Friday, 31 January 2014

Once There's One

and now there are four of them~

Remember our Meow? A stray that somehow adopted us as her family?

She gave birth about a month ago to three kittens and suddenly went missing.
Imagine our surprise to see her and her brood waiting right in front of our front door when we came home yesterday.

Meow came to us on two days before Chinese New Year, along with the kittens! Our neighbour was kind enough to provide some milk and cat food for the kitties before we got back.

Mommy got a box with some old clothes for the family to sleep in and they seemed quite settled, sleeping just outside the yard.

The family was gone yesterday and Mommy and Raimie were super worried.

But this morning we found out that the family felt that they are more comfortable settling under the hedge below our home. 

Well, actually Meow was waiting in front of our front door this morning waiting to be fed. Later we found out where the kittens were.
I guess Meow and the family loves it here more. More space to run around, for one. The kittens are sure a boisterous bunch. They kept darting to the road and Meow kept on chasing after them and "scolding" them.

It was super cute to see how kittens kena reprimanded by their mommy. No different from us human mommy. LOL
 Abang and Meow.
 This is the curious one
 The quiet one, on stalking mode
Hard to take a photo of this chap here. It kept on darting everywhere and fighting with siblings. Then kena marah by Meow. ^^

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kids Meal & Adult Portion

You went into a restaurant with your child.

You ordered something from the menu, and something from the kids menu.

You were served accordingly but actually it was served wrongly.
Mommy ordered this actually. From the Kids Meal. Cheesy Pizza.

This joint used to have ribs on the kids meal menu. No more now. :(
Son had the adult's meal because he is a growing boy, after all. ;-)

It's one of the new burgers on the "New Beginnings" menu. Nacho Lamb burgers.  Son was happy with it.

And this time, Son remarked that the staff were very friendly. Yup, they were and Mommy likes that. ^^

Daddy wasn't around this time. It was a lunch date for Mommy and Son. Occassionally, it's nice for him to spend some time with one parent instead of both.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Another Date At Gunung Nuang

Son had a whole day UPSR camp on Sunday and both Zaini and I decided that it's a great time for us to tackle Gunung Nuang again. 

After sending Son to school for the pickup bus to bring him to the camp venue with the rest of the students who registered, we had our breakfast first, bought two Subway sandwiches for our lunch and proceeded to get to Pangsun in Hulu Langat for the start of our hike/walk.

We planned to hike longer this time, compared to our first time to Gunung Nuang, which I blogged here. This time, since Son's camp lasted till 6.00pm, we had like 8 hours for ourselves and we planned to spend it at Gunung Nuang! Dating. ;-)
 At the entrance. We started our hike at 9.15am.

The day was sunny and dry, thank goodness. I would've had second thoughts if its not. 

We made it to the first river crossing in 1hour 09min. The first time we hiked up here, Blackie & Tweety (you gotta read my first post on our trip to Gunung Nuang) stopped us from proceeding further so we were a few metres short of reaching the river but this time, no hurdles! Yeay!
At the third river crossing. I was being careful not to get my shoes (my lovely, lovely Inov-8 shoes which performed marvelously today) and Zaini was like "why are you doing trails if you don't plan to get your shoes wet?" and I was like "because I don't plan to get it wet now!"

The stream water is cold, you know! hehehe
Me, my Timex, my Inov-8 and my batang stick. Zaini found it, used it and then pass his batang, I mean stick to me because he said I'd need it more. I've never hike with a pole or stick before and I found that having one helped tremendously. 
We arrived at Kem Pacat after a 2 hour 54min hike (took us about 1 hour 44min from the first river crossing up to this area).

Lepak-lepak a bit there, saw Blackie peeping at us from the campsite but Blackie decided to ignore us. I guess Blackie knew we don't have much food to offer compared to the campers at the campsite. Hahaha
Then it was time for the descent.

We hiked down for about an hour before reaching the waterfall area (Kem Lolo) and stopped to have our lunch there.

For this hike, we packed a whole lot of stuff. 4 bottles of Gatorade, 3 power gels, a bottle of coffee, a bottle of plain water, two cans of Malta drink, sandwiches, snickers and another packet of chocolates. I had a set of clothes packed too and we even brought two raincoats, just in case. 

Didn't finish all the drinks, only had one power gel which we shared, didn't eat the chocolates too, but hey... better be over-prepared than under-prepared.
Lunch by the waterfall, while soaking our feet in the cold water. It would be more awesome if I can eat Nasi Lemak there. :P

My mom always cooked sambal jering to eat with rice whenever we went for a picnic. ^^
Had a nice cold Malta, which we dipped in the stream to make it cold. 

We rested for about 40min before continuing our hike down, which we did in around 1 hour 30min. 

Reaching the entrance, I told Zaini that I was still uner mileage and he told me to run down and I did! So off I went downhill and uphill again, just because I wanted a 20K mileage. kakaka
My reward. ^^

It was a really nice experience. Met a lot of friendly faces along the hike and a guy even recognised hubby from Watergate 16hour. 

Next time, if we have a day all to ourselves again, we might just plan to hike up to Pengasih. 

Got home around 4pm, freshened up, eat tau foo fa (because I was hungry) and then off we went to Bangsar to pick Son up.

Son had fun at the camp; he said so.

Mommy and Daddy had fun too.

What a great Sunday, eh? :-)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

You Wouldn't Know

You wouldn't know
How much I love you
If the years flow,
We'll regret that wasted time

When I think about how I feel about him 
I'm not really sure if I want to give my heart away 
If it's love or just a game

At times when my heart was sad
I probably seemed miserable
Please call my name
I'll be right here

My eyes are overflowing
With my warm tears streaming
Wipe away the pain of the heart you broke

You wouldn't know how much I love you
Please come back to me
Let your love flow

When I think about how I feel about him 
I'm not really sure if I want to give my heart away 
If it's love or just a game

My eyes are overflowing
With my warm tears streaming
Wipe away the pain of the heart you broke

You wouldn't know how much I love you
Please come back to me
Let your love flow
Let your love flow

Sometimes it's just hard to love someone and realise the feeling are lessening from the other party or when they don't seem to care enough.



Saturday, 25 January 2014

Brooks Transcend - The Launch & Price

Remember I blogged about this "Blog with Brooks" before? I went to the launch of the "Blog with Brooks" late last year to view and touch this rather special shoes; Brooks Transcend.

Here's the link, if you don't recall the posts :
1. Transcend into a new paradigm where I posted about the launch and also touched a bit on Stride Signature and what it means to Brooks shoes.
2. The second post titled Transcend - It's Not Just About Cushioning touched a bit about Guide Rails and further on Brooks Transcend technology.

The month of February is just a few days away and this model will be launced worldwide in February. Only limited pairs available so if you want to get a pair, don't delay!
Here's the colours available. Which one do you fancy?

Take note.

Only 360 pairs be made available in Malaysia and about 100+ pairs for Women's pair. This is LIMITED EDITION shoes!

It retails at RM759.00.

Pricey? Maybe.

But if it fits you, why not have a go and get one. ^^

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Get Togethers Nosh

What's fun about get-togethers? Meeting friends. And most of the time, eating too!
Cupcakes spotted at Malaysia Women Marathon press conference. But instead of gorging on these, some of us "attacked" their cheesecakes. Yummy yummy cheesecakes. I think I had 6 slices! Hahaha

You ladies signed up to run in Malaysia Women Marathon yet? It's on 16/3. If you haven't, hurry hurry. Some categories are already closed because it has the maximum participants already. Sudah full.

If you are joining, see you on March 16th. I'll  be there running at a tortoise speed. :-P

Another makan time, errr. I mean get-together. This time it's Malay food spread with the Watergate 16hour peeps
Simple, yummy. I had two serving of rice with these.

Then... Remember I had a blogger get-together too? Dinner!

We went to Pasta Zanmai and these are what we had
 Son's dinner
My dinner
SK had this.
The two kucings had these. They are small eaters!
Anay was too fast for me. Only managed to take a shot of his empty bowl. Salute la! He has an appetite like Kang Hodong! LOL *jangan marah Anay*
But I did manage to get this. Birthday boy shot. :-)
and SK presented me these gifts for a sign of appreciation for spamming him tireslessly all through 2013. Very special medal too. When else do I get a personalised medal with my photo on it? 

Thank you!

Oh yeah, for the 10 recipients of Berry Bright sample sachets, worry not. Berry Bright are sending them in batches to a number of recipients and they promised that you will get yours before CNY.

I will check again with them next week. Patience my lovelies. Patience. ^^

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ridding The Muck In The Bathroom With method

OK, so I lied.

I promised some gory photos for the bathroom post. I just can't stomach gory bathroom photos to be published online! Muahaha

So you what you get here is "pseudo" clean bathroom that was cleaned by three awesome method products.
method antibac toilet cleaner. They're blue! Ahahah

It's a disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner that depends on citric acid to eliminate bacteria and whatever "dirt" you managed to get in there. 
method daily shower. Not for you to use while showering daily but to spray on wet surfaces after each shower. The lactic acid and corn-starch derived decyl glucoside will be busy dissolving and preventing soap scum and lime deposits after each mist you did.

It cleans without having to rinse. CATHCYYYY...

So I cheated. I didn't spray it immediately after my shower. I sprayed it before showering, while fully clothed! heh heh Don't want accidental "inappropriate" photos to be seen here. Ngeeeee...
Remember the mucky sink of previous post?

How about now? Better, right? ^^

method antibacterial bathroom cleaner works marvelously.

And Son, who helped out with the chores (he loves to play water lah...), expressed his surprise at the lovely smell. Yup, this antibacterial bathroom cleaner smells lovely!

Same goes to the daily shower too.

They smell delicious, as a matter of fact. Yummm...
Looks pretty clean, right? Not much vigorous scrubbing involved and it took about 5 minutes to clean the bathroom!

You can purchase this handy trio (antibac toilet cleaner, antibac bathroom cleaner & daily shower) at nearby supermarkets or you can do it online here. Check out their FB page regularly too because they do updates on promotions and discounts.

This is my last installment on 3H with method Malaysia. Happy, Healthy Home project where I posted about method products that I used in 3 different areas/rooms.
Fight Dirty with method, With The Handy Trio
A "method" Way Through My Laundry Pile
Improve Your Laundry Smarts The method Way
Kid's Room
Me & My "method" To Son's Toxic-Free Environment
"method"ically Cleaning For Raya

method - for the love of clean. Me likey! 

Oh yeah, if you plan to get naked, dirty and then sparkingly clean in your bathroom, there's a promo by method. Check out their products here.

In the meantime, LET'S GET NAKED!
Planning to order some through their online shop over at WMS Marketing? Drop a comment & mention you want one and I'll pass you a discount code. :-)

Here's how the discount code works :
Each code can only be used once. It is a discount of RM10 + free delivery* with a minimum purchase of RM30.00. 

If you buy the naked kit as shown above, only need to pay RM27.90. It can also be used to purchase any other method products available online.
Am really tempted to use one the discount code myself. Our method laundry detergent is almost finish and gotta replenish stock soon! Can ah? :P

Monday, 20 January 2014

Get Togethers

Last weekend's two public holidays meant more time to spend leisurely and with it, we had a few get-togethers with friends and family. 

Getting together with the people who were instrumental for Watergate 16 hour. They were kind enough to invite us along, just because Raimie "helped" out at CP2 that night. 
Photo credit : Arman
Thank you for extending the invitation to the parents too. So paiseh lah get treated for lunch by these awesomely humble seasoned runners. ^^!

It was an enjoyable afternoon and we can't wait to join future events with this group; partipating or helping out. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this.
Welcomed a new addition to Zaini's clan. A baby boy! Zaini's younger bother and sis-in-law are now a proud parents of a baby boy (in addition of a daughter).

Two more boys in the family. My younger sister gave birth to a baby boy in September. ^^ 
Photo credit : Malaysia Women Marathon
Get-togethers at a press conference? Why not?

A great place to meet-up fellow runners.

Zaini and I actually took leave to attend and kay-poh at the Malaysia Women Marathon Press Conference on Wednesday. Just help out a bit, not that we were much of a help, anyway. Hahaha
Met up with a few blogging friends for dinner on Thursday. Recognise any familiar face in the photo? heh heh

Somebody got a birthday cake that day!

Saturday night. My sister had asked whether we wanted to go join them for dinner at Tanjung Harapan but this eldest sister went for a night run with a group instead. Apala...

It was a pot-luck, once-a-month long run in Putrajaya with a running group. We bring food and drinks to be shared and run from 9pm - 6am (well, 6am if you are hardcore enough lah). 

Me? I brought two cleaning products to be given away instead. Crazy! hahaha
Photo credit : Shyamala
Congrats to Shyam for getting the method natural surface cleaner and hand wash for running the longest distance that night. She did 31K! Gigih! Boleh main sabun puas-puas lepas ni! hehehe

Two more weeks to Chinese New Year and a time to get-together with the family.

We may be going back to my hometown for a day or two. 

What's your plan for the CNY long weekend?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I'm A Featured Blogger/Runner!

At the popular Runwitme's Running with Passion blog. ^^
Thank you for giving the opportunity for me! ^^

So yeah, despite a rather uninspiring running history; I'm not fast, I don't run that far either - I was given the chance to share my stories to others.

Running do take me places. Not just taking me to the finish line but through it I meet lots of new friends and experience lots of new adventures.

Not to mention getting a few media exposure. *cough cough*

Who would've guessed we would be in :
and on Live TV on Bella Segment, NTV7. ^^

What's in store for me and my family in 2014? 

It won't be hectic but I bet it'll be FUN!

JOM Lari!

p.s. sorry for this shamelessly narcissistic post of mine. Who else wanna promote me if not myself, right? Wakaka

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sight-Seeing To Our Historic City

So... we went to Melaka last Saturday.

Daddy grumbled to Son that he had to drive 70 odd km just because Mommy wanted to run 21K!Hahaha Adoi. Yeah, Mommy wanted to run "just" 21K at Skyhawk Nature Run last Sunday.

Didn't plan anything special to sightsee on Saturday so we decided to go all touristy and visited Bandar Melaka.
We parked our car somewhere near the Melaka Pirate Park and started our walk.
Strolling along the river bank watching river cruises pass by and occasionally going up to street level to check out the "activities" there.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the MELAKA TREE! As Malaysians, you all know the story about Parameswara and the founding of Melaka, right? ^^
Street level.

Red building so we know we are close to :
Massive tourists crowd, a renovation in progress + two local production shooting = stifling area.

The Stadthuys is currently under renovation and was covered in scaffolding and cloth (not to mention a whole lot of stalls selling souvenirs).
The Queen Victoria fountain built in 1901 and the tower clock in the background. Still functioning perfectly and quite free of debris. heh

And then you can't miss this :
I'm sorry but these are some awesomely tacky trishaws and man... do they need to be loud too? It's not enough to assault our eyes but our eardrums too? Sorry, Hello Kitty decked trishaw is just not my cup of tea.

Then we walked up to Bukit St Paul (St Paul's Hill) and bumped into two fellow runners. Two famous and fast runners, if I might add and got a family potrait of us taken. Thank you KK!
Photo credit : Kin K Yum
A South African connection found here, Ru!

Frau Van Riebeeck died in Melaka in 1664 at the age of 35. There's a Japan connection too, in this story as the husband had proposed of selling South African hides to Japan. I trust you have more info on that too, Ru. Right? ^^

Just a short stroll and then we decided to head to the famous Jonker Street.
Bumped into more runner here at Jonker Street. ;-)

Then it was time to head back to our hotel and we enjoyed the night walk by the riverside. It's a different sight between strolling during daytime and nighttime.
Had dinner, showered and Son kicked us out from our hotel room as he told us to "jalan" some more. HAHAHA

So both of us went out and spend more time, this time just the two of us before heading back to our room around midnight.

Can't stay up too late. I gotta run early Sunday morning, remember? ^^


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