A Short Trip To Kuala Kubu Bharu

The last time we visited Kuala Kubu Bharu was for Highlander Series Bukit Kutu Trail Run in 2016 but we didn't get to roam around the town much.

We made this trip with the same kaki as the one involved in the 2016's run but we stayed in a homestay in Taman Bukit Bujang.
In the evening, all of us head to a nearby river (the ampangan pecah) for a nice lepak session.

Saw a group camping by the riverside but other than that, the river bank was pretty deserted.

Have to say, the place is quite clean and well maintained. Syiok la if pitch a tent and just enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

After a few minutes there, we decided to head to Sg. Pertak to "mandi sungai".
The waterfall area. 

Sg. Pertak is the entry point for climbing Bukit Kutu an abandoned colonial hill station located on top a 1000 meter high mountain peak.

This is also the site of Highlander Series Bukit Kutu Trail Run and this year's edition will be held on Saturday, May 13th 2017. Registration link here.
But we didn't come to recce the route this time but rather to just enjoy the cooling river and "main air". Plus eat ice cream! Hah Hah

After a nice "play" session then it's time to head home before dusk.

And we got busy almost immediately upon reaching our homestay to prepare for a BBQ dinner session.
Which happens to include a crazy load of lamb!

BBQ kambing!

The next day, a few in the group head out to test the upcoming Hulu Selangor 30K route (it will be held on May 14th, 2017) while a few of us decided to lepak in the house until it's time for lunch! ^^
We went to the KKB town to have lunch at Kedai Makanan Hailam Sun Sun Nam Cheong, a nondescript but well-known makan place that makes you feel like you are transported back to your childhood kopitiam.
Old school.
And old menu. ^^
 We ordered the chicken chop which was highly recommended by a friend.
And mee hailam.
After a nice leisurely lunch, it's time to head back home but not before taking photo here!

The next time we visit KKB town, I want to properly jalan-jalan and explore the town.

Anyhoo, those interested in joining Highlander Bukit Kutu Series, can visit the link I shared above or head to their FB page https://www.facebook.com/highlandersseries for more updates.

I'll definitely be there on May 13th, 2017!


  1. I love waterfalls, & of course, your last shot! xoxo

    1. They are so cooling and calming, right? :)

  2. Aiyo...the BBQ kambing....hee..hee... Nice photo of you growing wings :)

  3. Lovely post! I like this kinda sentimental good old days of simple life eating at kopi tiam and swim at sungai! Your last photo is so cute and funny with banana-like wings. Very original.

    I told my wifey that I want to go nearby for holidays from now. I need to visit KT and KB to complete my 13 states visited.

    1. Anay, ask Letchumi to join the Bukit Kutu Trail Run la. Then can go visit KKB also...

  4. Wah, bbq! I love! I love helping people bbq the food rather than eating them, LOL!


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