Saturday, 7 January 2012

Taste Like Real Banana!

I figured now that I'm aiming to do a half marathon run in the second half of 2012 (Zaini told me to just take the LRT instead of him sending me if I do the SCMKL in 2012 uhuhu), I need to do plenty  of LSD (long slow distance) runs to get used to the distance. I do actually enjoy my slow  runs I do on weekends, much more than the shorter (and more draining) speedwork and tempo runs.

I'm slowly increasing the distance that I run. I'd love to spend hours pounding the tarmac, but more often than not, I don't have the luxury of time. I can't abandon my family just so I can indulge in running!

Anyway, with the aim of a half-marathon and trying to run more and farther distance, I've started looking at my hydration and fueling needs. I've been reading a lot about GUs, gels, gummies, etc and finally tried a few, with the help of the friendly people over at Lafuma, Bangsar.

I am still experimenting and reading more on this but so far so good. I've also been taking ORS before my long runs for the minerals I'll be losing during those runs. *^-^*

What's your take on this? What's your choice for fueling your body?

BTW, the Banana flavoured gel I bought tasted like real bananas! Sweet, mashed up bananas. Yumm! I like the real banana too, but eating a large banana will make me head to the toilet a few hours after eating them!

But personally, the chewy tablets is my favourite. I pop them in my mouth and slowly chew them. It helped me go through under the intense 9.00am morning sun on a few occasions already.

Anyway, Zaini told me that I'm a bit "poyo" about this? Is he right? Maybe I am a tad "poyo". Huhuhu

Anyways, in a few hours time I'll be joining the crowd at Padang Merbuk and run 12K at the MPIB Run. See you there! ^^


  1. huhuhu!! at least this time he asks you to take LRT instead of running there as warm-up, hahaha!! see, he's being more supportive now alreay~~ :p

  2. wow, so you are getting more and more professional in the "art" of running huh?? start to eat the runners food already~~

  3. wow, i really am curious what's inside those gel.. can keep you energetic for the whole run?? huh, maybe a lot of stimulants?? haha~~ :p

  4. My friends call me crazy coz I ran 2 of my Half Marathon last year with an empty stomach. This year gonna do full marathon for BIM and half for SCKLM here I come! :)

  5. Hi gretting for You
    I lik real banana too, because bananas are smooth and a lot of merits.

  6. @SK,
    It is easier to consume these than having to hold a mushy banana in my hands. The ingredients consist of complex carb and electrolytes to give runners a boost. Where got stimulants one... if got, sure I got turbo power already! ;p

  7. @massy,
    Strong will lah you! For me, I definitely need at least a banana & 1 of those chewables energy tablet before doing anything more than 10K.

    All the best for BIM AND SCKLM! See you in June. I should be there too, for my HM.^^

  8. @mr Nyach,
    Banana is a good source of energy. :)

  9. I think hydration and fueling are really important especially for longer distanced races. I've run a few 21K's without proper fueling and paid a nasty price for it.

    I'm taking the GU brand gels and chomps as my race fuel and these days stick to it religiously. It does help a lot.

    Unfortunately though, these things cost quite a bit la!

  10. @Nick,
    Yeah, don't they cost a lot! And because they cost a lot, I don't take them during all my runs. Only for those more than 80 minutes otherwise, sure bankrupt lah! LOL

    I'm trying them now that I am "training" for my first 21K. But after a couple of races with them, I think I need an ice cold bottle of water to down them with, instead of 100-Plus or Gatorade as I can't shake the sticky taste afterwards.

    Where do you buy yours? WOS?

  11. From my experience, I would say it's really depend on your target on the race. If you plan for good timing (say, sub-2 in HM) or running a FM, then refueling on the race is essential! If you only planned to complete the HM, all you need is proper hydration before, during and after the race. Fuel wise, take your usual pre-run breakfast will do. You can standby some energy gel for the 21k too, but it will be more like to cure the hungry feeling instead of the real need.

  12. @Neoh,
    Thanks for the advice. Duly noted. :)

  13. I get my GU's from GNC since I have membership there. Sometimes got discounts and promos and sometimes have to buy full price. I normally wait when they have the buy one free one promo then buy 4 at one go ... hahaha!

  14. @Nick,
    Mr Phillips - how many membership to retail outlets do you have? Seems like you have a membership everywhere! xD

  15. Lina: reading this entry really inspired me:) I told u that I've lost the interest of running the last run was Malakoff..hubby took part in NEwton for 25KM, I didnt bother to go and cheer for him.
    where do you get your chewable tablets? never heard of that, the only thing I used before was the GU gels..and hubby took the power bar before the run.

  16. @screamingmommy,
    Maybe you just need a little down time from running. I'm sure you'll be back at it pretty soon! :)

    I got it at Lafuma. Shop rows yang ada Post Office, Domino, LeRun, etc. Ada one outdoor gear shop there, right? That's where. The Chinese guy there is pretty friendly and helpful. ^^

  17. Me cheapskate la. The more memberships I have in retail outlets, the cheaper I can buy stuff ... hahaha!

    1. You must've been spending a lot. Share lah! xD

  18. @Screamingmummy - you can also get those chewables at GNC. They carry the GU chomps edition.



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