Warung Bunian Sungai Merab

We wanted to eat breakfast at this warung; called Warung Bunian last week but the place was too packed when we got there on that Sunday morning so we decided to makan elsewhere.
Someone suggested having lunch there on Hari Wilayah holiday so I made the booking for 7 of us for lunch.

Booking is a MUST at Warung Bunian. We did see a few walk-ins when we were there but, those who arrived later (i.e. after 1.30pm) may have to return with empty hands as there not be anything available/left.

Someone remarked at the "spooky" name of the warung. I read that the nickname Warung Bunian came about when the warung was first opened although the name is Restoran Tapak Sulaiman. It's location is kinda hidden and perched on a slope.

Now, there are more houses around but entry to the warung is still obscure.

From Putrajaya, use the Putrajaya - Kajang exit going to Sungai Merab. You'll pass Coffee Village on your right and then a yellow mini market and just up ahead, a futsal court. Turn left into a small kampung road.

At this point, you might start to worry whether you're lost but you'll notice the crowd on your left, going down a kinda steep road.
Hah! Betul lah tu!
We were there around 12.40pm and the lunch crowd (even office-lunch hour crowd) were already there.

As we took our seats, the staff recofirmed our no. of pax. Reason?

The dishes served are already set and will be served according to the number of pax in our party. So what were served to us was enough for 7 people to eat lah.

Oh yes, menu are set everyday. Chef's special, omputeh cakap. Omakase dining lah, for Jepun... kikiki

But no lah. No surprise on what would be served. The list of daily menu are already set everyday. It's in full display at the cashier counter, I just forgot to take photo.
So... Our Wednesday makan consisted of:

1. Ikan masin and sambal belacan.
2. Ayam masak lemak
3. Chilli crab
4. Sambal terung

5. Air sirap. ^^

For RM15, it's a good deal lah kot and one does not need to wreck one's brain on what to order. Just sit down, and everything will be served.

Oh ya, thank you tukang belanja for the nice lunch! Hehehe


  1. Interesting eatery. Need booking.

  2. Aiyo! Bunian, sounds scary but one look at the food, I will forget about the spooky stuff :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful eatery, dear! xoxo

  4. Interesting eatery. Need booking.

  5. I wanna laugh at its unique name! I would like to eat the chilly crab and sambal terung!

    They better don't play play man with their names.
    Nearby my office at the Sg Buloh Industrial hub, there is one warong that is packed with long lines from morning till evening selling the Nasi Kukus Ayam. I start to suspect that place really got "...." that lures the crowd when the food is just so-so.

    1. Catchy name though, and I think it's a factor that lure customers to come also, kikiki

      And yeah, got such eatery....


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