Hari Keusahawanan

When I was in primary school, "Hari Keusahawanan" was simply called "Hari Kantin" or Canteen day.  Name got upgraded to sound better nowadays, eh? ^^
First order of business upon arriving, pay for the coupons. We bought RM50 worth and it was sure well spent by our Son. We initially gave him a set of RM10 worth, and he kept asking for more soon after! But as this is for the school's funds, we didn't mind. Who else to help with the school's funds if not the parents? Do you know that the allocation given by the Ministry of Education is fixed per student and is given as per number students in each school? Unless of course, you are in a Bistari school or something like that, where the allocation would be more.

When parents want school to arrange activities and provide better facilities, the need to raise more funds arises hence the need for donation drive and this "Hari Keusahawanan" and whatever "thon"  - bacathon, aerobikthon, walkathon; donation drive the school might do. We as parents, I believe should chip in whenever we can and with whatever we can afford to, to make our children's schooling environment better.

Be proactive in our children's schooling and quit just bitching about the state of education in this country. Do something about it. Help the teachers. Help the students. Create support parents support group if you want to.We are as responsible (if not more) about our children education as the teachers are.

(Sorry if I sound preachy here. It's just that I do get tired of hearing parents complaining about a LOT of things but how many did go and see & talk to the teachers about whatever issues they have?)
Before the start of the "Hari Keusahawanan", the teachers and PIBG committee waited for the VIP arrival.
Senator Dato' Raja Nong Chik, the Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being officiated the event. Here he was with the school's Headmaster, "Cikgu" Ong and the YDP PIGB (PTA chairman) Mr. M Vengadeson.
Doing the walk-about after officiating the event. Parents, teacher and students alike took the chance to shake hands with the Minister. He also donated and bought coupons to be distributed to each students in the school. Each student received RM10 worth of coupons to spend  that day. Pssttt... election time coming soon, right? (^o^)
Food stalls manned by the teachers and PIBG committee members at the school, selling stuff donated  by students/parents. Each student in Raimie's year needed to bring in two packs of sausages. Last year he brought nuggets. *^-^*
and at the drinks stall. There are 1Malaysia  bottled drink now too? Sold at the 1Malaysia shops, I suppose?
A ghoul promoting the haunted house, located on the 1st floor. We went up to check it, and boy there sure was a long queue for the haunted house!

Raimie after finding his friends left us and only look for us when he was out of "funds". I think he spent the bulk of his coupons on game stalls and not so much on food or toys. We were hoping there might be a stall for books like during Sports Day but none this time. We were actually thinking it would be a great idea to buy more coupons and buy plenty of books for Raimie that day!

It was a great day both for our son and for us. We will definitely support any donation drive by the school in any way we can and it's a bonus to have fun while doing so. :)


  1. I'm so old, I can't even remember what it was called during my time ... hahaha!

    But I actually used to enjoy these 'hari keushawanan' back then cos got loads to eat and I loved eating back then!

  2. @Nick,
    Ya... as if! If you're so old already, I must be old too. xD Noooo!!!!

    Back then, my school asked parents to bring in food (cooked) for students to sell. And I remember fondly of talentimes held during the canteen day too. ;)

  3. at first i thot Hari Keusahawanan means "Hero Day" wakakaka!! i remember there's a similar word meaning hero in malay right??

  4. after reading it's a more glamorous name for Canteen Day, i sort of know what it's all about.. about selling food and crafts to raise fund for the school right?? :D

  5. oh, talk about all the fund raising.. i've been through many many times in my school life already..

  6. because i was from chinese school, so apparently we have limited to none subsidy from the government.. that was why every three to four years we need to raise fund for the school..

  7. apart from those Hari Keusahawanan, we have to take the donation form out of the school and "beg" for people to donate us money.. that's really tough job lah..

  8. hehe, but back to the topic.. i love the Hari Keusahawanan, we have it every year on the school anniversary.. we setup stalls and sell crafts and food for our own class or society funds..

  9. @SK,
    LOL How can you think it meant hero? Hero day? That'd be nice. What did you think similar sounding to 'keusahawanan'? "Kepahlawanan" izit? BTW, nowadays the word for hero in Malay used is "adiwira" ^^

    Raimie's in Standard three now and we've been through "Bacathon" only for collecting donation. Of course the canteen day is held every year.

    I remember when MGS (my primary school) wasn't under "Sekolah Bantuan Penuh". Means limited fund from Government too and my parents told me that sending me there is more expensive than sending me to a Sekolah Kebangsaan but they did it anyway because they wanted their daughter to be good in English.

    Son still got years ahead to "enjoy" more fund raising. "Lucky" him and us! @.@ kakaka

  10. haha, indeed!! kepahlawanan, that's so close to keusahawanan right?? geez.. wow, new word adiwira?? why not only wira?? what does the prefix adi means??

  11. i was from independent high school, so we were not funded by the government at all.. besides having to pay school fees, we need fund raising like almost every 3-4 years, but that was fun.. at least studying in such an environment makes me a more disciplined guy~~ :p

  12. Macam charity bazaar, okay Hari Keusahawanan sounds so new. I dun recall what mine was called back then *chuckled.

  13. @SK,
    The "adi" in adiwira? I have no idea what it means to. Malay language is so hard nowadays. ;p

    Good for you. Being schooled into being independent and creative thinking, I mean. :)

  14. @maslight,
    You can't remember? Don't tell me you are as old as me & Nick already! LOL

  15. You are one generous and understanding parent, Lina. It is important for parents (who can afford the extra funds) to take an interest in the school's affairs for the sake of the students.

    I read with interest about the Community Chest set up for vernacular schools by a group of corporate people. Funds do come in very handy for the upkeep of schools. I always thought the govt is providing enough funding for govt schools. Apparently not the case, huh?

  16. @HappySurfer,
    I guess it is easier for us because we just have one child.

    It's great that there are private people & companies setting up the community chest, right? It must have helped a lot. And parents and communities chipping in towards building a better vernacular school in their area - that's such a good effort.

    Yeah, I thought all government school were amply funded before. That was before we ever went to PIBG meetings. School going parents should not skip PIBG meetings in my opinion. How else will we know about issues at our children school if we don't meet with parents and teachers, even at least once a year?

  17. Wow! The name Hari Kantin changed to Hari Keusahawanan?

  18. 1Malaysia drinks? LOL!! But scared lah looking at those colours!!

  19. Wah! Got rumah hantu also? Nice! But I bet Raimie more interested in the game stalls right? : )

  20. @foong,
    Calling it Hari Kantin not glamour lah... LOL

    Yeah, that boy spent a lot of money at the game stalls!

  21. wowwww ini la hari paling best kat skolah ek?? hmmmm banyak nya makanan sodap2 awat la tak ajak akak skali !! nape skolah anak2 aku takde hari2 gini ek? hmmmmmmmm...

  22. @Dot,
    Sekolah anak ko belum buat lagi ka? Ke sebab YB Dato'dah bagi donation cukup, takyah carik duit utk tabung PIBG dah? xD


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