Sunday, 8 January 2012

Running Insured

Well, you should have insurance, especially if you running the Multi Purpose Insurans Run 2012! Kakaka 

Seriously, if you do any running on normal roads in Malaysia, you should have insurance what with  the crazy drivers abound in this country. Also,  buy insurance regardless. Insurance is important. (Do I sound like an insurance agent? hihi)

The Multi Purpose Insurance Bhd Run (MPIB) is my first race for 2012 and with a nice 12K distance too. Not too short and not too long for a noob and slowpoke like me! ^^
I got my race kit collected with the help of the office's despatch so as to save me & hubby a trip to Wisma OCM during the weekend.

For RM43 registration fee, nice goodie bag, right? That box of cereal is already more than RM10 sold at supermarkets. xD Nice red T-shirt too.

All the t-shirts I got from entering road races will eventually be worn by Zaini. I don't wear them at all. Well, except the nice, soft & very comfy cotton T-shirt I got from KLIUC Unity Run which is so comfy I wear it to sleep.

I woke up at 4.30am but only woke the boys up at 5.40am. Zaini told me to wake him up at 5.30m but I gave him an extra 10 minutes to sleep. ^^

Spending way more time than we should looking for a parking space, we only made it to Padang Merbuk minutes before the flag-off for female 12K runners and I needed to pee! So, just like the Larian Kitar Semula last month; my category was flagged-off while I was still in the port-a-loo! When I made it to the starting line, all the male runners were ready to be flagged-off. 5 minutes before the male categories started, there was one late starting female runner starting her race alone. hu~

There was an incline immediately upon starting so I tried to keep a conservative pace but I think I started too strong with the first 1K at 6.33 pace, 2K at 5.51 and 3K at 6.38. I have never run this route before and didn't even recce it before the race. Three inclines later at KM3, I decided to conserve energy and walk & run alternately, which I think was sensible. It was inclines, inclines and more inclines on this route. @.@ OK, so there were downhills but man, there are more going up than going down, that's how I feel.

Remember I mentioned I started late? I was pretty much running alone for 5 minutes  (without  another female in sight - that's how late I was) before the first pack of male runners started to overtake me. Fast runners wooshing past by did make me nervous and while I tried to keep to the left and giving them way, they were overtaking me left and right. Why do we females have to start before the male runners, ah?

Anyways, I love the camaraderie of the male runners. A guy fell down somewhere between KM3 & 4, and more than a few runners stopped to check whether he was OK or not and gave him encouragement when he started running again after dusting himself up. There were also a few guys who gave encouragements and makes jokes while passing /overtaking us slower ones.
Anyhoo, a slow 1hour and 30minutes later I made my way to the finish line. I told Zaini that I looked like I wasn't running and was walking in that photo and you know what he replied? "Yeah, if you had been running, you'd arrive to the finish line faster. You were definitely walking" *ouch* And it was abit of an "ouch" run for me. I have been experiencing a stabbing pain in my right foot arch since the Christmas weekend and it acted up again when I took walking breaks during this run. *double ouch* Though I have to say, I ran just fine but when I walk, I limped. xD

Distance markers were prominently displayed and marked every 1KM. There were 3 water stations and boy, was I glad to see them. They were maybe a little bit under-manned but no issues. I just poured the 100-Plus myself and drink it. I'm not exactly that much in a hurry. xD

I am so used to running under the direct sun at Putrajaya so running this hilly route was a nice change for me. It's green, it's shady and at 8.30am the route still feels cool. Try running at Presint 2 at 8.00am and you'll be roasted!
The lines after the finish line - to collect medals, goodie bags, certificates (for 6K runners) and such. Can you spot me in this photo? I stopped for a while and introduced myself to Jamie. I know he was busy but I just didn't want to miss the chance to shake his hands. ^^ You guys did a great job with MPIB, Jamie!

There were a lot of food and drinks there but I only drank 100-Plus. The queue for the cereals and whatnot were way too long. Anyways, Raimie already had his fill earlier and was keen to make a move home.

I guess it was good that we didn't linger too long there. The traffic police was having a field day issuing summons to those who parked by the roadside at Lake Gardens! We just missed them by a few minutes, thanks to the warning of other runners. Otherwise, I sure "kena" pay the summons! o.O
Overall, a good, fun run even though I walked more than I should be running. Heh. First medal for 2012. Now, the next race please!


  1. Congrats sweetie for making it even though you have that pain in your foot.. Bet you'll be joining many more runs this year.. Do you join the Cyberjaya RunFest?

  2. @Bella,
    No. The RunFest was today also, right?

  3. Good job you did. I enjoyed the route too. I was having a great time that I was waving at those rich people's barking dogs ... hahaha!

    I think they broke the race up with the women running first is cos of the space constraints, imagine the men and women starting together, besides this way it gave the men a completely legal reason to chase women ... hahaha!

  4. @Nick,
    No dogs were barking at me, thank goodness! LOL
    I need to find reason to run this route again sometime. ^^

    I understand the reason of different starts but, with slower women first, then the fast male runners start complaining about the hold-up. And kena overtake by the two Kenyan runners - wow! Felt like a vehicle was passing by, that's how fast they were. xD

  5. Glad that you enjoyed the route. The double hill route is very nice, but some time it got too quiet in the morning :P

  6. @Neoh,
    It was a challenging but great route. I bet it will be a bit spooky doing a solo run early in the morning there.

    How was your LSD today? :)

  7. At least you got to see those Kenyans, habuk pun I tak nampak ... hahaha!

  8. @Nick,
    Ya.... hahaha... at least I rasa the wind of the Kenyans, eh? xD

  9. The yesterday LSD was shorten. Only do 12k as the back aching is not fully cured.

  10. @Neoh,
    Hope your back pain will subside soon. Take care.

  11. Woot! Another medal. Great job! Did I mention you look great? More like professional? hihi..


  12. @HappySurfer,
    Thanks dearie. :)

    That "look professional" comment made me chuckle. I got a lot of ribbing from hubby and son for looking like "real runners" and then went out and ran a slooooooow ones. Hahaha

    Looks and style are as important as a personal best time! xD

    p.s I didn't put up "ugly" photos showing my exhausted face here. There were some over at FB. hu~

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  14. Oh! You don't wear all those Tshirts after you completed your runs? But the red t-shirt good for CNY what haha!

  15. SO you were walking and not running? Haha!

  16. Oh! Luckily didn't kena saman! LOL!

  17. Congrats on your first medal of 2012! : )

  18. @foong,
    Hahaha... I think the organisers of Jan races were thinking of the CNY when they designed the race tees and running vests. Mizuno Wave Run this week also has red running vest. ;)

  19. wowwww!! memang best baca entry2 ko pasai race nih. hmmmm makin melekat la aku kat blog ini !! semangat semakin membaraaaaaa !!

  20. @Dot,
    Bakar jangan tak terbakar.hihihi

  21. Well done beb:) I blm lari lagi in 2012, still in retire mood hehe..:)

  22. @screamingmommy,
    I did a pretty dismal timing. But other than that, I ha a great time!^^

    So, no plans yet for your next race?

  23. LOL at the second photo. That girl after you was like about to hit a man in front of her, and was like "whaaaaaa!" hahaha

    Careful with your injuries! :D

  24. @Rad,
    My foot is OK now. Thanks. ^^

    LOL at your comment on that girl. She sure looked like she was about to hit him. xD



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