Got Enough Blood To Donate This Time?

There's a blood donation drive at iHeal Medical Centre in MidValley and I'm thinking of going.

Last time I went to donate blood, I only managed to fill 1/3 of the pack so unfortunately my blood wasn't of any use. Such a waste.

Hopefully this time I got enough blood to donate. Better eat well to get the blood pumping, I guess.

By the way, any of you guys get nervous looking at the big needles? It was funny that my friends always reminded me not to look at my arm and the nurses when they poked my veins because they think I'd get scared.

Well, I got poked so many times for blood tests and whatnot during my 20s that I use to joke that my arms looked like a drug addict's. I'm quite ambivalent about needles nowadays. I rather get an injection than eat medicine, actually.


  1. i am ok with needles but don't really donate blood coz i get to be anemic sometimes

  2. Donate blood is a good deed! Bravo Lina :-)

  3. @Ayie,
    You are brave! ;)

  4. @Dora,
    We help others and donating blood is good for ourselves too. :)

  5. I faint at the sight of needles so cannot donate blood la ... LOL!

  6. @Nick,
    Aiyoh Nick... so scaredy cat one! :D
    How about blood. Will you faint at the sight of blood?

  7. Haven't donated blood before and it's terrifying to see such big needles.


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