Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sports Day!

No sleeping in for us today. We woke up early because it was Sports Day at Raimie's school. Despite the fact that he missed school for two weeks due to chicken-pox, three weeks before the Sports Day; he entered two events. Lucky for us and the rest who attended the sports day (children, teachers and parents alike) the day wasn't that hot so the heat was quite bearable.

Because Zaini is no longer a PIBG (PTA) member (he didn't attend the AGM in March), he wasn't involved in any judging or prize giving this year. It's going to be a quiet year for Zaini at Raimie's school this year; not being a PIBG member as he won't need to attend so many meetings, events or activities.
The respective sports houses being decorated with their respective colours. There seems to be quite a number of trainee teachers at his school this year, and they were pretty busy and excited organising and handling the sports day.

Each student got fried rice for breakfast before the start of the event, sponsored by the school canteen operator. Raimie, having had his breakfast at the Mamak earlier with us, opted out from taking the packed breakfast.
Raimie with one of his friends, Nicholas.

Unlike Raimie who always, always ignore us when we were at his school; all his friends are really friendly with us. To take this photo, I called out Nicholas for a photo and he roped in Raimie. My cool son doesn't think it's cool for his parents to be around him at school and he is not even a teenager yet! 
Raimie with his relay team waiting for their turn to compete. He was the second runner in his team unlike last year when he was chosen as the last runner.

Watching the lower primary students (the 7 and 8 year olds) competing in their 4x50m dash was pretty hilarious.  We saw runners lost in their own world and missed the start, wrongly passed batons - runners passed batons to rival members and even one who didn't run when he got the baton. We parents had a good laugh watching them.
Parents flocking by the side of the track, eagerly snapping away the children's race. I only took a few. I didn't check our camera's battery and it was low so I had to resort to using my handphone camera.

Raimie didn't enter any individual events and the two events he was in were team events. His team got 1st place in one and 3rd place in the other. Raimie dear, try harder next year! Make Papa (who used to compete on MSSM level way back when - I need to mention this because I'm such a show-off. Yahaha!!!) proud.


  1. i have missed almost all of benghui's important moments. i feel a little jeles of u :)

  2. my attendance record is very poor when it comes to PIBG meetings.

  3. At least his team won 1st place in one event. Sporting events are exciting moments for the kids. I remembered being stuck in green house (as in the sporting team grouped in colours) almost my entire schooling life...don't know why.

  4. @bengbeng,
    A little only? :D
    Anyway, you are there for Benghui when he needs you, right? :)

  5. @Life Ramblings,
    Most of the meetings are after school and as Raimie's school is near to both our offices, it is easy for either of us to be at the school. It is understandable that some parents might not be able to attend due to work/family commitments.

  6. @Mei Teng,
    Maybe because green suits you? :D
    True, sporting events are exciting, even for those who are not participating.

  7. bad.. sronok nya tgk sports day depa ek? memacam keletah bebudak kicik nih. kemain cool lagik si Raimie :D sama la cam ko tu dolu2. kekekekekekkkk :D

  8. @dot,
    mak pak aku mana ada jejak kaki kat sekolah. :D

    Kenalah cool, kalau jalan, tangan masuk dlm poket bagai. Peminat ramai dia tu... muekekeke

  9. not is difficult to get leave

  10. I actually enjoy going to my kids sports day event but strangely enough, I used to hate attending it when I was schooling ...

  11. @Bengbeng,
    We are lucky we have understanding bosses, Zaini especially. Otherwise, it'll be hard for him to attend all of Raimie's school activities.
    I find gwailo bosses are more understanding towards things like this.

  12. @Nick,
    I love sports day although I nowhere good at them (and I hate the training for it).
    It's more fun being parents attending the event than being the child entering them.
    Though I pity the kids having to brave the hot, scorching sun to participate in any sports.

  13. its like a family day. glad ur family enjoyed

  14. Must be fun watching our kids competing. Congrats to Raimie's team!

    I rarely attend school events. I think people at school (teachers/friends) are more familiar with Evan's grandma or nanny, rather than with us the parents :(

  15. @imelda,
    it was a fun, school event day. :)

  16. @Evan's Mom,
    Thanks. :)

    We are a regular face at his primary school but for his afternoon religious school, his grandad is a more familiar face to the Ustazahs there than us.

  17. mommy so involved...that's very good!

  18. hie there! how are you dear. please collect your award in my blog! ;)

  19. @Ayie,
    Daddy is more involved than Mommy. He's at a position where he's pretty much flexible with his work schedule unlike Mommy. :D

  20. @ku E,
    Hi dearie! Dpt award ka? OK, will shimmy over to your blog pronto. :) Thanks

  21. wowo that's so cool. I remember myself when i was in grade school. i also actively participating in most of our school events....

  22. by the way it is so nice to be here, i found you from a friend's blog...
    i am now following your blog so i can visit you here more often..
    have a great day and happy blogging
    oh if you have time you can visit me at Bluedreamer's Top Five

    See yah

  23. Congrats to Raimie's team!
    Glad that he recovered from his chicken pox in time for the sports competition.
    Hope he wins more trophies next year! :)

  24. @bluedreamer27,
    good for you! :)

    I'll definitely check your blog often.

  25. @ECL,
    We didn't expect him to enter any events for the sports day, so it was a nice surprise that his teachers included him in some events.

    We hope that he'll win more too next year! :)



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