Monday, 27 February 2017

First SCKLM 2017 Running Clinic

I joined the first session of SCKLM 2017 Running Clinic on Sunday to prepare for my full marathon in May.

SCKLM 2017 Sunday running clinic was held in Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil and that made it easier for us to travel to the clinic. Another plus point about training in Bukit Jalil is the hilly route! So I get to go to the clinic and do some long runs that was peppered with hilly sections. WIN!

It was drizzling when we got to the clinic site but everyone was milling about, not being too bothered about the rain. It rained on and off during my 2-hour run. I got soaked but the weather was nice and cooling too, because of the rain. So I really enjoyed my run. Wet and all.
After signing in and getting my bib (with timing chip, no less!), it was time to listen to Coach Mark Williams talk and later he led us through some dynamic stretching.

The talk session on Feb 26th was "Starting To Train".

Then, it was flag-off time!

Clinic participants registered for the session based on the race distance they registered in SCKLM.

Marathon runners get A bib and their session had a 2-hour cutoff for 8 loops (my bib was A-103 that morning. ^^)
Half marathon runners with B bib needed to do up to 5 loops with a 90 minutes cutoff.

10K runnes with C Bib needed to do up to 3 loops with a 60 minutes cutoff.
Midway through the loop.

1 loop was about 2.70km and I just planned to do an easy, slow run on Sunday. 

I like SCKLM running clinic as not only it is a free clinic, it also provide a "race feel" run session despite not being in a race.

Water stations were provided at 1.6km and immediately after the finish line point. 2 water stations, serving both water and Gatorade.
Checking my watch after finishing my second loop. A big digital watch displayed the total time was placed prominently after the Start/Finish arch.

I'd cross the timing mat, walked towards the WS, and drank water before starting my next loop. 
I was lucky enough to be able to run with SCKLM RD himself for our 4th loop. He kinda slowed down as the 4th loop was his cool-down loop.

Then during my 5th loop, I ran about half a loop with an SCKLM pacer.

During my 5th loop, just before we reached the Bukit Jalil HM trial run WS (they had the session at the park too that morning), we saw McD staff distributing flyers and free burgers. We stopped for a while, chatted and I just couldn't resist taking one burger even though I knew fully well I'd have to hold it until I crossed the Finish Line. Hahaha

I finished 5 loops in 1:53 and had only about 7 minutes left before the cutoff time. But I decided to do another loop for a cool-down walk. No hurry, since the timing won't be counted anyway so I walked. Took a banana from one of the aid station (had to tahan myself from going for the Boncafe also, because I still haven't finished my session), and started to walk the final loop.

But as I reached the top of the hill at the 1.6km mark, one uncle chided me and asked "you're running or want to just walk?" Adoi. LOL
As expected, the timing mat was already been put away when I finished my 6th loop. Kesian. Wakaka

Me, my McD burger and Boncafe given free at the running clinic. 
I was supposed to do only a 1:40 session anyway, following my training plan. But I was feeling good, legs felt fine and so I decided to just go and complete the full 2-hours.
There will be 4 more Sunday sessions for SCKLM running clinic and registration for the clinic will be opened in phases.

I won't be able to join Mar 12th session as I'll be doing Bukit Jalil Half Marathon but I'm hoping to join the Mar 26th and Apr 23rd session.

For more details of SCKLM running clinics, head to

SCKLM 2017 also offers free running clinics for children under their Junior Running Clinic which will be held on Saturdays.

Oh yes, for those who wishes to join the running clinic on Mar 12th, registration is already open now and slots are only for the first 500 participants. Hurry!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Plan B Dinner On A Rainy Night

We had some vouchers we received as ang pows when we had dinner at Plan B last month as part of their CNY promo. The discount vouchers were for each outlets under the BIG Group.
But we decided on Plan B as it's the most convenient outlet for us to go to. ^^

Dinner menu was a tad uninspiring, a fact that I've been bitching for the past few months. Please bring back the OLD MENU!!!

The current ones are so limited and boring. 
No mushroom soup in the current menu (a pity as it was my fave) so we ordered their tomato soup. Son remarked that it tasted like a spaghetti carbonara sauce. Hahaha
I had the Pan Mee Impasta which is quite good and filling, with a spicy kick. Generous amount of Shimeji mushrooms too. Yumss.
Lemongrass Chicken Don for the hubby. Not sure where the "don" or donburi part is since it's served on a plate and not bowl. Hahaha
Our dinner came to RM63.80 and with our RM20 voucher, we paid RM43.80. OK lah...

I am curious to know why the "Makan Malam" menu option seems to come and go. One day we see the menu being offered, the next takde. The "Makan Malam" menu has Salmon with Pesto Rice which I like so when the menu is not offered, tak syioklah. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Weekday Date

A couple of weeks ago, we had a day off and decided to have a date before picking up our Son at school.

For lunch, we decided have a leisurely lunch and ate at Delicious.

We had the Delicious Lunch set, with one main and ice lemon tea, priced at RM21 nett.
 Fish & Chips. Both fish and the chips are good but I was slightly disappointed with the peas.
Basil Pesto Pasta. This one is goood.

We shared the two dishes among us. More romantic like that la... Kikiki
Desserts was two free muffins which we redeemed from U Mobile Terer Thursday.

Quite syiok woh using U Mobile and redeeming all sorts of stuff from drinks, movie tickets, desserts and stuff.


Celebrate 20 Years of Cyberjaya by participating in CUCMS Fun Run
Cyberjaya, 21st February 2017 – CUCMS’ Pharmacy Student Society will be hosting a SUPERHERO Fun Run on Saturday 18th March. The very first creative run by Cyberjaya University College aims to promote healthy lifestyle amongst Malaysians that is aligned with government’s initiative in educating the importance of practicing healthy lifestyle.

Over 500 participants are expected to join this unique event and participants will get a certificate, medal, t-shirt and a running bib. Runners are encouraged to wear their favourite superhero costumes and it will be a memorable run to have runners including adults and children impersonate their superhero.

The run is organised as part of the township’s 20th anniversary and participants can register for the run by contacting the organizer from CUCMS, Ms. Sofea (+6019 355 5371) or Mr. Redza (+6013 994 1614). There are still plenty of slots for more runners, don’t miss this opportunity to join the fun in Cyberjaya.

This effort is in line with the University’s motto, ‘Nurturing Passion to Care’ and CUCMS encourages students to be active and creative simultaneously. It is also to give an exposure to our students and develop them in a holistic members of society that can contribute positively.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


KUALA LUMPUR, 21 February 2017 - adidas Running has revealed the latest version of its iconic UltraBOOST shoe, designed to give female runners their greatest running experience. The new UltraBOOST X is adidas’ pinnacle performance shoe; tailored to the unique shape of the female foot. 
The shoe is designed to reflect the foot’s natural running silhouette for an enhanced performance for the female runner. The ARAMIS system, a motion tracking technology that enables a detailed analysis into the movement of the body, was used to allow adidas innovation teams to see exact points where female runners need the most support and where their foot needs room for natural expansion. This process led to the unique design of the UltraBOOST X shoe.
A distinctive Adaptive Arch is introduced, alongside a purposely sculpted midfoot and Primeknit upper, which adapts effortlessly to the changing shape of the foot as she runs. The Primeknit construction wraps underneath the arch of the foot for additional support, with the pattern in the toe area more open to give increased breathability. In addition, the UltraBOOST heel counter features a new narrower design, adapted for a female heel to provide support whilst allowing movement for a free and uninhibited run.

The 100% full length BOOST midsole is proven to provide the best energy return in the industry, and is durable in all temperatures. The Continental Rubber 4-way stretch web outsole was designed for a female gait and provides good traction for urban running, in any condition.

Andre Maestrini, General Manager adidas Running: “Based on ARAMIS insights of the female foot, we tailored the leading performance technology of UltraBOOST specifically for women, delivering the most innovative and technical running shoe in an industry leading silhouette. We’re excited to offer the unique experience to female runners around the globe, providing the tools for them to uplift their run.”

The iconic shape of UltraBOOST gives her the confidence that she can break her personal barriers, and her own goals – whether that’s getting out of bed for a run at 5:30am, taking on her first 10k or getting a personal best on her favourite run route.

The UltraBOOST X shoe launches alongside a range of running apparel, including a Primeknit Tee, double layer shorts, running leggings and vest. The collection is designed to coordinate with the unique shoe design, whilst working in harmony with the body and running environment.

The adidas UltraBOOST X has a RRP of RM780, the UltraBOOST X apparel starts from RM190. Both will be available on and in store on 22 February 2017. Follow the conversation at @adidasMY on twitter and Facebook.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Powerman Fever Is ON!


Putrajaya is seeing plenty of activities as dualthletes got busy training for the upcoming Powerman Malaysia 2017 which will be held next week on Mar 5th, 2017!
Photo credit : Zul Hilmi
Friends and in particular, my Gaited Community (GC) kakis are busy training for the dualthlon event! They were in Putrajaya on either Saturday and Sunday for their brick training and a few hardcore ones did their training on weekdays before heading to work!
Photo credit : Azril

The fellas had been training hard and will ace Powerman no problem!
Photo credit : Doc Mimi
Actually, they've been training hard since the start of the year!

This was at UM, on New Year's day!

For myself, I can't wait for the event and meet-up with friends and fellow GCs there.
Two "otais" at Powerman 2016. Azril will be doing the team relay this year while Shuhaimi is doing the classic, I think. Hehehe
Photo credit : Mommy Gai's own
Apart from the adults, GC has a representative in the Powerkids category too.
His mom had done Powerman in 2014 (if I'm not mistaken). Power family!

For all participants and supporters, don't forget the REPC, Powerman Expo and the bike check-in date and time!
And in the meantime, I need to start training and try to run a fast 10K come March 5th, 2017. I don't want to disappoint my teammates.

More info on Powerman Malaysia at:

See you there!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Road To Powerman 2017

I joined Powerman 2016 as one of the member of a relay team with a cyclist  (race recap here). It was great fun and had quite a different vibe and energy compared to a purely running event.

So here I am in 2017, back and counting down to Powerman 2017 which will be held in about 2 weeks time; on March 5th 2017!
Last year, Hui Jane was my team mate for Team Fluffy Koala.
This time, I'll be in a 3-men team with two fellow GC members.

My team mates for 2017.

Yeah, yeah, I still haven't upgraded to cycling yet! LOL
And we'll battle with this team that consisted of two podium placing ultra runners and a strong cyclist.

But I'm not too worried. My team mates are awesome too! Kikiki

The gang had been doing a few Powerman route simulations and brick training these past few weeks but I have yet managed to join them. I have only 2 weeks left to do it!

Anyhoo, Powerman had published the race route as per below:
Bike route.
 Run route.

I saw one commenter asked for the 10K route for this race on Powerman's FB page and well, the 10K route will be that same route times 2 lah.

And it's a flat route. Very flat route.

It's also different route than what we're used to, in previous Powerman editions.

Apart from the adults, the kids will be having fun too during the Powerman weekend.
GC will have a representative in the Powerkids too! One of the member's son will be joining Powerkids this year and we'll definitely be there to give support!

I'm certainly am looking forward to see the kiddos racing on Saturday, March 4th 2017!

I've got two more weeks left so I better buck up and start training!

See you guys at Powerman!

If you are not participating, come and give support. The atmosphere will be electrifying. I went to give support and experience my first Powerman in 2013 and I'll be doing my second Powerman this year (albeit just the running leg, lah).
GC geng, are we donning GC colours at Powerman? ^^

More information on Powerman can be found at their
Facebook: Powerman-Asian-Championships-Malaysia

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Short Trip To Kuala Kubu Bharu

The last time we visited Kuala Kubu Bharu was for Highlander Series Bukit Kutu Trail Run in 2016 but we didn't get to roam around the town much.

We made this trip with the same kaki as the one involved in the 2016's run but we stayed in a homestay in Taman Bukit Bujang.
In the evening, all of us head to a nearby river (the ampangan pecah) for a nice lepak session.

Saw a group camping by the riverside but other than that, the river bank was pretty deserted.

Have to say, the place is quite clean and well maintained. Syiok la if pitch a tent and just enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

After a few minutes there, we decided to head to Sg. Pertak to "mandi sungai".
The waterfall area. 

Sg. Pertak is the entry point for climbing Bukit Kutu an abandoned colonial hill station located on top a 1000 meter high mountain peak.

This is also the site of Highlander Series Bukit Kutu Trail Run and this year's edition will be held on Saturday, May 13th 2017. Registration link here.
But we didn't come to recce the route this time but rather to just enjoy the cooling river and "main air". Plus eat ice cream! Hah Hah

After a nice "play" session then it's time to head home before dusk.

And we got busy almost immediately upon reaching our homestay to prepare for a BBQ dinner session.
Which happens to include a crazy load of lamb!

BBQ kambing!

The next day, a few in the group head out to test the upcoming Hulu Selangor 30K route (it will be held on May 14th, 2017) while a few of us decided to lepak in the house until it's time for lunch! ^^
We went to the KKB town to have lunch at Kedai Makanan Hailam Sun Sun Nam Cheong, a nondescript but well-known makan place that makes you feel like you are transported back to your childhood kopitiam.
Old school.
And old menu. ^^
 We ordered the chicken chop which was highly recommended by a friend.
And mee hailam.
After a nice leisurely lunch, it's time to head back home but not before taking photo here!

The next time we visit KKB town, I want to properly jalan-jalan and explore the town.

Anyhoo, those interested in joining Highlander Bukit Kutu Series, can visit the link I shared above or head to their FB page for more updates.

I'll definitely be there on May 13th, 2017!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tony Roma's (AGAIN!) For Dinner

Wah! We sure have been going on a makan spree at Tony Roma's lately, haven't we? Kikiki
After New Year's abysmal visit at TR IOI City Mall. a fun food review session at TR Sunway Pyramid and later an awesome CNY Eve lunch at TR Gardens Mall, we made our way to TR again.
This time, we wanna try their dinner set and not wanting to take any chances, we went to the Gardens Mall outlet again. (We'll try other outlets, no problem. But if someone got sponsor lah! Miahaha)
Got seated and was given the dinner menu but alas, without the Set Dinner promo flyers. We had to ask three time for it as the wait staff seemed clueless about its existence. Haih.
The Set Dinner are priced at RM67.73 and with such good value, of course we insisted to have it instead of ordering ala-carte. You would too, right?
Anyhoo, that resolved and we made our dinner and food arrived rather quickly.
First came the complimentary bread and soup-of-the-day that is included in the Set Dinner.
Set dinner also came with a complimentary drink called Fruity Breeze. A bit tawar for my liking though...
Hubby chose the BBQ Beef Ribs with Chicken Tenders. He actually wanted to order BBQ Beef Ribs with BBQ 1/4 Chicken but was told that they had ran out of stock for the BBQ chicken.
Son went for the 10oz New York Strip.
And I of course, chose my favourite.

Lamb Ribs, Roma Rack no less. With the lovely mashed potato and broccoli on the side. I love their lambs and I love their mashed potato too!
Dinner was good.

But service, it wasn't as good as when we went to the same outlet for lunch a few days before.

But happy lah.

Dinner for 3 came up to around RM223.00 and with the amount of meat that we ate, I'm not complaining. Of course, cannot makan like this often. ^^

I think now we can lay off TR for a few months and try other places pulak. Hahaha

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Zafigo's 9 Non-Travel Travel Experience You Should Try At Least Once is a travel site dedicated to women travellers in Asia and the Middle East and my blog title today is actually the title of one of articles published there; written by Becky Ilham who also blogs at

Anyhoo, she wrote  9 Non-Travel Travel Experience You Should Try At Least Once (link here) for and guess who was in it too!
Read what I did and 8 other ladies did when we travel!

I am certainly inspired by the other 8 awesome ladies. Wouldn't you?

Thanks Becky for including me in the article. ^^

Monday, 6 February 2017

Warung Bunian Sungai Merab

We wanted to eat breakfast at this warung; called Warung Bunian last week but the place was too packed when we got there on that Sunday morning so we decided to makan elsewhere.
Someone suggested having lunch there on Hari Wilayah holiday so I made the booking for 7 of us for lunch.

Booking is a MUST at Warung Bunian. We did see a few walk-ins when we were there but, those who arrived later (i.e. after 1.30pm) may have to return with empty hands as there not be anything available/left.

Someone remarked at the "spooky" name of the warung. I read that the nickname Warung Bunian came about when the warung was first opened although the name is Restoran Tapak Sulaiman. It's location is kinda hidden and perched on a slope.

Now, there are more houses around but entry to the warung is still obscure.

From Putrajaya, use the Putrajaya - Kajang exit going to Sungai Merab. You'll pass Coffee Village on your right and then a yellow mini market and just up ahead, a futsal court. Turn left into a small kampung road.

At this point, you might start to worry whether you're lost but you'll notice the crowd on your left, going down a kinda steep road.
Hah! Betul lah tu!
We were there around 12.40pm and the lunch crowd (even office-lunch hour crowd) were already there.

As we took our seats, the staff recofirmed our no. of pax. Reason?

The dishes served are already set and will be served according to the number of pax in our party. So what were served to us was enough for 7 people to eat lah.

Oh yes, menu are set everyday. Chef's special, omputeh cakap. Omakase dining lah, for Jepun... kikiki

But no lah. No surprise on what would be served. The list of daily menu are already set everyday. It's in full display at the cashier counter, I just forgot to take photo.
So... Our Wednesday makan consisted of:

1. Ikan masin and sambal belacan.
2. Ayam masak lemak
3. Chilli crab
4. Sambal terung

5. Air sirap. ^^

For RM15, it's a good deal lah kot and one does not need to wreck one's brain on what to order. Just sit down, and everything will be served.

Oh ya, thank you tukang belanja for the nice lunch! Hehehe


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