Saturday, 3 April 2010

It's Always Nice To Get A Suprise

I've been wearing my Winnie The Pooh watch (the one in the bottom of the photo) which I bought at Disneyland for 4 years now. It went dead a couple of months ago, but instead of changing its battery, I just wore a dead watch around. Haha

I only have one watch at a time because I couldn't care less coordinating my wardrobe and my watch to match each other. How many watches do you have?

Either Zaini was exasperated with me wearing a non-functioning watch or he took pity on me, he bought me a new one. We went together to a watch shop on Friday but I thought he wanted to buy a new watch for himself. He asked me which watch I like and myself not thinking much about it, just pointed to a likely looking one without looking at the price tag. I was pretty shocked when he told the guy that he'll take it. (Maybe I should've pointed to a watch that cost a few thousand instead. LOL).

Thanks Dearie! :)


  1. Hello Lina,

    The Disney watch lasted for 4 years? that watch must be of a good quality. I used to buy cheap watch before and it wouldn't last for even a year. So, i decided to buy expensive watches. At least i don't have to spend too much money on buying cheap watches 3 times a year.

  2. I have several watches but I have only one wrist to wear one watch at a time. :D

    I don't buy my watches, they are gifts. I usually don't look at the time so they are useless to me. ha!

  3. LOL @ wearing a dead watch

    I have several but seldom use one, let alone mix and match them with my outfits. Mostly use cellphone as my timepiece :)

    Congrats, it's a sweet surprise!

  4. @Willie,
    If was a good watch that didn't cost much. I got it for a mere 6,000yen 4 years ago.

    I don't buy cheap watches too, especially the decorative ones that one can wear as accessories. I like my watch to last awhile. :)

  5. @ECL,
    So bad lah you! People think you had something loose in your head if you wear more than 1 watch on your wrists! LOL

    Wah, so nice to get them as gifts. Only Zaini buy watches for me. I have yet to receive it from anyone else (well, except one from one ex-boyfriend years and years ago). :D

  6. @Evan's Mom,
    After wearing a dead watch for so long, I have to get used to look at my wrist for the time instead of my handphone. :D

    It was a nice surprise. I do so love getting surprises. Don't you? :)

  7. i have been without a watch too for a week waiting for my watch to come out of the workshop. I wonder if i should hint to Mrs BB to buy me a new one too hehe

  8. @Bengbeng,
    Wah, your watch cost a lot to spend so much time being repaired. :D
    Mrs BB, will you buy a new one for him or not? ;)

  9. i love watches. i got a new one from taiwan.

  10. I don't wear a watch! I use my handphone or rather, now my iPhone (he he!) to check the time : )

  11. Aiyo! Why you wear a dead watch around? Not good lah, after the ghost of the dead watch haunt you! LOL!!

  12. So how much the watch costs? Yeah, should've pointed to more expensive watches instead ; )

  13. @wenn,
    show off to us lah the new watch! :D

  14. @foong,
    eleh, so show off one wif the iphone! Hihi

    Don't wear dead watch oso kena visited oredi. Don't care lah. XD

    How much ah? Half of 4 figure amount. I so good wife, right? Didn't waste husband money. :D

  15. i ever pakai dead watch.... sayang punya pasal... bila org tanya kul baper... refer to hp hahaha...

    next time point yang mahal ok

  16. @Yatie,
    Lama tak dengar berita. :)

    Itulah... ingat lepas ni nak point kat iPhone lak. Tengok dapat ke tak. hihihi

  17. wow sos weet...and nice new watch =P



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