Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dinner At Friday's On A Saturday

We went to Alamanda last Saturday and decided to have a one day earlier anniversary dinner at Friday's. A more intimate celebration will be later, together with both our birthday on Sep 21 & 23rd. ^^
A quiet Friday's when we got there for dinner. Must be because everyone are still enjoying their Raya feast and not eating out much yet.
Raimie clowning around while waiting for his food to arrive. There was Spongebob shown on the TV monitors so he got pre-occupied watching it for a while.

Good thing the food arrive not too long after our order made because otherwise, Raimie would certainly gotten restless!
and he got busy eating once it arrived. Spaghetti marinara (the free kid's meal) for him. I do think Tony Roma's free kids meal is a better deal than Friday's. Don't you think so too?
 Mommy ordered Friday's Three for All for appetizer to share with Daddy and Raimie. Mommy "chop" the celery sticks and ate most of the fried mozzarella too. Daddy and Raimie scoffed down the buffalo wings. Well, Daddy did anyway.
forgetting how big a portion food here can be, Mommy ordered Chicken and Shrimp Diablo too. Big, juicy shrimps but Mommy didn't care much about the chicken strips in there.
Daddy had Tennessee Burger and even Daddy had problem finishing his burger because he had to eat most of the chicken wings served on the Three-for-all platter.

A nice dinner and we got a bit of shopping done afterwards. Well, Mommy did. She bought yet another running vest to add to her collection of running attire.


  1. Gosh I miss TGIF. It's been over 10 years since I last visit.

  2. Now i like this word,,,"anniversary" ,,, please share with us when the real day comes,ya..........

    TGIF is my fav place too,I think the staff are cool,in fact some of the staff even know us (me and my lovely wife) they would call or SMS when there are good deals....

    again,i like the word,"anniversary" mine will be the 16 of nov the 15th anniversary

  3. The last I ate in TGIF was a big disappointment for me and I haven't been there since.

    Maybe one day, I'll give it a try again.

  4. @eugene,
    Our anniversary was last Sunday. Apart from this dinner, we have yet to celebrate it proper. Going to on Sep 23rd though. ^^

    BTW, an advance happy anniversary to you and wife. :)

  5. @Nick,
    Personally - I dont like Fridays at Gardens Mall.
    And not actually a huge fan of American style eateries. I guess my tummy loves Asian food more. xD

  6. Ahhh I love TGI Friday's.. And Tony Roma's too.. If I go to Friday's, I'll always order the New York Strip in mushroom sauce, with fries n mashed potato.. Yums!

    (Sebab tu lah naik badan, I byk makan daging)

  7. @Bella,
    Byk makan daging OK what, kurang carb. xD

  8. hehe!! Friday's on a Saturday.. you should have gone there on Friday night~~ :p

  9. but i think i prefer Chili's more than Fridays.. the food in Chili's is nicer and there are more choices too..

  10. anyway, both are American and i love their portion and bottomless drinks, haha~~ :p

  11. Everything looks yummy. I agree, the portions at Friday's are way too big. Better eat in groups to share the calories ;-)

  12. the food looks super yummy n halal some more. in sibu there is always some douubt. Raini is growing up fast

  13. @SK,
    Yup, Chilli's is better than Friday's for me too. :)

    But I'm a sucker for Tony Roma's. ;P

  14. @jellybelly,
    Totally! We should share the food and get fat together with friends. LOL

  15. @Bengbeng,
    Will I have a hard time finding "makan" place in Sibu then? o.O

    Yup, he sure is growing up fast. :)

  16. Wow. I missed going to TGIF. I haven't been there for probably 2 years now.

    But lately, need to save money... cannot randomly go eat expensive food, so been cooking more hehe.

  17. @LV,
    Home cooked food is way better. :)

    I need to save money too. Been throwing money eating out a lot! LOL

  18. dah llama tak mkn TGiF.... since kids prefer CHilis

  19. @Yatie,
    We all pulak prefer Tony Roma's. :)



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