No More Battling With Ikan Terubuk Bones with Presscook

I love ikan terubuk or toli shad fish. I don't eat the fish often because, while I love its delicious rich milky taste; I don't really like battling with its fishy teeny weeny bones. The fish is delicious especially when baked in the oven but its them bones that made me stay away from it.

Ikan terubuk masin Sarawak is of course famous, but that also I seldom eat. I don't really like to cook salted fish at home!

But last week, I ate ikan terubuk twice! I learn about Presscook's frozen ready-to-eat ikan terubuk that promises no more battling with bones and I got some from a friend. COD direct to my doorstep!

A perfect product for lazybones like me! Hahaha

This is not salted fish, ya. While the fish is seasoned, it is not overpowering and not salty at all. With the two fish I got, I decided to try two different simple style of cooking.

To prepare the fish to eat is very easy. We can either deep-fry or just heat it up in the microwave for around 5 minutes.

The fish comes with a packet of sambal but we decided not to use it. 
Simply deep-fried and eaten with sambal kicap. Simple and nice. Yumsss.
My ikan terubuk masak taucu. Pardon the presentation - I just dumped everything on the fish! LOL
So yummy with a hot plate of rice.
The fish bones are all so soft (don't worry, the fish doesn't disintegrate so easily when being handled despite being soft) that we ate everything - head, body, bones and tail. The softness kinda reminiscent of Japanese simmered fish.

And there's no fishy smell or taste too.

This is great for everyone including kids. The bones are soft, just like when you eat canned sardines.

I got mine from a friend. If you want to try the fish, you can check out:
or contact 019-2720242

The fish is so SEDAP, I kid you not.


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