at a personal best time too. Awesome!

    Not running this w/e? I guess a breakaway wins hands-down over the run. Have fun, whichever.

  26. @HappySurfer,
    You're not the only one! ;)

    Maybe no running in a race this Sunday. Forgoing a family trip for a race is a bit too much craziness for me. xD

  27. congratulations on completing the run!

    It does feel great when we do right? :) especially when we get a medal for it! Wootz! that feeling is even better :).

    I better start practising running too :p.

  28. @LV,
    Thanks. ^^

    Get well soon and then can practise your swim/run/workout again. How's the cat?

  29. Don't worry too much about timing and pace and all that at this point. Just go out there and enjoy the race and the rest will come naturally. And yes, Jamie does give some great tips :D

  30. @Nick,
    But so hard not to want to aim for faster and longer run. I'm greedy! xD

    But I think I somewhat did better running yesterday trying to incorporate those training tips I got. Gonna practise more. Run with bigger, stable stride and improve on my gait. I'm excited! ^^

  31. Congratulations! So did you beat the Uncle? ;-)

  32. @jellybelly,
    Of course I did! ^^

    In my next race, I'm going all out and will not run mellow like I did in this one. Uncle - beware! LOL

  33. Lin - ur first race? kudos to u for making the decision..i've been there and i know its not easy especially when all the while we've been doing it on our own he3. but we're actually not alone bcos the running community is one of the most caring & giving group around :D

    Btw akak was there also and it sure was a 'hot' run, panas gile he3 ;p

    All the best with the running :)

  34. @Kak Tiff,
    You were there? If I'm not mistaken, I read in your post that you are the top finishers and get the cash award too, right?

    If only lah I can run as fast as you. :)


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