Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Little Bit Of Jealousy?

Raimie has two cousins in both sides of my family and two new cousins on the way pretty soon too!
Raimie and Kimi enjoying good splashing time together.
"Big brother" watching intently what "Little Brother" is doing.

Anyway, he loves playing with his little cousins and he does try to act like a big brother (a rather dorky big brother. LOL). However, there was one time when I agreed to babysit my nephew and let him stay overnight at our house but Raimie was a bit unhappy about it. He asked me why his cousin, Kimi isn't sleeping at his own house. Seems like it's OK for Kimi to come visit, share his toys and such but when Kimi wants to stay over, Raimie wasn't too happy. Did I sense a little bit of jealousy from Raimie? He is after all, an only child. I wonder how he would react if he has a little brother/sister? Not that we are planning for a new addition though!

Kimi didn't stay overnight because his mom had a change of plan so Raimie didn't have to share his Mom with Kimi after all. XD


  1. Raimie is only acting naturally, mah..

    Yeah, why not giving Raimie a brother or a sister, eh? hehe...

    Hi Lina!

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Hi! Hi! Hi!
    Close factory oredi although I certainly don't mind doing the "process". LOL
    Want to get this one oso so hard one! Dun wanna experience the very frequent trips to the hospital anymore lah.

  3. They were really enjoying themselves huh?

  4. agaknya.....dia nak adik kot...

  5. Seems to me he's ready to become a big brother. Did he ever ask for a little bro/sis?

  6. he needs to get used to a new situation, hat is all i think :)

  7. @Willie,
    Indeed they did. :)


  8. @Evan's Mom,
    Nope, as a matter of fact he told us that he doesn't want any siblings. :D

    I guess. He is so used to be the center of attention so maybe he doesn't like it when I give the attention to someone else.

  9. I'm an only child too so I can totally relate to his wanting all the attention to himself in his own domain :D

  10. @Nick,
    Who doesn't love attention, right?

  11. being the only child, naturally he wants to garner mummy's full attention.

  12. @Life Ramblings,
    I guess so. And he is really close with Mommy. :D

  13. well that happens, he knows he's the apple of your eyes and yet he sees mommy taking care of another baby. i know it will be a riot when elisse meets jariel. i can feel headache as early as now



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