Friday, 6 January 2012

Yummy Food In Japan! Part I

It's the havoc of starting a new year. School's started too. No more leisurely time like I had during the school holiday.

So, just posting up some photos and this time, it's on food. *drool* over what we ate over in Japan.
Lunch at Tenya. A tempura place. Tenya is quite foreign tourist friendly. If you are in Asakusa, there's one nearby Sensoji.
Ekiben (bento bought at train stations) from Shin-Osaka Station. Which one do you think is Raimie's? ^^
A cheap bento bought at Lawson (convenience store or konbini). A godsend, these konbini. Pretty decent selection of bento can be found at konbinis. Cheap too!
A "normal" breakfast for us when in Japan. Rice, onigiri (rice balls), some side dishes and miso soup. They have bread too over there, in case you're wondering. So, don'tcomplain. heh
Another bento bought at konbini
Sanuki udon, eaten of course in Kagawa Prefecture! Yummmz!!!
Ekiben bought at Okayama Station. Don't you just love the bento box shaped like a momo (peach 桃)?
and this, tanuki udon

It's not over yet. Be prepared for Part II. ^^


  1. Tenya is great isn't it? I remember eating there as well when we visited Asakusa.

    Japan Australia

  2. hahaha, so within a month the school started, you will only be posting food photos (that you've kept in your folder for "emergency" use)?? haha~~

  3. so many nice bento!! i wonder why those in KL can never look as good.. my favorite would be #4 the one you bought from the station, looks so pretty!! sure our dear Sushi King would never be able to do this forever, hahahaha!! D

  4. eh, i saw chinese word here!! or it's a japanese word?? oh, so peach is called momo in japanese huh.. kekekeke!! i remember Gong Li in "The Memoirs of A Geisha" is Hatsu Momo~~ :D

  5. That momo container is interesting. Did you get to keep it? Great-looking food!

  6. @Japan Australia,
    Yes, it's great. It offers a familiar food (I think most people can eat tempura. ^^ ) and at an affordable price too.

  7. @SK,
    Massive amount of photos in archive is sure handy when one has no idea of what to post. xD

    Those Chinese words are kanji lar.... which is of course Chinese characters. You go there, sure no problem reading, trust me. Different sound only - same meaning. ^^

    Hatsumomo = first born+peach, right?

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Yes, we did! We always bring back nice bento boxes as keepsakes. :)

  9. OMG! When I visit Japan, I would spend most of my money on those foods! For serious real! ;))

    Jap foods are my faves! Oh, love the tastiness!

  10. @Rad,
    And after you ate your way through Japan, Japanese food in your home country will not taste as nice anymore. Trust me! And you have been warned. kakaka

  11. That actually makes sense! But that'd be fine as long as I have been to Japan ;))

  12. @Rad,
    That's true. :)

    I hope you'll get to go to Japan soon! ^^

  13. Drooling at all the food....!!

  14. SO you keep all those bento boxes especially the momo-shaped one? : )

  15. @foong,
    Not all bento boxes lah. The nicer, sturdier ones only. The rest we discarded. ;)

  16. This is the post I've been waiting for :) Drooling here, yum!

  17. @jellybelly,
    There's more! ^^



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