Saturday, 24 April 2010

Size Does Matter

As always, if the boys decided to head to Carl's Jr for dinner, I would opt out from ordering any burgers. Not that their burgers aren't nice; I love their burgers, but the burgers are too HUGE for me! I think my stomach had shrank so much that its capacity has greatly diminished so I can't finish anything in big portions.

Rather than subject Zaini to eat more and help me finish my food, I always opted for salad when eating at any American joint. So, salad for dinner for me because size does matter and big is no good for me - food wise that is. *wink wink*
The boys' dinner - Teriyaki burger for Zaini and Western Charboiled Cheese Burger for Raimie. My growing boy had no problem finishing his burger.
My dinner - grilled chicken salad (or something).
Skinny Raimie has some room left in his tummy, and he finished up the chicken in my salad because I left the chicken aside. I'm not too crazy about chicken anyway.

We didn't linger for too long because we had to be back home early as Raimie had Saturday school, but before heading home, the boys decided to check out some Gachapon (capsule) toys in Jusco.
Zaini got for himself a Bleach toy and Raimie got a Kamen Rider W.
Early night for Raimie because he had to attend school though he is none too happy about it! 


  1. wow i love the teriyaki...
    haha you know why my parents avoid me to join them in their trip as much as possible( when i was a kid)...? it is because every time i see toys, i will do everything to convince them to buy me one.... as if i will cry out loud even we are in public market.. hahah that's how naughty i am when i was a kid..

    have a great day and thanks for sharing this to us..
    happy blogging

  2. big size is definitely for the boys!

  3. @bluedreamer27,
    Lucky my son doesn't do that in public. He knows he shouldn't ask for any toys unless we allow him to buy one. ;)

  4. @wenn,
    They have bigger appetite than us girls. ;)

  5. Hello Lina,

    I am a big fan of burger. I still prefer McDonald's burger than any other burgers. But i really have to control myself from eating too much burger because i am gaining weight faster than ever. I agree with you that growing up boys can really eat more than us.

    What? you bought your son a bleach toy? Hey! that's unfair! I want one too? please buy one for me? Uwaaaaa...i will cry....if you don't buy one for me.

  6. @Willie,
    I used to love McD burgers, but now I prefer Burger King or Carl's Jr. Carl's Jr burger if I can share half of it with someone else though.

    The Bleach capsule toy is for Zaini; my hubby. He is a huge fan of Bleach. I don't know how many hundreds of epsiode he downloaded already because I only managed to catch up half of it. :D

    Zaini got Ukitake Taichou's strap in his capsule toy but he would love it if he can get baddie and former captain Aizen. Who's your favourite character?

  7. benghui luckily for me has outgrown toys hehe saves money

  8. @Bengbeng,
    Hahaha, yalor lucky you. :D
    Anyway, how my son to outgrow playing and collecting the toys and action figures if his daddy loves them as much as his son too! :D

  9. Wow, the size is really big. But we can't get burger like this over here...make me craving for burger now after reading your post.

  10. @Superman,
    Yeap, their burgers are BIG and the price correspond to the size too. :D
    Going for a burger today, then? ;)

  11. Aiyoo, now I feel like going there for lunch today and just when I'm back on my salad eating regime ...

  12. @Nick,
    Aiyo Nick - so healthy. Eat salad only kah?
    Just take the protein (meat) and avoid the varb (bread) when you go lah. :D

  13. I agree that a Carl Junior burger is too huge, especially for me. I need my son to come along so as to share it. :P

    I'm amazed Raimie can finish a CJ buger by himself.

  14. @ECL,
    Actually I was amazed too. Sometimes its hard to get him to eat anything and at other times, he sure can eat a lot.

    Raimie used to share my food with me also, but now it is more of "nick some Mommy's food" instead of sharing.

    I wonder how his appetite would be when he's a teen. :D

  15. What's interesting is that the size of burgers and fast food is increasing all over. I'm not sure why but you are right.

  16. i'm not a fan of burgers of any kind.

  17. I seldom eat burger but recently have been eating Ramly burgers : )

    I agree Carl Jr burgers are way too huge, although I have no problem finishing them! Hehe

  18. i agree about american portion being too huge but not in alljoints i believe

    raimie enjoying his eat out =)



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