Wednesday, 27 February 2013

For Sunday

maybe I'll step out looking normal and like other runners.

Or maybe, I'll go out for a half-marathon run around Bukit Jalil in the Brooks Half Marathon this sunday in this :
OK. That white blob will be on the back, not the front. Just too darn lazy to take a front & back photo. Haha

Zaini knows me well enough to be completely ambivalent about my choice of outfit and ambivalent enough not to show any embarassment to acknowledge that it is his wife in this outfit. *love him to bits*

Gotta wake up super early on Sunday as the run starts at 5.30am! @.@

Anyway, me and the bunny ears sure had a lot of fun together. We ran Men's Health & Shapre run 2012 together. Then we went to Taiping too. The last outing together was at MPIB Run 2013. My first run for 2013.

Why do I wear it? Because I do not want to take myself too seriously and I want to go out and run and have FUN! That's why. ^^

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fun-Filled Saturday

Who would've thought I'd wake up at 4.30am on a non-race day on a weekend to go out running? With the boys waking up without my prodding too! This must be my lucky day!
Jamie's eleven.

The reason we went out at such ungodly hours to go to Lake Garden : joining the GCAM 2013 - Team My in Training. Session #4.

Followed speedsters Jamie, Nick and the lovely PifflesInc doing two loops around the lake before the 7.00am session. Thank goodness they were doing a "tok kok" pace run otherwise I wouldn't have been able to follow them! huhuhu

At 7.05am, the group run started. We did a loop around the lake before tackling the deer park incline, pass the Bird Park then to the foot of planetarium hill and the mosque before heading back to the lake for another loop.
Hopping like a bunny. Hahaha
While waiting for Mommy, Raimie & Zaini did a loop around the lake too. Raimie needs to train because his mommy had registered him to run with her and daddy in the Pisang Relay in May and the 2.5km kids dash in Standard Chartered KL Marathon in June.
He was good enough to run with mommy who was at her final few metres before finishing too.
Piffles Inc aka Yvonne had nicely made a bunny tail for me so I was trying it out while wearing her very cute, handmade bunny ears. Did this in full view of some secondary school kids who passed by us while doing their cross-country run. Whatever lah this auntie is doing? Bwahaha
Met up with Karen afterwards, got a couple to Malaysia Women Marathon t-shirts from her and simply cannot resist a photo with her.

Karen is the race director of Malaysia Women Marathon. Met and talked to her earlier in my sweaty running gear. Went to shower at the nearby toilet before taking this photo. Must look nice and smell good la... right? Hahaha
Then, off we went to The Curve.

I forgot to bring my deodorant along, so had a stop at Watson's and used one of Rexona's spray-on deodorant tester. LOL

Picked up my race kit for the half-marathon I'll be doing next week at Brooks Half Marathon.
Then, makan!

The boys had a hotdog each and mommy had TWO! Hungry lah, after running that 13km earlier in the morning.

Did a bit of shopping - "accidentally" bought something at Adidas store. Ahahaha
and two hours later, had this for lunch. Nasi kunyit with chicken curry at Nyonya Colors.
Me and hubby in couple Malaysia Women Marathon tees.

Noticed my different hair style? Had a haircut too, today.

Posted some photos at FB, replied to comments on my blog (I'll comment on yours soon, I promise. You know who you are ^^) then pretty soon it was dinner time.

After dinner, went to Carrefour errr... AEON Big or whatever it is called now. Some shopping and got this too
It may not be Haagen-Dazs but still satisfying.

It's 11.00pm now and I am still not yet sleepy. Need to sleep soon. Need to wake up early tomorrow for a nice 16K run at target HM pace. 

Nite, peeps!

Friday, 22 February 2013

School's Out

for many years for me but got a bit nostalgic about it today, triggered by some discussion I had with HHBC members earlier this morning. 

It started with Anay talking about his parents, then about some bloggers asking him info on Muslim food in Japan, which lead us discussing about Halal food and then I told them a bit about my old school. Yes, the hamsap people of HHBC can and do talk about serious matters and not only about hamsap things. Right Meow and SK? ^^

Anways... school days.

I don't have a lot of photos to reminiscence about my long ago schooling days. I hate taking photos. I don't take them much these days unless with my family and when I'm running. Shocking huh? LOL
Primary school. Methodist Girls School or Sekolah Kebangsaan Perempuan Methodist. I used to wear a badge with MGS wording and not like the one above. I'm OLD. Huhuhu

Nothing spectacular in primary school. I was just an average student. Rarely got top 3 placing. Only hovered around top 10. Not that active in sports either. I was just a quiet and weird girl in class who rode the chopper bicycle to school. Hated the bike and actually wished to have that 7-up bicycle instead so that I can race my friends after school. xD

But it was in MGS I discovered the joy of reading. Love the school's library. I read Peter Rabbit, Bom the Toy Drummer, Asterix & Obelix, Tintin, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Sweet Valley High - all while in primary school. 

Super strict teachers abound but we survived school.
Then, 5 years of secondary school in Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM) or MARA Junior Science College. A boarding school. 
"Dewan makan" food anyone? Anybody miss eating from those trays? ^^ Can anyone recognise me in this photo?

Gotta sit for an MRSM entrance tendency test after my Penilaian Darjah Lima (yes, I did mention I'm old. UPSR was after my time. booohooo) OK so, I sat for it during Standard 6. It's more like an IQ test. Didn't take it too seriously, I remembered me and my schoolmates were the noisiest bunch amongst all the students from other schools in Raub who sat for the test. Don't really know why I got selected. Bwahaha

I went to three(!) different MRSMs during secondary school! Crazy, huh?

Form 1 - 2 was spent in Kuantan. Love this school. It follows US style classes and we were with different classmates for different subjects and change classes every period. English and Mathematics were according to our level - bright class, average class & not-so-clever class. Totally funny thing happened for English class. I didn't do too well during my first test while in the "bright" class for English and was "demoted" to the not-so-clever class. Stuck in that class for two years BUT I had one of the highest scores for English for each tests after that. A "bodoh" English student in C class managed to outperform most of the "pandai" students in Class A. LOL

For other classes, we get to choose our teachers. First day of school was spent registering our names under a teacher we wanted. Popular teachers of course get his/her classes filled up first. Not easy to be a teacher in MRSM Kuantan... ^^

By the way, who really understands "Lateral Thinking" subject? I loath this subject and can never make any sense of it. Must be because I am never logical in the first place! Hahaha

In Kuantan I enjoyed the finer points of performance arts. Poem recitals (deklamasi sajak), drama performances, choirs, pantomimes. Popular poets were invited during the weekends. Artists too. 

Saturday mornings were spent doing tai-chi at the school field. Sunday afternoon were spent in senior rooms for usrah. Learnt the Surah Yasin by heart when I was 13. Finally.

Saturday nights were a treat sometimes, with some performances by local artists.

I got the chance to learn how to sail a catamaran while in Kuantan too. Just a couple of times though. The "Kelab Perahu Layar" or sailing club wasn't all that active. I was one of two girls in the club and us joining the club were met with strong objections from senior boys.

Form 3 was spent in Kerteh, Terengganu. MRSM Kerteh doesn't exists anymore. It moved to Kuala Berang now. It is so confusing to be an alumni of a school located in a place I've never been to. Heck! It's confusing to be an alumni of three different MRSMs! o.O

Weird how the teachers in Kerteh chose to put students in classes. We were sorted alphabetically. So in my class were all those whose names started with M,N & O. There were three students with the same name as mine in my class!

I went crazy in Form 3. Instead of buckling down and study for SRP, I became totally active in co-curriculum.

Athletics. Volleyball. Spelling Bee. Poem recitals. Hiking. Co-op member (and on duty almost every other night at the co-op shop). Committee member for dunno what.  Joined nasyid too (we won second place at a nasyid singing competition!)

MRSM teachers were big on making us walk crazy distances. It was a normal weekend activity to make us walk from our school in Alor Akar, Kuantan to the beach. 10km? Pfftt. We once walked to Cherating for our homeroom excursion! 

Teachers in Kerteh had us walk from our school to Kemasik just to have a picnic. Who needs a bus, anyway? @.@
 Me and my classmates during Form 5 in our "stesen keretapi" style class.

Form 4 & 5 was spent in Kem Terendak in Melaka. I got the option to return to Kuantan but I had this "bright" idea of going somewhere totally crazy. It was Kem Terendak as first choice and Balik Pulau as my second choice after Form 3. I wasn't bright enough to be selected to go to Taiping, where most of my BFFs managed to get in to. Huhuhu

In Form 4 & 5, I found out that I am really good at writing speeches. I can write a last minute piece for an elocution contest my English teacher had me enter and still get placing. 

One school holiday, I turned down a chance to join a international level jamboree that was held in Kuantan just so I can become an English facilitator at an English camp. Why? Because I DO NOT like marching! LOL

Though here, I encountered the ugly world of rank and file. My English teachers asked me to join the debate team but I found out that the members didn't believe a kampung gal can be any good in their team. Furthermore, I'm a poor kampung girl unlike other team members who were children of high-ranking army officers. I bailed out from English-lit class because of this same reason too. :(
But all in all, I still had lots of fun here. School was fun. When I wasn't in the classroom! Hahaha

Barely remember or make any use of what I learn from class. I had a barely enough CGPA to graduate too. I think my CGPA at the end of Form 5 was 2.75? Or was it 2.50? Something low like that lah... Low grade also meant that I can never contest for a post in the students' body. Not that I have any leadership skill to want to anyway. ;p

How was your school days like?

p.s. I'll bore you to death writing about running next! *evil laugh*

Monday, 18 February 2013

Mommy's Day Out

on most Sundays, involve this :
photo credit : Jeli
A CNY run on Sunday, Feb 10th with Gaited Community members. We ran up all the way to the peak of PICC hill and got to enjoy this view :
photo credit : Jeli
but not before suffering climbing up PICC with a 696 elevation gain. *pant pant* 

Raimie's Mommy managed to do a 23km that day. Running in a group can be really helpful in pushing oneself (albeit no matter how slow mommy ran) ^^

This was done last week. 26km. Alone. Raimie's daddy would usually accompany mommy at the first 5km and the last few kms during her long runs, but last Sunday he just wanted to walk instead of run so mommy had to suffer alone. 

Pushing oneself at the last few kms alone can be really hard, physically and mentally. Mommy sure appreciate group running more now.
And why do mommy  been logging all these kms on her two feet lately?

and taping her feet (especially the blister prone left foot) and slathering Vaseline on her certain parts of her body just so the blisters are kept to minimum and no chafing anywhere?
She is insane enough to want to do a full marathon (that's 42.195km people) this April at Malaysia Women Marathon and is trying to train hard and smart to prepare for the event. Check out their FB page too, if you are interested to know more about the event.

Questionable sanity notwithstanding, how could Raimie's mommy resist joining and supporting this event? It celebrates Women In Running.Sisterhood in running, UNITE. :-)

Not keen running 42km? Well, there's half marathon (21km) and 8km categories too! 
Fancy enjoying the sights of Shah Alam on foot, anyone?

Doesn't matter how fast (or slow) we run. The main thing is we enjoy what we do and get fit & healthy doing it. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday Outing

Just got home after spending the whole day out. *blergh*

We accompanied FIL to SK Bukit Bandaraya earlier as he's picking up the BR1M2.0 RM500.00 there. I must say, total chaos at the school. The road leading to the school (heading to Bangsar Shopping Centre) was totally jammed in the afternoon. Saw people shoving, pushing, littering, quarreling and all around bad behaviour while waiting for FIL to exchange the voucher to cash. Who cares about the elderly or the infirm? Push them to get to the front of the line! Nobody seems to take notice of the MC's plead for a more orderly queue. :( 

Then, after sending FIL home, we continued on to Putrajaya as we wanted to eat sate Kajang for dinner tonight. But before that, a bit of exercise to work up the appetite. ^^
We went for a leisurely walk at the hilly Taman Saujana Hijau in Presint 11.

Lovely view right? It was absolutely nice to have a walk or jog here. Breezy. Can't beat the view from up the hill. We walked 3+km up to the peak and back down.

But maybe can be a tad hot for a late morning (say 10.00am) jog here. Not much shade on the main jogging trail but plenty if you choose the trail from/leading to the houses down below.

Dinner was at Taman Warisan Pertanian. Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. Yummmz. ^^

Thursday, 14 February 2013

For Our Loved Ones

Today is a special day. For our lover, for our family, for our friends.

Yes, I know some of you will say that you don't need today to show your love to that someone special. True. But then, what's the harm about being joyous today? After all, what's wrong about celebrating love? Much better than harbouring hatred to each other, right?

Show your love today. Everyday. Don't wait till one day it's too late and all you can say is... "I should have done..."

Here's a sweet song that I do enjoy a lot...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Back To The 1990s

So I was watching 2012 KBS Song Festival on TV. There's this segment where the current idol bands showcased hit songs by idol bands in the 1990s and I couldn't help but smile at how nostalgic the 1990s tunes are. Korea has Shinhwa, HOT, g.o.d., Sechs Kies, then you all know NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, NSync, the Brits with Take That, Westlife, Boyzone and Malaysia with Nico, 4U2C, Feminin... Memories... ^^

1990s. The time of my youth. The time when I first had my crush. When my heart was broken. The time when I had dreams. Big dreams. But also the time of extreme loneliness for me. A time when insecurities held supreme too. A time of outward fearlessness.

It wasn't a happy time (well, at least not until the late 1990s ^^) but I looked back at those times fondly now. I used to erase any memories of my childhood because it was a tad painful but I guess with "old" age came acceptance of life and life lessons. 

And whaddya know... there's a Korean drama got me reminiscent about the past. In a good way.
It's tvN's sitcom : Answer Me 1997 and it has Eun Ji Won in it! It's humorous, a sitcom of 30-something and their teenage life way back in the 90s. Cute. And for a late 30s me, I can't help but connect with the story.

You can read the recap at Dramabeans. I love reading recaps! Just as much as I love watching the dramas!

Now, if you excuse me. I have stuff to do.

And oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating it!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Cert With A Photo

I received this certificate of completion for a run I did in November today in the mail.
I posted about the run here.

It's rather nice to have a cert with a photo, don't you agree? Even with a bad timing like mine! huhuhu

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is it too early to wish all my Chinese bloggers a Happy Chinese New Year? ^^

Wishing you all, luck in the year of Snake and may you be happy, prosperous and in good health for the year. :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Sometimes, It's Not All About Winning

Watch the clip. Please.

A good reminder for us to stop and think that life is not all about us alone. 


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