Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hoping For A Miracle With MIREICA

I admit I’m quite the lazy-bum when it comes to skincare.

I’m quite simple in caring for my skin. Cleanser. Cream. Done.

This, despite the skin being the largest organ and therefore, by right needs better care than what I accorded it. Sorry skin!

And boy do I abuse my skin!

All those hours under the hot sun, training and running.
Exposure to sun. Not helping for a supple, smooth skin. Not great to counter the aging process too. Huhuhu

I’m quite disciplined in taking supplements so I decided, taking one for the skin is something I can and should do. Beauty from within, katanya. Hahaha

And I chose MIREICA Nutri Peau. Perfecting from within. They promised to be the best in internal skincare science.

I got a box of MIREICA Nutri Peau late September and for the past 30 days been consuming a sachet a day. Well, almost daily. Tend to cheat on taking them come weekend.

A sachet a day, and it’s best taken on empty tummy so I take it before breakfast.
I drink it mixed with a glass of cold water, but for anyone who might be squeamish about marine products (either taste or smell or both); it’s advised to take this mixed with juices or any strong flavoured drinks. Pinch your nose too.

So what’s inside the sachet?
There’s natural algae, there’s astaxanthin (the agent that makes the drink red, and what makes shrimps, salmons and lobsters red too. It’s a super nutrient), acerola fruit (high in Vitamin C, contains mineral salts and rich in vitamins), blackcurrant (Vitamin C galore) and ceramides (natural lipids).

What it does not contain is fructose. Sugar. Sure sounds healthy, right? No sugar… so no effecting sex life? *wink wink* Win-win all around! Bwahaha

All these items are great for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging properties, to name a few.

Anyways, MIREICA Nutri Peau protects skin cells from the sun and environmental damage so that’s a motivation for me to continue using the product, what with the amount of sunlight I’m exposing myself to, every weekend. Getting older also is not so great for the skin, so I need all the help I can get. Hukhukhuk
I do feel an improvement with my skin, moisture wise. Less dry. It’s not yet more youthful (ahaha… that would need a more radical approach, I think). But hey! Hopefully, people will stop calling me auntie soon! LOL

Plus I get pigmentation easily so I hope in time, with taking MIREICA Nutri Peau; it will improve.

p.s. The product is certified halal. But those with allergies to seafood might need to be cautious in taking this.

Now, to swipe my card for the purchase of my next box. Hu~

Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's A Power Weekend

It was a Powerman weekend today.

Powerman is a dualthon event whereby participants participate in either :

11km Run - 64km Bike - 11km Run
(2 Laps of 5.5km Run - 2 laps of 32km Bike - 2 laps of 5.5km Run)

11km Run - 64km Bike - 11km Run
(2 Laps of 5.5km Run - 2 laps of 32km Bike - 2 laps of 5.5km Run)

5.5km Run - 32km Bike - 5.5km Run
(1 Lap of 5.5km Run - 1 lap of 32km Bike - 1 lap of 5.5km Run)

Neither Zaini nor I participated in this event but we decided to go to the race venue to keipo-keipo and support friends who did. 

For a total dualthon noob like us, the earlier part of the race looks well.. easy. How wrong we were! As the event progressed, one can't help feel the errrmm... apparent suffering these participants went through. Imagine running, then cycling then with those jelly legs after the cycling leg, running again. Plus doing it under the relentless sun! @.@

It was indeed the hottest Powerman race!

Heard "this is harder than running a marathon" muttered by a number of participants.

Anyway, for us spectators, it's a chance to see lotsa lads and ladies in skin-tight tri-suit. Fit and good looking aplenty. Not really fit and not really good looking in abundance too. Hohoho Jangan marah aaaaaa.... xD
It was so hot, there were volunteers in charge of dousing participants with water. Some welcomed it, some avoided it. Basah la... ;-)
 Towards the bike transition area. After run, ride bike. After bike, run again. Think it's easy? Try do it lah!
One of the relay team, transferring the team's bib from the cyclist to the 2nd runner.
The running leg.

Still can see smiles despite them running under the hot morning sun.
Cheered for a number of friends. Well, cheered for strangers too. ^^
Photo credit : PACat Adveture Team
 Took lotsa photos too. You can view them here and here.

A weird thing happened during the race. 
A minister's car barged through forcing participants to make way for the car and a convoy of big bikes, with most ridden by particularly "boroi" riders. Nice. Especially to do it at an international event such as this Malakoff Powerman ASIAN championship. Way to promote our country, eh Minister?

But then again, maybe they were secheduled to pass through the road closed-off for Powerman participants as a sign of support? Kan? What do I know, anyway?

Anyway, it was a great event. A great day. 

Congrats and good job to all participants. You finished it!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday's Here

Weekend's here folks!

I've decided to not run Penang Bridge International Marathon in November. Ah well... I still have a half-marathon to do in Dec (though Zaini complains it's too far after the venue was changed from Putrajaya to Setia Alam, Shah Alam). There's also a 25K run in Puchong end of year. Plus a 3.86km relay run. Plus a few events where I'll be supporting  runners/walkers instead of joining it.

Raimie already sat for his year-end exam. We didn't spend much time reviewing with him this time and I was worrying about it. Raimie's response to it? "Mom, don't look down on me OK?" Adui. Hahaha

School holidays is beckoning. Another three weeks to go.

I'm taking it easy these few weeks, before starting my training proper next month for a much-anticipated marathon in March 2014.
So for now, I'm taking inspiration from world's champion. One book today. Another 2 and a half to go. (Haven't gotten halfway through the technical "Running On Air" book yet. I do need to, before I start my marathon training again).

What's your plan or plans for the weekend?


Thursday, 24 October 2013

2014 Plan

We've about 2 months left for 2013.

Time to plan for activities (i.e. running & races) for 2014!

Better start noting the public holidays and school holiday for 2014 training plan! Hahaha

Or for more normal folks, can start planning for 2014 vacation. ;-)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

At The Everly

So Zaini and I did a full marathon on Saturday night at Putrajaya Night Marathon. Ran 42km despite not really training for it. Really asking to suffer, if you ask me! 

Putrajaya may be just 20minutes away from our home but I decided we might as well spend the day and night (before and after) the marathon in a hotel room. Get comfy before get suffering! Something like that la... Hahaha

We stayed in Pullman Putrajaya last year but this year, we downgraded a bit and stayed at The Everly, situated right next to Alamanda Mall. Cheaper mah.

If you read reviews about this hotel, you notice that the main complaints are the seemingly lack of proficiency of English by the staff. Not a problem for me. I talk in Malay to any race here. 

To tell you the truth, I rate 5-star hotel staff highly at their willingness to talk back in Malay to me instead of turning snobbish at my apparent "orang kampung" style. Yes, for this guest; you get good marks for talking in the national language.

So sue me, if you don't agree.

Check-in was a breeze. The reception staff were all nice enough. OK, so not high standard compared to Pullman but then, it's like comparing apple and durian lah!
Our room for the night. I booked a two single bed deluxe room. Room was still brand new, the wood still smell of varnish.
Got a couch too. Pity the position isn't ideal. If there's a window there, it'd be ideal to lounge there and read a book or just day-dream.
Simple, functional bathroom. No bath-tub. Only suite rooms have tubs but to pay RM300 for a suite, I might just as well head to Pullman.
The view of murky lake. Hahaha

If one so desired, one can jog from this hotel, and make a loop before returning back to hotel, just running by the side of the lake. I think it should be around 8-9km? I've done Everly-Masjid Putra so far, and it's about 5km.

After check-in, we went to Alamanda for a bit of shopping and had an early dinner.
At Sushi King.

What can I say?

Meh... I keep forgetting why I avoid Sushi King after months not entering one. Gawd... sub-standard food. But hey! Service seems to have improved leaps and bounds so that's a plus.

Ate dinner, ended up not buying anything, went back to hotel, relax a bit, showered then off we (Zaini & I) went to Palace of Justice where the marathon's starting line was at.

We drove there but some runners opted to use the shuttle service provided by the hotel. Nice touch from the hotel management.

It was nice 7 hours after that to come back, enjoy a cold shower and sleep on a very comfy bed with very soft pillow. Bliss... That's RM170.00 well spent for me!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Tortoise And The Hare

The Tortoise and Hare ran a full marathon on Saturday night. And just like the classic tale, the tortoise was actually the one who was better than the hare. ^^

This year's Putrajaya Night run marked a nice pogression for us. For me, I did 10K in 2011. It was the first run I signed up ever (but it became my second 10K run ever). Both Zaini and I did our half-marathon there in 2012. It's full marathon for both of us in 2013. We both did our second full marathon there. ^^

It's a rather foolhardy run for both of us, going into Putrajaya Night Marathon. Both of us were seriously undertrained for this and because of it, we kinda plan to run this as part of our LSD. Just run and have fun. Fun, we certainly had!

I figured we would not have lotsa photos during and after the race (being one of the last runners to arrive won't help with taking photos after the run. HAHAHA) so Zaini and I took lots before the flag-off.
With Maggie and her "anak buah". Maggie won 3rd place in the Women's Veteran Half-Marathon category, that night. Congrats Maggie!
Cool running/cycling couple, KZ & Zafuan. Congrats on another half-marathon and all the best for Powerman next week!
With speedsters and femes people : Nick, Jamie, Kew & friend. Got crazy people in there who ran a full marathon at Putrajaya Night Marathon and then continued running at Adidas King of the Road a few hours later. Fuiyo!
 Encik Kura-Kura with the awesome Tey!
Weng was there too. Hope you managed to better your RJM timing, Weng!
With "Idot Si Siput" (that's what she puts on her bib HAHAHA), Aizat & Azmi.
An inspiration, Fuad and Ming Wai. I remembered I first bumped into both of them during MWM 2013. Fuad ran it and Ming Wai I met at an "independent water/refreshment station" where I had some seriously nice cold grapes there. :-)
Gold man was red man that night. Lucky it wasn't oil man (orang minyak)! Hew hew hew

We started off very easy. Zaini had asked me whether we want to follow the crowd pace and I told him we'll take it easy. No need to push.  Never mind we got passed by other runners. 

It was truly one boisterous and cheerful cheering crowd on Jambatan Seri Gemilang. Even "abang api" was there. Those flame swallower are always around before the flag-off of Putrajaya Night Marathon and they were there on the bridge with the flames to support us runners. HAWT!
Saw some super heroes around KM4. They were urging us to run faster and I told Superman to fly me with him instead. LOL Thanks folks for the support. 

I had thought of stopping for a drink at KM7.5 water station and skipped the earlier water stations but it turned out the water station was in the middle on an incline on Jambatan Seri Gemilang so I told Zaini I'm not stopping as it would affect my momentum and we continued on.

After we passed Seri Saujana Bridge, the half-marathon runners had caught up with us. The leaders had already passed us earlier on. A lot of them, friends and strangers gave us a thumbs up, encouragements and even complimented our outfits. Thanks peeps! It sure was nice to see your smiles and encouragements.

I was feeling good and felt that the 8min/km pace was manageable. Zaini and I managed to run together up to KM12.5 when he got some blister issues, despite taping his feet and told me to run ahead and keep a lead and he'd try to catch up. Knowing full well that he will, I ran ahead but mindful of not going too fast despite still feeling strong.

Saw a fellow runner who told us earlier that he wanted to better his RJM timing walking and tried to pull him to run with us.  We ran together a few hundred metres before he ran ahead. 

After KM10 onwards, I made sure I stopped at every water station. The volunteers were GREAT! They were cheerful and never ceased to encourage us even late at night at the last few water stations. Thank you for braving the cold, drizzling night for us runners. 

Though at KM17.5 one "Boy"'s encouragement was like hmmm... He went "Go Auntie Go. Run like a bunny". Seriously boy? I then went "he called me Auntie?????" to the girl standing next to him. LOL But really lah. I'm not yet 40. People in the 20s should totally stop calling me Auntie. Hmph!

From KM15 onwards it was rolling hills galore. Loooooooooong hill. I managed to still run non-stop until KM24. It was like a mental torture to keep on seeing inclines after inclines... Zaini caught up at KM25. I was trotting, pretending to run and he just easily walked beside me.

He told me he was feeling too hot and planned to take off his compression shirt. So there was a strip-tease moment on the route, with me holding his stuff that he took off. Specs, vest, tortoise shell..

By this point, I started to feel the affects on under-training. One moment I was feeling good and strong and then, fatigue seeps in. I tried to run 1KM then walk while Zaini kept a lead with his really fast walk. He walked for almost 30KM that night and still managed to be faster than me!
We decided to miss out on the bananas served at KM12.5 but stopped to enjoy the watermelon slices at KM27.5.  Not much left for us stragglers but we were still able to eat some. It was a godsend! 
100-Plus anyone? Midnight and the volunteers were still hard at work. 

Even the road marshalls cheered us everytime runners pass them, and some of them were at lonely stretches. If I were them... scared wor. Hahaha

A bit further up ahead, the faster runners were seen on the other side of the road looping us. A shout of encouragement from them was sure great. Thanks!

We made a u-turn at KM30 and proceeded to finish the last 12KM. "Just" 12KM but it felt never-ending. I was already in drama mode by this time. At KM25, when Zaini told me that his blisters gotten worse and he wanted to cut short his run; I was feeling a tad remorseful about signing him up for this. It was like " what have I got my husband in to?" Then by KM38 I was like "I don't want to do Penang Bridge Marathon la like this!!!!!! This is not fun!!!!" LOL

By KM30, it was no more 1K run 500m walk but whatever run I can do before walking. I just tried to keep moving and not lose sight of Zaini who were up ahead. Zaini asked me earlier whether he should slow down for me but I told him to go ahead and keep a lead. I need him to make myself not be too lazy or too slow.

Didn't manage to catch-up with him until we reached KM35. He was waiting for me there, at KM35 water station. My lovely, lovely Krazirunners sistas were there too, waiting with an assortment of refreshments. I perked up significantly at the sight of them. Thank you thank you thank you for waiting and for the cold coke and the sweet grapes. 
Thanks so much Bett, Nannoor, Millie and Hanim! What's more amazing is their selfless act. Bett is pregnant but still supported not only her husband but also us. *muaks* The others had ran half-marathon that night and yet still waited fo me. I'm sorry I made you ladies waited long.

By this time I already knew a sub6 marathon won't be in my reach anymore. I walked more than I ran but I still tried hard to not lose sight of Zaini but he was getting farther and farther away from me.

Skipped the final three water stations. I wasn't thirsty and I don't want to lag too far behind Zaini. By KM39, I think he was already way too far ahead for me to see him.

At the last water station, with another 1km to go, I saw Zaini motioning me to hurry up. He was there waiting. I shook my head and told him to go ahead without me but he wouldn't budge. "Just 1K to go. Run", he said. I did for like 100m then I stopped. "I'll run when we're almost to the finish line", I told him. 

200m metres from the finish line, I did. I jogged.
Photo credit : Bett
There were people clapping, encouraging us. There were friends running beside us. Some took photos. It was very emotional. I sure was filled with emotion and happy. You guys made me totally forgot the pain finishing the last 100m. 

Zaini probably could've PBed his time at River Jungle Marathon, which he did last month. But he waited for me. 
Photo credit : Bett
We ran together to finish in 6:15:54 (according to my Timex). Thank you hubby for sticking with slow me. 
Oh yeah, the finishing wasn't without some silliness. Hubby warned me that he'd do this so I was expecting it.
Tortoise kena crawl la kan? But photo wrong la. Tortoise should finish in front of the hare, right?
The lovely, lovey ladies who waited till 2am despite finishing theirs much much earlier. Bett, congrats to Malek again on his first FM!
One final photo session.

I was happy to run this with hubby. Poor hubby despite taping his feet still faced blister issues. For me, I am glad that I didn't chafe this time. Despite the time-of-the-month, I was lucky I didn't have too bad of a cramp to deal with. The weather was awesome. The crowd was great. The friends more so. The volunteers were the best. Thank you to the organizers for a smooth race.


Thank you hubby for doing this with me. 
So are we or aren't we doing Penang Bridge Marathon now? Hehehe

Saturday, 19 October 2013

One For The Album

A fellow runner found this photo from SCKLM 2013's race director FB album.
If you remember, Son did the 2.5km Kids' Dash and this should be at KM2, almost to the finish line which is a few hundred metres away.
Son told us he saw people taking photos there, and he actually slowed down to smile at them. That kinda reminds me of Nannoor. LOL!

Look at the caption. It says "Future Costume Full Marathoner" ^^

Super like!

Thank you for the photo! :-)

Friday, 18 October 2013

The Mini Daddy

Who checks on my friends and insits to know their names?

Who ask whom I'm meeting with when I wanted to go out to meet friends?

Who wants to know the time when I get home?

Who sends SMS if I am yet home by the promised time?

Who has the habit of looking at my smartphone and look at photos I've taken?

Who chides when I don't clean up my plate and leave food unfinished?
This young man of mine.

He's so cute when he is so protective though. ^^

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Improve Your Laundry Smarts The Method Way

and do away with sticky situations, is what the good method people wants us all to do! Best listen to method! They know what they're doing. ;-)

This is the third post on method's 3H (happy, healthy home) project that I am a part of, with the first two instalments covering the usage of method's product for a clean, toxic free children's room and it was a massive spring cleaning for the Hari Raya Puasa too! ^^ Read the post here.

This time around, I received a 50-load laundry detergent with smartclean tech and also a 50-load laundry softener with smartclean tech for our use.
Instead of the scoop powder form or the liquid detergent that you need to pour into its caps, method uses pump. 4 pumps for a full load or 6 pumps for really dirty clothes and you're set. Even a kid can do it.
Four pumps. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Easy. No mess. No spillage. The precision-dosing pump means no overdosing and no drips, so you truly get the loads that you pay for.

Their the patent-pending smartclean technology™ cuts out the excess water that dilutes most leading detergents. In fact, their product is 8x concentrated so it uses drastically less water, 36% less plastic and requires 33% less energy and oil to produce than widely available 2x detergent. Plus it comes in a compact, recyclable bottle made from 50% recycled plastic (PCR for those in the know).

Another plus point of using method laundry softener - it's plant based. No tallow (beef fat) for your clothes to be cozy, cuddly and smelling lovely I tell you!

We do a lot of laundry in this household (I bet other households are the same too). There are the whites, the colours, the dark colour, the casual wears, the son's load, the bedsheets, the towels and the most frequent load that needed to be done at least twice a week :
Our workout clothes. All those sweaty, stinky clothes that needed to be washed. Often. I have only four pairs of running tights, sports bras and just one pair of cycling tights. That means, few laundry cycle to ensure I can exercise 6 days a week.

But no, we don't do the laundry every day. I need and want to conserve water so the load must be more than just two pairs of clothing item in the washing machine before pressing the start button!

I'm not gonna go all high-brow scientific here because well, I know you guys won't bother read it anyway. Muahaha! But if you do want to know more about the SmartClean Technology and all that, head over to method laundry site. If you need anymore convincing, just read the reviews over at Amazon.

Now if you excuse me, I got a mountain of clothes to fold. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Simple Palate

One of Son's favourite thing to eat.

Zaru soba.

Which is chilled soba served on a bamboo tray called zaru, topped with shredded seaweed and dipped into  tsuyu, a dipping sauce much like a diluted soy sauce. ^^

Leave out the tempura and Son is totally fine with it. It is much better for him to have it simple.

When Son was waaaayyy younger and Daddy used to work even on weekends and Mommy just need to cook for Son, she usually served soba for Son. 

Zaru soba. Served simply as is. 

Sometimes Mommy would whip out tempura to be served on the side. Sometimes, soba served in a miso broth.

He always wants soba when we eat out even now. Maybe because it's his comfort food?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Not A Quiet Weekend This Saturday!


Putrajaya Night Marathon.

Gonna be fun.

An anniversary run of sorts.
The blue bibs were the one Zaini and I did in 2012.

The one with the yellow background are the ones for 2013. 19 October 2013. An upgrade in category too. Plus we plan to start and finish together this time. 

We did a trial run/walk last Sunday and while he was walking, I had to jog to keep pace. Who walks at his slowest, a 9min/km pace anyway? I jog at that pace!!! He said he needs me to push him when I'm running ahead of him and I will need him to ensure that when I do walk, I don't do it too slow. 

Give and take. Push and pull. Knowing each other strengths and weaknesses. What a partnership is all about. Good compromise not only for running buddies, but for a marriage too.

But despite all the excitement for this Saturday run, I am also very aware that I am seriously undertrained. With two months of no running (I tried to keep fit by walking and cycling) and the long runs I did prior to Oct 19th was the half-marathon at SCKLM 2013, a 19K two weeks ago and 21K last week which was mostly power-walking as we did it to strategise our race-plan. 

Let's hope I finish in one piece! I have absolute trust that hubby will finish his! :-)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Quiet Weekend

Am looking forward to a quiet weekend till Hari Raya Haji.
Plus enjoying these two new books. ^^

Life is good. :-)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mommy Kitty

Mommy kitty has decided to adopt us as her family. She's one of the strays that can be found at my apartment. There are two or three that would occasionally enter the apartment complex from the housing area outside.

She's a mommy. Gave birth to three absolutely adorable kittens a few weeks back but the kittens were taken away (I suppose) last week. One night I was checking the kittens sleeping soundly with their mommy at a plant pot reserved by my neighbour for them outside his house, the next morning the kittens were gone. I hope they were taken by a good family.

Anyway, back to the mommy.

This cat has somehow managed to spot our home and since two (or was it three?) weeks ago, would wait for us in front of the lift. Once the door open and she saw us, she would go running (no sauntering, this cat runs. FAST!) and headed straight to our apartment front door.

If the front door is left open, she would simply saunter in and acted like she's entering her home.


Anyway, we feed her once a day. Each night.

That's probably why she waits for us to come home anyway.

Sometimes, if she's hungry in the morning, we'll see her come bounding when she hears us sliding the grill open. Damn sharp ears lah.

She's good at listening to the sound of kibbles shaken in the plastic container. If she's nearby and hear one of us shaking a container of dry cat food, she'll run towards us in a jiffy!

Sometimes, she'll run with us to our car when we head out in the morning.

Now, if only I can train her to run with me. That'd be so cool, eh? Not that I haven't tried! LOL

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

As Per Doctor's Order

Three pairs of shoes.

One I need to chuck away and not use anymore. I've found out it's the cause of my niggling foot pain.

Which of those three causes me problem?

No, my favourite red shoes isn't the one.

Neither is the brown wedges.

It's the flat Crocs!

Turns out I can't wear flat shoes after all! Nothing too flat, that is. I thought wearing them will help quicken the recovery of my foot pain earlier this year. No wonder I kept on limping in them.

And yeah, the good doctor (a female, by the way) absolutely OK for me to wear heels. But those 1.0 inch la. Nothing too flat and nothing too high. Wedges was absolutely approved.

Good thing I adore wedges. 

And yeah, I'm back to running around in my red heels again. ^^


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