Friday, 30 April 2010

To The National Museum

If you read my previous post about us having breakfast at Lake Garden, now it's time for a Muzium Negara (National Museum) post. After strolling at Lake Garden, we went to The National Museum which is located next to it.
We walked through the gate to get to the other side where the museum is located. A short tunnel, which was a good thing because the tunnel was rather dark and not properly maintained. Lots of graffiti (nothing obscene though) on the walls of the tunnel.
Passing by the auditorium at the Museum we saw an iconic public transport that served many KLites including myself way back when. The pink BMW (Bas Mini Wilayah) that can take you anywhere you want in KL for a mere 60sen per ride. I remembered hanging on for dear life on the stairs while the bus zipped along the KL road. The buses were almost always packed and yet I prefer to use them because the drivers drove like mad men and can really get you to your destination fast. They were called a menace to other road users but I was always thankful for the service these BMW provided all those years. These pink buses stopped serving the city folks in 1998.
 The murals at the National Museum. One mural highlight the country's history and another highlights the nation's cultural diversity.
When we got there, the Museum wasn't open yet so we strolled around the compound. There was a group of secondary school students from a nearby school coming for a school trip. Students in uniform are exempt from entrance fee as do children under the age of twelve.

Some photos we took outside the museum before going to the Coffin Exhibition:
A hop-on hop-off bus for tourists' convenience, making a stop right at the Museum. Pretty convenient way to sightsee places in KL.
A Sekoci boat, used by fisherman in Terengganu. Love the vibrant colour and details.
An old Keretapi Tanah Melayu train.

There were other exhibits that one can see around the museum compound and we stopped to look at a few, but when there were tour groups arriving, we made our retreat and waited for the exhibition hall to open instead. I'm sorry but sometimes I find tour groups and their loud guides annoying especially when I was trying to appreciate the place slowly and quietly.

Both the museum with permanent exhibition and the coffin exhibition (there was an ASEAN exhibition on too, by the way) opens at 9.00am.

Photos of the coffins next.


  1. Hello Lina,

    I stayed in Cheras before and I was in KL for 6 years. During my stay there, I had never been to the national museum. Shame on me! Hahahaha

    Today, I was extra RaJin. I suddenly browse through your other blogs and read many of your post. I must congratulate your son sebab dia dapat byk hadiah. Impressive.

    Are you a teacher too Lina?

    P/s: Rumah Hijau di sekolah aku 4 tahun berturut turut no 1. Hahaha...rumah merah tercorot.

    PLease visit my education blog at

  2. @Willie,
    I stayed in KL since 1992 (since I entered college) and yet I've only been to Muzium Negara twice in my adult life! Shame on me also. ;)

    Thanks for reading my previous posts Willie!

    No, neither me nor my husband is a teacher. We are pencil pushers in the private sector. I am afraid I'm way to impatient and temperamental to be a teacher.

    I'll definitely drop by to your new blog. :)

  3. i haven't been to the museum for decades. it must have been a lot of changes there.

  4. when i was in KL the last time, the museum was partly closed for reno :( I so wish u had posted more pics on the the coffin exhibition though :) Anyway Ah Tuong my guest blogger has promised to do so . Thanks for sharing

  5. haven't been to any museum for a while...even the one here in downtown so near. perhaps when baby gets bigger we'll bring him

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    There are changes, yet the museum still feels the same. ;)

  7. @Bengbeng,
    Coffin photos are in the next post not this one. :)

  8. @Ayie,
    Bringing baby when he's bigger is a great idea. It's good to expose him while he's still young. :)

  9. More shame on me! I have only been to the Muzium once in my life and that was a long time ago!!!

    Hey, I sat in that pink bus before and yes, I love the way the driver drove the bus - really could depend on them when you want to reach some where fast! Haha!

    Oh, so there's one bus parked there?

  10. I really like the Sekoci boat. It has such vivid color and a uniqueness about it that is so fascinating.

  11. @foong,
    I think most of us only went to the Muzium when we were on school trips? :D

    The bus was parked at the auditorium. Not for display though I do think they should because the buses did play an integral part of public transport for us.

  12. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    The boat is indeed fascinating. :)



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