Thursday, 19 January 2012

Two Towers

Last time, I posted about two rivers in two different cities & in two different countries. Now, it's time to look at their towers. ^^

And to be fair (and avoid "kena kutuk" by SK), both towers photos were taken with the same camera and by the same photographer i.e my hubby.  Can't get any fairer than that, right?

First up - Tokyo Sky Tree
and our very own, KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)


  1. hahahaha, want me to kutuk you again this time?? there are always reasons to find to kutuk other people, wakakakakaka~~

  2. not really kutuk lah, but i can see from the photos that, your hubby took the photo of the tokyo sky tree from a near distance and with the intention of capturing the tower..

  3. as for KL Tower, your hubby just took the photo from afar (or just any place you are able to see it), for the purpose of the comparison (because you asked him to)?? huhuhuhu~~ :p

    1. actually, both towers photos were taken while out sightseeing someplace and we didn't specifically go out to snap them. ^^

      Just that Tokyo Sky Tree is nearer to where we were that time, as opposed to KL Tower.

      And no... I didn't ask hubby to shoot those KL Tower photo. He took it while waiting for me finish my run at Padang Merbuk. ^^

  4. BTW, i actually like your "two series" of things between Tokyo and KL.. so what's next?? perhaps this can be your post topic once a week?? i'd love that~~ :)

    1. I'll have to dig out photos to make comparison! ;)

  5. bad, KL tower kita slim sgt lahhhh, tak cukup makan kot ek?? kih3 :D

    1. KL Tower cut cost on construction material kot. kekeke

  6. Striking difference between the two skies. One is so blue and cloudless. Nice shots!

    1. It's because the local shots were taken early in the day; around 7.00am - 7.30am whilst the Japan ones were taken later around 10.00am-11.00am. So not fair after all lah ye? xD

  7. Tokyo Sky Tree got no leaves...
    Ask them to rename it to Tokyo Botak Tree better lah.

    But KL Tower got no tree.
    How come your one got one tree! Ha...
    Got branches some more?

    Tomorrow got to go to Finland to attend a meeting.
    So jumpa lagi minggu depan.

  8. Sky Tree is a winter tree! LOL

    KL Tower special. Of course have to give branch! xD

    Have fun in Finland. So are you spending your CNY there or back in London.

    Happy Chinese New Year! :)

  9. Nice.. Well, kena bangga with own tower la right? But there are quite a lot of similarity between the two

  10. This time got meeting to attend first lah.
    But I already asked for 2 extra days off so I could spend my CNY in Finland.
    It's so cold there huh...
    BBC says minus 5!?

    Thanks huh. :)
    When do we gongxi raya again?
    The last time was in 1993/1994 right?
    SOunds like a million years ago...

    Oh, we have CNY parade in London too.
    Lots of things to see, got dance, also got free angpaw (I managed to snatch a couple last year!) Inside got 20pence each! Kakaka...
    20 pence like RM1.

    1. Wah! Celebrate CNY in Finland! Nice. :) But -5? Brrr....

      Wah, got angpow in London wor... 20p also money. Don't waste. xD

      Happy New Year!



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